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HIS EYES • JJK by BreathingForBangtan
HIS EYES • JJKby 방탄 호흡 💜
❝Why do you keep staring at me if you actually hate me?❞ ❝I don't stare at you. I fascinate the twinkles of every lost star in your beautiful eyes.❞ 📈 Highest rankings:...
  • bts
  • teenagelove
  • drug
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His slave by dancemad12
His slaveby Alicia
In the city of Alsandair when the oldest daughter or son turns 17 they are taken away from their families and are forced to become a slaves to vampires. So when Claire t...
  • iris
  • bedroom
  • burn
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Shake It Up Tv by VictoriaLohate
Shake It Up Tvby Maya
What if you could send your questions to the cast of Shake It Up? Inside is a Interview of the cast of Shake It Up answering your questions! Victoria is my OC character!
  • shake
Just a little glimpse into my crazy world.
  • pee
  • toilet
  • women
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Relapse by zenevadoni77
Relapseby Zen
Sixteen-year old Dante Evadoni is a normal boy with a normal life - he's in eleventh grade, he has a fair few friends, he's not popular and he's quiet - and a problem th...
  • locker
  • restaurant
  • partner
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Truth or Dare by InfinityMidnight
Truth or Dareby Infinity Di Angelo
Comedy of a lot of MC Youtubers
  • sword
  • deadlox
  • horrible
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Away by bridgetbona68
Awayby bridgetbona68
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  • increase
  • protect
  • hang
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Surface by brigetteneumann93
Surfaceby brigetteneumann93
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  • recognize
  • east
  • start
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Breana Tomlinson-Styles-Horan-Malik-Payne by thinatic
Breana E.M.
Breana was a girl all her own. Resistant, quiet, not afraid to voice her matter. Every single one of her fathers knew that. She was an orphan. The boys were absent in th...
  • school
  • horan
  • charity
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I think I love him (shake it up fan-fic) by anh123996
I think I love him (shake it up Ashley
Also known as Shake it up: Clean it up Based on the clean it up promo with Rocky and Logan the first part of the promo didn't happen. It starts with Rocky teaching Logan...
  • gece
  • tynka
  • clean
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Shake It Up! Night With Friends ~ Complete by Kayla_Flame_Scorpio
Shake It Up! Night With Friends ARMY-Kayla
All you need to know before reading is: The characters : who they are played by Marcie = Carla Renata (Rocky & Ty's Mom) Ty = Roshon Fegan Rocky = Zendaya Coleman Georg...
  • shakeitup
  • crazy
  • fanfiction
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Sequined Underwear by turtlesoup
Sequined Underwearby turtlesoup
Pure sillyness to make you smile.
  • stripper
  • mirror
  • shake
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Roll The Dice (Smosh Love Story) by Celestial_Pain
Roll The Dice (Smosh Love Story)by Deonna Mae Christensen
Anthony and Ian meet up with a girl that they haven't seen since high school. She loves video games, pranks and parties, and doesn't even look like the friend they once...
  • forced
  • jump
  • dancing
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Vegas Vacation!(Shake It Up Fanfic) by XxhungergamesxX
Vegas Vacation!(Shake It Up Fanfic)by XxhungergamesxX
The cast of SIU:Chicago wins a contest to perform in Vegas for the summer.While in Vegas different events occur.Drama and other problems happen to.Well they say what hap...
  • shake
jimin  ―banana shake by fmubts
jimin ―banana shakeby 𝒃𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒕𝒂𝒏 𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒉𝒖𝒔...
[ completed ]i. ᴘᴀʀᴋ ᴊɪᴍɪɴ ― aba! akin 'yan‚ gago ka ba?!
  • bts
  • kabaliwan
  • bangtan
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The Price for Love by Decidueye43
The Price for Loveby Lena D
1 year has passed since the C-virus almost covered the world.In the mist of it all, Sherry can't seem to forget the one face who saved her dozens of times.Jake.When a ne...
  • sherrybirkin
  • jakexsherry
  • adawong
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Place by mariyarodenberg11
Placeby mariyarodenberg11
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  • member
  • company
  • model
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Love Me Up |Cogan| by seraphese
Love Me Up |Cogan|by seraphese
So Ceces mom's wedding is off, now what? Logan, the super-hot skater boy; is still sticking around, even after the awkward events that went on with Cece's long-time best...
  • shake
  • cece
  • cogan
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Report by kellenroy42
Reportby kellenroy42
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  • our
  • arm
  • shake
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