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Nasty Grind by MeanaNaturi
Nasty Grindby Meana Naturi
You'll enjoy...let's just say my mind got carried away. Happy readings!! Come on girl, don't be shy," Chris patted his legs for her to sit on. She was timid, standi...
Heartless by Nikkiloadeon
Heartlessby Nikkiloadeon
After being hurt multiple times in different relationships, Nicole said enough is enough... She has been heartbroken so many times in the past that she is heartless at t...
What's Really Hollywood by jayhunnnna
What's Really Hollywoodby Jade
|| Chris Brown || The sequel to What's Really Hood. It's been five years since Michael, China, and Chris left to begin their new luxurious lives in California, leaving...
Broken & Fixed PT.2 The Next Generation by QueenNiqueLove1
Broken & Fixed PT.2 The Next QueenNiqueLove1
The lives of superstars Lenwood & Tiara Owens children
TREAT ME LIKE SOMEBODY • Eazy-E (Book 3) by pimpcessnani
{Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved} "I'm not invisible, I'm right here" ∆ 3 years in the future ∆ ♥Tinashe & Eazy E♥ ∆ TRILOGY ∆ book 1: "straight ou...
A Star Loving Another Star by Katsukis_wife173
A Star Loving Another Starby 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂𝓰𝓲𝓻𝓵💍🦋
Aaliyanah Prince has been living in LA for a while, living her best life as a multi- platinum selling artist. Don't get it twisted though, Aaliyanah's life has never bee...
All Back by KingMeKD
All Backby K.D
Marissa was sure that she wanted her relationship with Chris to be over until he was involved in a car accident that left him with out memory. She thought that was a fre...
Work Out || Florian Munteanu x OC story by LivvyLou13
Work Out || Florian Munteanu x Livvy Lou
This is the story of how Florian and Geneva came to be and beat all the odds, letting life take it's course. Geneva Shaw was ready to get her life together once and for...
Been A Minute  by h1zkeeper
Been A Minute by h1zkeeper
⬇️Story Summary⬇️ It's Been Years and A Lot of Things Have Changed. What Do You Say To Someone That Leaves Your Mind Blank? A Person Who's Glance Make You Weak Without...
CallMeCrazyff by Vanitieee
CallMeCrazyffby Dee.Wilson
She could be the baddest ever But you belong to me And I ain't with that sharing shit I don't want to know how she makes you feel, Keep all that away from me
Strange Love by TurnTFUP
Strange Loveby Read His Property
Why am I with him? How did this love come to be? Am I making the right choice? Or am I risking my relationship ? What will others think?
Switched Hearts by krissylove74
Switched Heartsby krissylove74
At first she was the one messing around on him while he was faithfully waiting for her to change well what happens when the rolls reverse n he's the one messing around...
And It Wont Stop[Chris Brown Story] by Diamondhayward32
And It Wont Stop[Chris Brown Story]by Diamond Princess Hayward
"This love we got is never ending no stoppin your love" .............
Contagious Love by TeamAugust4L
Contagious Loveby TeamAugust4L
Sev,August and Trey love story. All of the details is in this story.
Wicked by user85885814
Wickedby shanna
Inayah is in high school she's almost done shes has dreams and ambition she's lives in Miami she's ready to start over after being with her boyfriend who hits on her co...
Cabin In The Woods by NewMommy014
Cabin In The Woodsby Shanikqua Hunter
Six different people that don't know anything about each other have to take a month long trip, because of their behavior in school. Basically they will be out in the woo...
Can't Be Friends by nellepooh
Can't Be Friendsby Nell Floyd
Trey And Sevyn Have Been Talking For A While Now. The Media believes their dating...That's not Really The Case. They're More like friends With benefits. Scratch That BES...