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Short Horror Stories And Ledgends by rubylou08
Short Horror Stories And Ledgendsby Ruby xx
You've started to read this book. There's no way you'll get out alive now...
Pained Whispers by twinxs21
Pained Whispersby twinxs21
Can you hear the noise? Highest Ranking: #387 in Poetry
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Rise of Darkness by ghostofPercyJackson
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Joshua Champion of Hestia
Just months after the Titan War, Percy vanishes from the world. 5 years later, a teen appears outside of Camp Half-Blood. Who is this boy and why does he call himself th...
Thinkfull by MohSilas
Thinkfullby MohSilas
Welcome to my thinking diary, I write what I feel, what I think and what I hope. I'm a different person from time to time, we all are, and this diary is in someway a mem...
Different by malinrosario84
Differentby malinrosario84
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Run-away droids. (On hold) by SpudTheSpudGunGamer
Run-away droids. (On hold)by Spud
Mabel and Dipper are experimental weapons developed by the Government. The demonstration goes haywire and they end up being hunted by them selves. Also, guess who's com...
My Sweet Senpai by Yangyang164
My Sweet Senpaiby Yangyang164
Naoki is celebrating his 1st anniversary with his beloved kohai, Saori Kotobuki. He had the perfect date planned out for them: dinner at their favorite Italian restauran...
Things change so fast by Kamui_jurietto_12
Things change so fastby Kamui_jurietto_12
What if Obito arrived in time and stopped rins death? How would that change there lives in konoha? For better? For worse? Find out...... I do not own naruto, almost ever...
Letters to Juliet by livvy456
Letters to Julietby Olivia Marshall
An incredible adventure searching for love. This will make you laugh and cry as you follow the characters, virtually travelling back 50 years. All credit goes to the o...
News by asaphblendon89
Newsby asaphblendon89
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Game by bidlesayers21
Gameby bidlesayers21
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Purpose by beitzmasters57
Purposeby beitzmasters57
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South by marianndalal72
Southby marianndalal72
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Leg by arletagolightly88
Legby arletagolightly88
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Head by lonnyansell64
Headby lonnyansell64
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Go by buschifrowiss99
Goby buschifrowiss99
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Probably by schonfelddeykin29
Probablyby schonfelddeykin29
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Tumby's writing-prompt-s by Jaiyere
Tumby's writing-prompt-sby HoneyEden
The little prompts you see on Tumblr? Yeah, I chose some and will put them on here. Most of the prompts are from the Tumblr blog writing-prompt-s. Check them out. Simp...
Himself by fredralafreniere16
Himselfby fredralafreniere16
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