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Sex with the Bad Boy by wonderstruck_rose
Sex with the Bad Boyby Rose
Parker has learned one thing in her small time going to a Catholic school... NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE Despite having boyfriends in the past, she's been able to stick with t...
  • sexy
  • comedy
  • bad
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Cold As Ice by imastupididyut
Cold As Iceby imastupididyut
"Why don't you get it through that thick head of yours, you fat ugly bitch? I don't want you. I don't like you. You are not my type. You have no class. You lack man...
  • joey
  • jadan
  • fat
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Pollen (Castiel x Dean) by AH69SB25
Pollen (Castiel x Dean)by AH69SB25
Castiel and Dean get magical pollen dust on themselves that enhances their relationship and sex drive *wiggles eyebrows* WARNING: If YOU do not feel comfortable with se...
  • destieloneshot
  • deanwinchester
  • sexytime
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Sexy Time by MaccFri
Sexy Timeby MaccFri
Spg I will not give warning because alam ko naman na kahit balaaan ko pa ang mga minors eh babasahin at babasahin parin kaya kung hindi niyo gusto tong story na to. Chup...
  • spg
  • matureaudience
  • sexytime
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I Want You by Wild_Thoughts73
I Want Youby Lucia
Isabelle James, wife of world-famous CEO William James, was sick of the high life. The big house, the tons of money and the expensive cars, she didn't want any of it. Sh...
  • adult
  • sexytimes
  • naughty
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My Bad Boy (KiriBaku) by Baku_Daddy
My Bad Boy (KiriBaku)by Kiri_Baby
(Completed)If anyone ever slowed him down or tried to stop him they weren't worth his time. He thought he could live his life like this forever but sometimes meeting som...
  • sexytime
  • bnha
  • gangs
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Till The Stars Go Blue (Camren) by shaneisney
Till The Stars Go Blue (Camren)by shaneisney
What would happen if actress Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, now going by Lo, were forced by circumstances to spend six long days in the wilderness together? "L...
  • kiss
  • hot
  • funtimes
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The Cherry Fic [phan smut] by Mia_makea14
The Cherry Fic [phan smut]by meh name
PLEASE NOTE!! i did not come up with the fic, i simply moved it from tumblr to wattpad. that is all. i found it from [@ningen-shi] on tumblr. giving her credit.
  • sexytime
  • fanfiction
  • gay
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Ben Shapiro x Reader by Kejooroo
Ben Shapiro x Readerby 🖤Yung Werther🖤
What happens when you meet Ben Shapiro at a Young Republicans event? Will your fantasies become a reality? Find out by reading this epic story ;)
  • affair
  • benshapiro
  • libtard
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Books of the future! by poltergeist_people
Books of the future!by poltergeist_people
books I want to write but have yet to publish because lets face it, you would all murder me for doing another one... but if you really really like one don't be shy, tell...
  • romance
  • badboy
  • magic
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General Hux x Reader by lautrec-var-emreis
General Hux x Readerby Lautrec var Emreis
Just a bunch of General Sexy x Reader imagines ;v
  • sexstories
  • smutwarning
  • smuttyfanfic
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Bound By You by Wild_Thoughts73
Bound By Youby Lucia
Ava was just an ordinary girl; her life revolving around home, school and a part-time job as a waitress in a small diner a few blocks away from said home. She didn't hav...
  • rated
  • sexytimes
  • adult
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Unwanted Love [ Ian Gallagher fanfiction ]   #wattys2018 by nahimqueen
Unwanted Love [ Ian Gallagher lels
The story of a love unwanted, unexpected and unpredictable, stronger and hotter than the fire itself. Eleanor didn't expect to fall in love with the school's fuckboy, t...
  • smuts
  • iangallagher
  • bae
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Credence gets some bedtime loving (LEMON) (Credence x reader) by closetotakucomingout
Credence gets some bedtime Annika
You found Credence on the street and decide to bring him home. It doesn't take long before you realize that this love-starved boy may crave more than just hugs and kindn...
  • lemon
  • credencebarebone
  • iwouldbanghim
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Dragon Mating Season by femalejefflover
Dragon Mating Seasonby femalejefflover
1st stage: awakening 2nd stage: claiming 3rd stage: mating I totally spaced putting this in the book but this will be an impactful ride for all of them.
  • sexytime
  • meow
  • natsuxlucy
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I'm Not A Replica by missjaysa
I'm Not A Replicaby Jayren
Everything was perfect but a sudden tragedic happened to both of their lives. He lives with the unrevocable love for his dead wife. She lives for her father be healed. I...
  • beautiful
  • sexytime
  • agegap
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threesome-- mgc + lrh {DISCONTINUED} by hhirwin
threesome-- mgc + lrh { Dyl and Tay
'i never said i loved you.' 'really? not even when youre alone?' ...
  • calum
  • feels
  • 5sos
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Lost Love (Free! - Rin x Haru Fanfic) by TeamFreeWill101
Lost Love (Free! - Rin x Haru Broken Queen
Haru A Young Merman The Age Of 10 Meets A Young Boy Named Rin And Fell In Love With Him But What Happens When Something Awful Happens To Rin And He Can't Remember Haru...
  • rin
  • merman
  • gay
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Borderlands RP by ShadisX
Borderlands RPby Shade.
yaa. for fans of borderlands mainly
  • sexytime
  • lol
  • roleplay
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BTS smut 💦 by susugirl0520
BTS smut 💦by susugirl0520
Is lust something that just comes when your madly in love with some one or is it just to mess with our brain and make fun of you? Well your about to experience lust wit...
  • jin
  • suga
  • taehyung
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