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TWH  by writingtokeepbusy
TWH by
Baby Hiddles meets his sister's best friend from uni. Fun and smut ensues. Time lines changed. Characters made up. Fun was had by all!
Master~? by silhouetteddevil
Master~?by silhouetteddevil
Dobby x Master Potter smut. Read at your own risk. Nsfw 18+ Includes jealous Harry and punishing Draco. #2 on sexytimes 13/6/2022 #1 on dobby 23/7/2022 sorry to every...
Racing One shots by SGD1318
Racing One shotsby Sarah Allen
Just a random dump of ideas in my head, or ones that were requested!
In Daddy's Office by anime_for_life0
In Daddy's Officeby miss.hap
Karma and Asano, referred to as Gakushū, get crazy in the principal's office. Bondage.
BTS smut 💦 by susugirl0520
BTS smut 💦by susugirl0520
Is lust something that just comes when your madly in love with some one or is it just to mess with our brain and make fun of you? Well your about to experience lust wit...
Unwanted Love [ Ian Gallagher fanfiction ]   #wattys2018 by nahimqueen
Unwanted Love [ Ian Gallagher Els
Love is the only thing worth living for, love is smiling unconditionally, love is hearing that name in the middle of the conversation and smile for no particular reason...
General Hux x Reader by lautrec-var-emreis
General Hux x Readerby Lautrec var Emreis
Just a bunch of General Sexy x Reader imagines ;v
roomMates by Baku_Daddy
roomMatesby Kiri_Baby
[Completed] KiriBaku! I forgot to ask for his fucking phone number!
Larry Stylinson Smut by sunshineandpayne
Larry Stylinson Smutby Birds
Title Check out my niam smut too.
Sex dungeon by Teresa_Darlene_Love
Sex dungeonby Teresa_Darlene_Love
Scarlet and Mason sex all night long and for the rest of their young lives.
Till The Stars Go Blue (Camren) by shaneisney
Till The Stars Go Blue (Camren)by shaneisney
What would happen if actress Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, now going by Lo, were forced by circumstances to spend six long days in the wilderness together? "L...
Winter's Nightmare by Raven0822
Winter's Nightmareby Raven0822
Book one of the Winter Trilogy *very mature content* altered timeline* Aurelia Stanislov is a music teacher and artist in Seattle, Wa when she meets James Buchanan o...
I'm Set free | Ineffableboyfriends | Short Stories  by buchananbottoms
I'm Set free | Flash Bastard
Vague update schedule, unrelated stories. I usually update every few months but sometimes I get busy. If you see that this hasn't been updated in 3 months dont worry! Th...
Hot Ruin Guard x Reader oneshots/ smuts by DilucsBigJuicyFart
Hot Ruin Guard x Reader DilucsBigJuicyFart
ruin guards are hot so I'm writing these I can do smut, fluff, sad stuff so ya hope you enjoy :D Requests if you have any in mind I can do for you 😊
New Beginnings by Motionless144
New Beginningsby Motionless144
When Sesshomaru is stripped from the world he knew he was going to rock through (Y/n)'s unstable world. With no memory of how he got there. Leaving her feeling more aliv...
US and THEM by KokoCHANEL31
US and THEMby KokoChanel
Ryan O'Sullivan and Aaron Osborne were the together forever kind of friends. But the line between friendship and feelings can sometimes be blurry. Ryan catches feelings...
Ben Shapiro x Reader by Kejooroo
Ben Shapiro x Readerby 毛倡妓
What happens when you meet Ben Shapiro at a Young Republicans event? Will your fantasies become a reality? Find out by reading this epic story ;)
Lovers loving  by gottalovesmut
Lovers loving by Smut Short Stories
Very hot, very steamy, you'll love it.
Theo James Pics by RandomStuff46
Theo James Picsby RandomStuff46
Theo James pic's so you can use them in your books
Ran x sanzu have segs by Vylette844
Ran x sanzu have segsby Sugar
It's really short and I apologize for that but it's literally all I can think of so yeah. Have a wonderful day beautiful 💓💓