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MyLovelyDanceTeacher[Jenlisa] by dimplesblue
MyLovelyDanceTeacher[Jenlisa]by 🤍
SOCIAL MEDIA au‼️ Started: 09/18/19 Completed:03/31/20 #65-dance[01/20/20] #1-jenlisa[02/09/20] #1-yeri[02/15/20] #1-lini[03/16/20] #1-seulrene[05/27/20]
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• Marrying Ms. Popular • // SeulRene ff by _chelsseyy
• Marrying Ms. Popular • // •///•
My life sucks! I'm marrying the devil--I mean I'm marrying Ms. Popular. ****** A/N: SeulRene fanfic!!🙌🏻 Please support my story!❤️❤️ Let's find out the Bear Seulgi🐻an...
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Tormentby Unknown
Torment ; A cause of suffering. Kang Seulgi, A woman of Torment. She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of 18. Kang got admitted to an Asylum, "St. Damien...
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I was her first, she was my last. by Blinkyy11
I was her first, she was my Blinkyy11
Lisa and Jennie have been together for as long as they can remember. Lisa was finally going to ask Jennie to tie the knot, but this isn't a fairytale. Not all love stori...
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My Unwanted Screen Partner (COMPLETED) by natzki2019
My Unwanted Screen Partner ( natzki2019
What happens when one of the most in demand actress Irene Bae needs to work in a project as a love interest for Kang, Seulgi, her most hated rival in the industry. Will...
Guarded | Seulrene FF by RossierX
Guarded | Seulrene FFby RossierX
A brat client vs. A mysterious bodyguard. Where does one curiosity might lead to? PUBLISHED: 8 OCT 2017 COMPLETED: NOVEMBER 2017
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Becoming Mrs. Manoban by LoneFuryFeline
Becoming Mrs. Manobanby Elemental
Lalisa Manoban is a workaholic businesswoman with no interest in marital life but her beliefs are tested when her father dies and leaves her a generous inheritance with...
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Lost G!P by ManduLimario
Lost G!Pby AJ
"Are you still mine?" She asked "I'm sorry but I'm not happy anymore" She replied and swift away. The girl had been left behind and cry under the pou...
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Blackpink In Your Area (Ft TWICE and Redvelvet) by Katsuyosei
Blackpink In Your Area (Ft TWICE Katsuyosei
Random conversation between the members of blackpink
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Arranged Marriage by Devilmanoban
Arranged Marriageby DEVILMANOBAN
"You three brats have to marry those kim's"mr.manoban said pointing to the three girls standing in all seriousness "And that's my order"
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Trouble Maker by justcallme_MayV
Trouble Makerby justcallme_MayV
Seulrene story
Believe in Magic by ddeulgiconic
Believe in Magicby 슬린
Credits to @JINICO for the book cover💚
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Always Be Mine by caBAEgee
Always Be Mineby Joohyunie
A student council president, a very workaholic student, fell in love with the charismatic bear of the campus. One thing she didn't know, all this time, that charismatic...
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(Seulrene) Lặng lẽ yêu em (Seulgi Irene Red Velvet) by DoanNgoc92
(Seulrene) Lặng lẽ yêu em ( Đoàn Đùng Đùng
Ghi chú của tác giả (Các bạn nên đọc trước khi xem fic): Fic này mình viết hình tượng của Seul Gi sẽ khác so với phiên bản đời thực, nếu không thích và cảm thấy khó chịu...
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Aria Academy| Red velvet by seulgi-bearnm
Aria Academy| Red velvetby 💫~Nemi~💫
"I know your Secret from the first time you entered the school. Now that everybody probaly know your power Seulgi. I want you all to change school to a school calle...
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Outcast Girls (Seulrene/Moonsun/Suayeon) (GirlxGirl) by Neonlightsonmyface
Outcast Girls (Seulrene/Moonsun/ Neonlightsonmyface
Joohyun had been homeless for a while. Life hit her hard; the only moments of peace she had were her mornings at the shelter where she could enjoy a fuming shower and a...
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The President's  Daughter (COMPLETED) by natzki2019
The President's Daughter ( natzki2019
Seulgi always wanted to be a Presidential Body Guard. It's a noble duty to be able to protect the most important person in your country even though your life is on the l...
SR. 02 - TEEN AGE by thelotuschild
SR. 02 - TEEN AGEby the lotus child
Irene was assigned to find the underground famous dancer and to ask her to replace a certain student for the upcoming university dance contest. She didn't expect to meet...
Who Are You? | SEULRENE  by oofseulrene
A rich famous model named Irene was once friends with a girl name Seulgi who was now the #1 top secret agent in Seoul. They were each other's childhood best friend. Afte...
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seulrene smuts by kangjjoohhyun
seulrene smutsby kangddeulgi
i'm bored sorry