Boarding School  by Flammability
Boarding School by Flammability
"Strip," she repeats. I gulp. "H-here?" "Yes," her voice sounds like it was beginning to get agitated. I slowly comply to her command...
  • sexscenes
  • submissive
  • hot
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Cold As Ice by imastupididyut
Cold As Iceby imastupididyut
"Why don't you get it through that thick head of yours, you fat ugly bitch? I don't want you. I don't like you. You are not my type. You have no class. You lack man...
  • betrayed
  • ugly
  • joey
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Why Don't We imagines and smuts  by jachary-is-real
Why Don't We imagines and smuts by whydontweaholic
Requests are open. We do cute, smut, bxb and gxg (Christina or the other girls)
  • princess
  • beautychickee
  • gangbang
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College Life by SeraphinaRivera
College Lifeby 🎃Spookyphina👻
Jesse Jackson is lost and hopeless in his own little world. His mind is full of dark secrets about his past, about the person he lost. That one night changed his whole l...
  • cheetos
  • adorably
  • emotions
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Pollen (Castiel x Dean) by AH69SB25
Pollen (Castiel x Dean)by AH69SB25
Castiel and Dean get magical pollen dust on themselves that enhances their relationship and sex drive *wiggles eyebrows* WARNING: If YOU do not feel comfortable with se...
  • sexytime
  • deanwinchester
  • destieloneshot
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Kidnapped - Bowsette x Princess Peach [Oneshot] [LEMON] by somethingiguess
Kidnapped - Bowsette x Princess Bec i guess¿¿
Bowsette is sick and tired of 'abducting' Princess Peach. She just wants to straighten out her feelings, fair and square, but can she, when she has the damn Mario Brothe...
  • lesbians
  • feels
  • mario
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My Bad Boy (KiriBaku) by Baku_Daddy
My Bad Boy (KiriBaku)by Kiri_Baby
(Completed)If anyone ever slowed him down or tried to stop him they weren't worth his time. He thought he could live his life like this forever but sometimes meeting som...
  • ships
  • gangs
  • boyxboyromance
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I'm Not A Replica by missjaysa
I'm Not A Replicaby Jayren
Everything was perfect but a sudden tragedic happened to both of their lives. He lives with the unrevocable love for his dead wife. She lives for her father be healed. I...
  • onenightstand
  • partners
  • sexytime
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roomMates by Baku_Daddy
roomMatesby Kiri_Baby
[Completed] KiriBaku! I forgot to ask for his fucking phone number!
  • yoai
  • boyxboy
  • bakushima
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Sexy Time by MaccFri
Sexy Timeby MaccFri
Spg I will not give warning because alam ko naman na kahit balaaan ko pa ang mga minors eh babasahin at babasahin parin kaya kung hindi niyo gusto tong story na to. Chup...
  • matureaudience
  • sexytime
  • sexy
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A Good Queen by TinymrsG
A Good Queenby Tiny Mrs G
Midieval romance with quirkiness.
  • strength
  • murder
  • consent
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General Hux x Reader by lautrec-var-emreis
General Hux x Readerby Lautrec var Emreis
Just a bunch of General Sexy x Reader imagines ;v
  • fanfic
  • smutwarning
  • sexstories
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Credence gets some bedtime loving (LEMON) (Credence x reader) by closetotakucomingout
Credence gets some bedtime Annika
You found Credence on the street and decide to bring him home. It doesn't take long before you realize that this love-starved boy may crave more than just hugs and kindn...
  • credencegetssomeloving
  • fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem
  • fbawtft
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Sinful Seduction  by crazyreader349
Sinful Seduction by Jay ^-^
Smut. That's about it.
  • oneshot
  • lesbian
  • short
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The Cherry Fic [phan smut] by Mia_makea14
The Cherry Fic [phan smut]by meh name
PLEASE NOTE!! i did not come up with the fic, i simply moved it from tumblr to wattpad. that is all. i found it from [@ningen-shi] on tumblr. giving her credit.
  • fanfiction
  • sexytime
  • chekybumskes
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Trouble | ongoing  by thekinkytiger
Trouble | ongoing by tiana
FOR MATURE READERS (17+) ONLY ~ although I'm sure no one will follow this;) -- From the moment I met him, I knew I was in for some trouble - and so much fun. "We ca...
  • lovestory
  • love
  • sexscenes
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One shots  by idkitsconfusing
One shots by idkitsconfusing
Smut about my crush. 18+!!!
  • slut
  • crushimagines
  • crush
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I Want You by Wild_Thoughts73
I Want Youby Lucia
Isabelle James, wife of world-famous CEO William James, was sick of the high life. The big house, the tons of money and the expensive cars, she didn't want any of it. Sh...
  • sexytimes
  • mature
  • r-rated
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Sex with the Bad Boy by wonderstruck_rose
Sex with the Bad Boyby Rose
Parker has learned one thing in her small time going to a Catholic school... NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE Despite having boyfriends in the past, she's been able to stick with t...
  • first-time
  • happiness
  • maturelanguage
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Sex, Lust & Martinis by MichelleMiles143
Sex, Lust & Martinisby Michelle Miles
Book 5 in the Coffee House Chronicles Sam ripped out her heart. Now Delilah wants it back. Delilah Storm doesn't believe in love or soul mates or happily ever after. She...
  • texas
  • sexy
  • contemporary
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