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🎃KinkTober Lemon🎃 by Alpha_WildeWolf
🎃KinkTober Lemon🎃by AlphaAckerman
enjoy this sinful book of kinks for KINKTOBER!!!!!
Three demons, The Devil And Me. by LMDFord
Three demons, The Devil And Lauren Ford
Jessica believes that beleiving in demons and angels are childs play, and you are a foolish fool if you do. So when shes coerced in to trying to summon a demon at a part...
Catch or Fall by wordvomitbykath
Catch or Fallby Word Vomit by Kath
Harper Silva is surprised that Ashton Price knows she exists. From being invisible for two years, he has suddenly taken interest of her, turning her life upside down. Th...
The Captured Alpha by ElizabethAspenWrites
The Captured Alphaby Elizabeth Aspen
[[MATURE FROM CHAPTER 3 ONWARDS: NOT FOR YOUNG READERS]] 3rd Place in The Rising Gem Awards - Romance Yesina is the daughter of the leader of a small circle of shape-shi...
Falling for an older man  by _hogwarts_ravenclaw
Falling for an older man by _hogwarts_ravenclaw
Very mature** lots of sex** naughty*** over 18+ recommended*** This story is about a young girl named Ali aged 26 goes on holiday by her self for the first time after...
Hogwards short cuts by MaeveVida
Hogwards short cutsby Maeve Vida
SMUT STORIES 18+ Hello everyone! This is a book full of smut and sex shortcuts from my book 'beautiful boy'. So if you're horny, enjoy this book. This book does not only...
When The Devil Met His Match | ✔️ by harryandakiwi
When The Devil Met His Match | ✔️by harryandakiwi
COMPLETED A girl finds herself falling for the devil.. Arabella Walton, daughter of Gabriel Walton, leader of the New York City mafia finds herself falling for the Ital...
Dobby X Ronald McDonald  by Strawberrycat836
Dobby X Ronald McDonald by StrawberryCat836
Dobby gets the fucking of a life time by Daddy Ronald he splits the ass in half! The orgasm of a life time! Enjoy you sick bastards!
Draco Malfoy Smut  by filthythoughts
Draco Malfoy Smut by C <3
I think the title says enough ;) Have Fun with Reading!!
Chief and I ⇢ Charlie Swan Fanfiction  by BriFlare
Chief and I ⇢ Charlie Swan -BriFlare
Frustrated by life, forty-something Charlie can't stop himself from being interested in Gemini, despite their age gap. Started ⇢ Wednesday, January 27, 2020 Published ⇢...
Billionaire baby daddy by yoshyaw
Billionaire baby daddyby yoland zawadi
Starts as a revenge against her ex boyfriend then to her being a new mom. Meet Isabella, a twenty four year old who's life has encountered more misfortunes than a lif...
Your sexy gaming fantasy | 18+ by mia_piaa
Your sexy gaming fantasy | 18+by mia_piaa
This steamy gaming fantasy will definitely get you feeling hot and heavy...just read it for yourself, you'll see. It is about a 5 minute read so enjoy!
Dominant tutor by juicy1110
Dominant tutorby Janiece Wyatt
You should listen to your tutor.
 I can't resist my ex- Best Friends Dad   by chalupaheroin
I can't resist my ex- Best chalupaheroin
"You have a wife." I exclaimed. He ignored me and just sucked harder on my sweet spot. "You have two kids" I moaned as he gripped my ass. He pull...
Sugar And Ice by Shawalma
Sugar And Iceby Alma
Visiting her friend in another country, something she's only read became her reality.
A Cowgirls Heart  by LizzieNivans
A Cowgirls Heart by Lizzie Nivans
Lizzie and Alex used to be inseparable until Alex left without saying goodbye leaving Lizzie behind and she doesn't know why. Now he's back as a deputy of the town what...
THE STEPMOTHER  (18+) by darkemmanuel
THE STEPMOTHER (18+)by darkemmanuel
The perfect wife A fairytale family Don't believe your eyes....
A Filipino SPG True Story.  by chimineeee24
A Filipino SPG True Story. by Chimineeee
Reminder: for 16+ ONLY✔️ Admin: Ms.Jane24❤
obsessive (richard ramirez)  by aprilnamjo
obsessive (richard ramirez) by aprilnamjo
Richard sees a girl one day and he finds him becoming in love with her and kidnaps her, that love will turn into an obsession. ⚠️Mature content⚠️