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LAST by stay_hj
LASTby stay_hj
⚠️+18, nsfw⚠️,romance,heavy angst
home. seungjin by xlc_fixz
home. seungjinby ⸙͎ 𝗑𝗂𝗇
seungjin angst one shot!!
camboy  // seungjin by skzzzdream
camboy // seungjinby works in progress
onlyfans? did the seemingly innocent seungmin secretly have a freaky side? hyunjin quickly put seungmin's phone back on the desk, his face flushing as mental images of s...
swiss cafe // seungjin by hankyuuu
swiss cafe // seungjinby hannah!
coffees were seungmin's fave so he worked at swiss cafe while clothes were hyunjin's fave so he's a fashion model. it just all started with a caramel macchiato and the r...
love and hate // seungjin by hankyuuu
love and hate // seungjinby hannah!
" why do i hate that i love you? " where seungmin hates his seatmate during math class, hyunjin. just because he borrows everything and never return it back...
Hi, Hello ~ Seungjin AU by jasey_calian
Hi, Hello ~ Seungjin AUby jasey_calian
In which Hyunjin has a twin brother named Sam. What happens if both of then like Seungmin?
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