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Sex Change by RockerXD
Sex Changeby Rayanne
Marcus has always been picked on in school for being gay and reading fashion magazines One Day Marcus had gotten so sick of his shit he left school for a whole month to...
Jack's new experience by GammaWolff
Jack's new experienceby GammaWolff
jack is a 17 year's old high school student, he is a bully and a complete jock, he is the star quarterback who fuck's cheerleaders as a hobby and thinks that women are c...
An Odd Experiment at Science College B by ttsum49
An Odd Experiment at Science ttsum49
Terry Williams is just a normal guy going to a college in the near future, but what happens when he is forced to use his findings on himself?
THE BOY WHO BECAME A GIRL by paulsecrett
THE BOY WHO BECAME A GIRLby paul secrett
Barista Championship Exchange Part 1: The body swap by GenderPlay_Books
Barista Championship Exchange GenderPlay_Books
Sophie is desperate to win the barista championship but doesn't feel she is up to the challange. Tom, her work mate, is extremely good at being a barista. This gives her...
Barista Championship Exchange Part 2 by GenderPlay_Books
Barista Championship Exchange GenderPlay_Books
Continued on from the first part of the story. Tom (still in sophies body) Goes to work in her body!
Transfigured by Kuro_Ren
Transfiguredby Kuro Ren
Yuki went through sex change because the guy that she loves is a homosexual. However, as she waited for her reunion with her beloved, unexpected things happened along th...
TRANSFORMATION by chalazastic
At least once in her life, every girl has wished that she were a boy. What does one experience after a sex change operation? How do their loved ones react? And most impo...
Stories Within The Rain by devibear21
Stories Within The Rainby devibear21
Darkest saddest horrible and down right fucked up things. Truth inside people's past and mind.
Breaking by Alice-In-Chains
Breakingby RavenOnAWritingDesk
They're both Breaking into little pieces. But in different ways. Nick hates everyone and everything. Christian loves everyone and everything. In fact, their only simil...
Love is just a hand hold away by JaymeClemmings
Love is just a hand hold awayby Jayme Clemmings
A girl named Chyler, and a guy named Christopher start out as friends and best friends and..
New Person To Love by jujubearbieber
New Person To Loveby jujubearbieber
Arabell is a little girl with an average life. We'll not really, she has an identical twin sister that is nothing like her, she was made as an "experiment" so...
It's A New Day~Book one [LGBT] by mid-day-moon-light
It's A New Day~Book one [LGBT]by Your's Truly <3
Lacey and Evan have been each other best and only friends for about 11 years..ever since Lacey told off the kid who was picking on Evan in first grade.Evan is openly gay...
Diary Of Me by QuietFool
Diary Of Meby QuietFool
So... Recently my life became really interesting. So I'll put in a bit of my chaotic life here! This is all real, though I'll be changing the names, for privacy reasons...
MINDSLIP by TonyHarmsworth
MINDSLIPby Tony Harmsworth
MINDSLIP is the catastrophe which hits the Earth at 8.15am GMT next Wednesday morning. It began six hundred and fifty years earlier when Betelgeuse fulfilled its long-h...
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