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Nekos and Inus {SkyLox}{Mpreg} by ShiningSouless
Nekos and Inus {SkyLox}{Mpreg}by Soul
In the world only 6 people are either a neko or a Inu. The rest are humans. Nekos and lnus are not suppose to like each other. They are suppose to remain hidden from the...
Minecraft One-Shots by Apocalypsey
Minecraft One-Shotsby Ashley
Little 'Imagine Your OTP' stories, some will be Nsfw / Smut - But it'll be tagged in the title ~ Includes SetoSolace Merome Skylox Doubdilshur (Yes OT3 :D) Doubdil Bashd...
Journal of the Amnesiac Wizard: A Setosorcerer/FyreUk/Deadlox/GoldSolace Story by missmatched123
Journal of the Amnesiac Wizard: Emma
An unconscious injured wizard is found on the grounds of Fyre Academy of Magic. Masters Waglington, Phil, Tom, and Matt take the stranger in, aiming to help the wizard r...
HC and TC Oneshots - A Little Bit Of Everything by MyUniverseShips
HC and TC Oneshots - A Little MyUniverseShips
Random Oneshots of different Minecraft youtuber ships. Fandoms include both Hermitcraft and TeamCrafted. Ships include are present in tags. Diaclaimer: The shipping invo...
Addict (SetoSolace) by hghrules
Addict (SetoSolace)by Haven
It started out with one spell. Just one. It was simple, it was easy. It made him feel invincible. But then it grew out of control, until the only magic he could cast - t...
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Monster (Main Pairing: Merome) by DatYuuki
Monster (Main Pairing: Merome)by DatYuuki
In a battle with the Squid Lord, Mitch is splashed with a mysterious potion. The potion turns him into a monster, and he runs away from his team, scared of them being sc...
Setosolace- One-Shots (boy x boy) by nephilumtribute
Setosolace- One-Shots (boy x boy)by VG
A lot of Oneshots with your favorite minecrafters. Mainly Skylox, Merome, and (obviously) SETOSOLACE! Also starring Sparkant! Have fun reading about my personal OTP's in...
catch a dream ; setosolace  by xiaokaji
catch a dream ; setosolace by xiaokaji
i don't like to fondle with my emotions, but if there's regards to him, i would. (a series of texts and letters seto writes to the boy with blue eyes ; lowercase intend...
End Of An Empire: A Skydoesminecraft/ YouTubers Story (Old Version) by missmatched123
End Of An Empire: A Emma
When it comes to the Skaldia Kingdom, the King could care less. But his son does care, Prince Adam Skylen. Adam knowns his home is in trouble and is willing to do anythi...
Broken {Setosolace} (Smut) by Darksorcerer69
Broken {Setosolace} (Smut)by Darksorcerer69
Sorry no good at short descriptions, read prologue at start of book of interested. Warning smut will be written in this book.
One broken heart can heal another {SetoSolace} by shubabang
One broken heart can heal trash
Seto was lonely, abused, and overall depressed. Until he runs into a boy named Brice and his friends. Although, things aren't exactly easy for the highschoolers...
-SetoSolace- Paint Our World  by GamingAngel
-SetoSolace- Paint Our World by Angel(⛄️)
"Paint Our World, Brice. Do it, while you still can. " Brice Solace's World is tainted in white and black-- A blur in which he has nothing planned, neither ca...
Polar Opposites by BelowMyMind
Polar Oppositesby BelowMyMind
"We're polar opposites, honey.. You think 'this' would work? Look, you're hot and all, but I'm the fire baby, and you're the ice." "Bro... I make flowers...
Just A Game  by BelowMyMind
Just A Game by BelowMyMind
Team Crafted and friends decide to play some truth or dare. Things happen... Feelings are discovered, hearts are shattered, memories are created.. But none of it matters...
self-destructive empathy ; setosolace by xiaokaji
self-destructive empathy ; xiaokaji
I fall in love with the wrong people. I can't help myself, but it's a stupid habit of mine. I see things that they don't see; I fall in love with the heart and soul. It'...
Forbidden Magic (SetoSolace) by Ender_Kitty68
Forbidden Magic (SetoSolace)by E.K 68
2 sides, A Kingdom with a Prince who's father died, so they are preparing for his new position to be named as the new heir. A Land casted out and hunted by the Kingdoms...
Help wouldn't hurt~A Setosolace fanfic by UnitatoCreations
Help wouldn't hurt~A Setosolace tate
Seto has been to hell and back. Dad abusive, and mom gone. Not to mention he is a sorcerer. In the kingdom of ButterSolace, sorcerers are not treated fairly. But will th...
My Favorite Ships Smut-Shots by Jimanita
My Favorite Ships Smut-Shotsby TheGayTable
Me and my friends are having a smut-shot contest and I also just really wanted to write smut.
MCYT Ships by ToxicTheMisfit
MCYT Shipsby Nova
This has all ships I know in it. Im going to look more into it. ALSO!!!!.... Cover art is made Aleatoraye/crowmulent. @crowmulent