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Slave (Orochimaru x Reader) by Anime_FreakL
Slave (Orochimaru x Reader)by 김불새
As a Leaf Village Shinobi, you get kidnapped by Orochimaru. You are given the option to either become his next host body, or submit yourself as his personal slave. Warn...
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you're mine • ondreaz lopez  by TrxshSmh
you're mine • ondreaz lopez by trxshsmh
"you're mine. all mine." he told me. i guess he was a good enough liar that i believe his words. - started april 6th, 2020. still being continued. - #1 in madi...
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BTS x Taehyung Oneshots by atiny_army_forever
BTS x Taehyung Oneshotsby atinyarmy
Y'all thirsty for some bottom Tae? Well, ..... here you go
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Shawn Mendes Smut story's by SmuttyShawns
Shawn Mendes Smut story'sby SmuttyShawns
This is a book filled with small smut story's about Shawn. (i love shawn a lot and this is not to harass him or something, I just like to write this kind of stuff beca...
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Extra Credit (A Student-Teacher Romance) by jobeck0813
Extra Credit (A Student-Teacher Author J.L Beck
All I needed was a passing grade. I never expected to sleep with my Professor for it. When Ava told me she couldn't fail my class or she would lose her student aide I m...
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BIGDICKBILLIE // b.e. smut by bigdickbillie
BIGDICKBILLIE // b.e. smutby i like billiecock
writing this in quarantine cause im bored and horny
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The Guidebook Of Pleasure by Ragdollking
The Guidebook Of Pleasureby Ragdollking
Various events and guides. Read at own risk.
Club Aphrodite  by dianadiv23
Club Aphrodite by DianaDiv
What happens when a gift is too much? What happens when you step into something forbidden? And yet, you are tempted to taste the forbidden fruit. What happens when you...
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Creepypasta Lemons by CloserNIN
Creepypasta Lemonsby Murder Me
If you don't know what a lemon is, you're to innocent to read this book. I take requests! I do straight, gay, and lesbian sex!
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THE COUSINS.  by michaelalister4
THE COUSINS. by michaelalister4
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Mattia polibio smuts  by kairisxcum
Mattia polibio smuts by Daddy 🥵😍
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NSFW Thoughts by letrashiestofcans
NSFW Thoughtsby letrashiestofcans
Just nsfw thoughts read at your own risk ig lmao kinda kinky
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It All Started With A Summer Fling by MissMAGM
It All Started With A Summer Flingby MissMAGM
(TEACHERXSTUDENT) She jumped up on my waist "Mm, Miss Willow" she plucked me and said "Shut up" I giggled I carried her to the bedroom and laid her o...
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Mr.Devil~Lucifer x reader by _holy-water-needed_
Mr.Devil~Lucifer x readerby _holy-water-needed_
Will you end up falling in love with the devil? Or will he end up falling for you? "He's a no good piece of shit, (y/n)." he said looking at me. "YEAH TRU...
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hisoka X reader: Complicated (+Lemon) by babyhisokagirl
hisoka X reader: Complicated ( antinatal
You're an assassin that joined the spiders to eliminate and hisoka [ contains lemon ] ᴥ︎ ᴅɪsᴄʟᴀɪᴍᴇʀ ᴥ︎ i do not own hunter x hunter , not the a...
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Voluptuously Yours,  by sheromania1012
Voluptuously Yours, by Romania
"Let me go." Dawn's voice measured and stoned. The hand tightened further around her arm, making her almost whimper. "What you saw isn't what you think...
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The America/Hetalia one-shot book no one needed nor wanted by DragonPrincess22
The America/Hetalia one-shot Cassidy
I think it's pretty evident. But, mostly I torture America/Alfred in any way I see fit that doesn't spoil my other stories too much and maybe throw in the other countrie...
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falling for billie eilish by steponmebillie
falling for billie eilishby billie eilish
will you fall for billie? or will someone get in the way of it all.
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Jurnal Nakal si FOO Mesum by aceshunter
Jurnal Nakal si FOO Mesumby Silent_rebel
apa jadinya lu punya adek seorang member jkt dan lu terjebak di pusaran kehidupan mereka yang kurang akan kasih sayang seroang cowo. disclaimer : cerita bersifat fiktif...
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The Adventures of Mrs. Allison West by goddessisisalysia
The Adventures of Mrs. Allison Westby goddessisisamt
Now let's be very clear, I am not glorifying affairs. Once you are with a man for a very long time you get used to every move he makes. The sex becomes a thing of ritual...
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