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CEO's play toy 🔞 by Pjmsuzy
CEO's play toy 🔞by Suzy
My boss controls everything I do. And I'm starting to love it. When I messed up my boss's huge presentation, I was sure I was done for. I need this job more than anythin...
Guileful boy{completed} by 4Ddochi
Guileful boy{completed}by 💘V 에로스 Min💘
🐯မင္းကတျခားသူေတြအတြက္ဘာမွသုံးစားမရ ရင္ေတာင္ငါ့အတြက္ေတာ့အဖုိးမျဖတ္နုိင္တဲ႔အရာဆုိတာသိထားေပး... 🐥ခုခ်ိန္ေနာင္တရ ရင္မင္းမီွေသးတယ္ taehyung 🐨ခ်စ္လြန္းလုိ႕အဆုံးရႈံးခံ...
Weightlifting Fairy Jeon Jungkook (Complete) by ChubsWhat30
Weightlifting Fairy Jeon ChubsWhat30
Jeon Jungkook is a weightlifter that is so hardworking and passionate about it. He is one of the most popular student in their university because he is one of their univ...
Hard to be Together || tk by taezdlove
Hard to be Together || tkby jungguk
Just when they are about to get over their traumatic past and move on from the shitty memories they have of highschool, Taehyung and Jimin find themselves amongst anothe...
Bts jimin sexy moment🤤 by bastardday
Bts jimin sexy moment🤤by İlksigaramsın 🚬
Sexy jimin'e bir göz at ağzının suları akar!!🤤
YOONMIN ↝ GIFs   by OrangeHairedChimmy
Jimin and You by user97934945
Jimin and Youby
This ff is about you and your love for Jimin although your love is forbidden bcs you're dating Yoongi things happen which change everything...
I Love My Step-brother!? [Park Jimin] by btsjimxn
I Love My Step-brother!? [Park jimin stanx
"Woww...he's so beautiful..his eyes...woww" JM: "I'll let you go once you promise me you won't make noise anymore." JM: Hmm....what's the matter? A 1...
ALPHABET BOY | ✔ by jiminiayo
ALPHABET BOY | ✔by Jiminiayo
"Just look into my eyes like this. Are these raindrops falling or my heart falling for you?" He gasped. "It's not easy Jimin!" Her eyes got teared. I...
"Best Friends" by Magiamarybts
"Best Friends"by Magiamarybts
This is an One shot story of Jimin & u... his makeup artist and long life "friend" that he is secretly in love with... The story follows up Bts and ur life ba...
My bully {p.j.m} by lovingkimtaetae
My bully {p.j.m}by lovingkimtaetae
"Did you think that you can get away with yelling at me before, that easily? I really hate when girls don't know their place. Should I punish you now for being such...