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𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐄𝐲𝐞𝐬 • 𝐉𝐉𝐊 ✓ by BreathingForBangtan
𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐄𝐲𝐞𝐬 • 𝐉𝐉𝐊 ✓by 방탄 호흡 💜
{COMPLETED} (Warning: First fanfiction, hella cringey. I HATE THIS BOOK, DO NOT READ!!) ❝You should should stop calling me a bunny and I will stop calling you a monkey.❞...
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His slave by dancemad12
His slaveby Alicia
In the city of Alsandair when the oldest daughter or son turns 17 they are taken away from their families and are forced to become a slaves to vampires. So when Claire t...
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Breana Tomlinson-Styles-Horan-Malik-Payne by thinatic
Breana E.M.
Breana was a girl all her own. Resistant, quiet, not afraid to voice her matter. Every single one of her fathers knew that. She was an orphan. The boys were absent in th...
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mebby the story by Aniistoriess
mebby the storyby ani
What happens when Montgomery keates (17) falls in love with his best friend Sebbyjon (20). DISCLAIMER: this is just for fun, thought id give writing a go. as we dont kno...
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Living In A Dream🧚🏽‍♂️ (Mebby BxB) by jessica_vn3
Living In A Dream🧚🏽‍♂️ (Mebby jessica
So i don't really know were this story is going actually bc i just started writing this out of the blue but i hope it turn in to something and otherwise i'll just delete...
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Just A Fan by rosediamondis
Just A Fanby Floating- omaha
"she was just a fan. nothing more"
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Bytesquadhq one shots  by Mebbyforlife
Bytesquadhq one shots by Mebbyforlife
One shots bytsquadhq let me know if the comments any ideas as well I might use them an turn it into a little story there will be smut yes (smut)
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Disney Rpg's  by Archsbetty
Disney Rpg's by ✿ Laura ✿
Only Disney
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The bytesquad✌🏾💕 by 64Michelle64
The bytesquad✌🏾💕by 64Michelle64
It's a fan fiction about the bytesquadhq
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planet diner by lurvbug
planet dinerby mer
in which a guy meets a girl through calling a diner hotline © lurvbug
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Five Gameplays With Sophilox: The Official by MixSans
Five Gameplays With Sophilox: 卍 Mix Sans 卍
The hero isn't always brave. A hero needs friends and allies to help them in battles. Here join Sophilox on an adventure through the upcoming video game "Five Game...
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Shake It Up! Night With Friends by Kayla_Flame_Scorpio
Shake It Up! Night With Friendsby ARMY-Kayla
All you need to know before reading is: The characters : who they are played by Marcie = Carla Renata (Rocky & Ty's Mom) Ty = Roshon Fegan Rocky = Zendaya Coleman Georg...
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Poems of a Heart Broken, Mad, Lonely, Hopeless, Probably Insane Teen 2 by PsychoChick1
Poems of a Heart Broken, Mad, Alex
My poems that I write at school and home
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Crazy Runs In The Family (A Jake & Sherry Fan Fic) by Biohazardress
Crazy Runs In The Family (A Biohazardress
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Shake On It {Bughead} by Riverdaledailiedale
Shake On It {Bughead}by Riverdaledailiedale
The most popular boys in school, Archie and Jughead, make a bet to see who can get a date with the least popular girl in school, Betty. They do these bets about every we...
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Shake || Sirius Black by kasar91
Shake || Sirius Blackby kasara [kassie]
Juno Sinclair had always felt comfort in feeling the ground under her feet, but when Sirius Black comes along and knocks her right to the floor she can't say it was the...
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Jake X Sherry (Art Trade) by KayleeRedfield
Jake X Sherry (Art Trade)by Kaylee Redfield
(Art Trade for a friend of mine on DeviantArt. Enjoy.) Original Post Time: May 29th, 2016
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Glitter: Book One by Im_Gabby_Lotto
Glitter: Book Oneby IamGabbyLotto
"I can't leave you much, just this Glitter." {Glitter}
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Blackmail by tiptoe13
Blackmailby Madeline Taylor
Blackmailing the hottest guy in school to date you? Check.
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Sequined Underwear by turtlesoup
Sequined Underwearby turtlesoup
Pure sillyness to make you smile.
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