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Somewhere in Time by hanzelwrites
Somewhere in Timeby Hanzel Writes
It started with the smell of tears. Sesshomaru was drawn to her. Kagome was perplexed by him. Their paths always crossed, and these odd encounters unknowingly wrote the...
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Kagome's Love, Inuyasha's Ignorance. by _thefaultinmystxrs_
Kagome's Love, Inuyasha's Alicia
I've changed the title because when I first began to write this, I wasn't planning on it having 200 something reads, but so far, its been great! The Darkest Fear didn't...
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The Girl That Fell Inlove with the Demon !SessKag Love Story! by koniloves7
The Girl That Fell Inlove with Koni
!Set in modern days! It has been a year when Kagome wished the Shikon Jewel disappear and fell inlove with Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru realized that she loves the miko dearly...
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warmth of fluffy (COMPLETE) by inu_youka
warmth of fluffy (COMPLETE)by muskan~
hiyo mina~ here I finally published my first story desu ^^ Hope you like it ne~ well, this is related to inuyasha anime. this story is about kagome and sesshomaru bein...
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My Choice InuYasha fanfic by Weetinng
My Choice InuYasha fanficby Weetinng
Kagome stayed in the fedual era and had fallen for an inu taiyoukai and when a voice told her something, she became a different person physically....part mental the adve...
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Silver in the Moonlight by SummerCreature
Silver in the Moonlightby Jasmine
The pain and suffering Naraku left behind were felt and seen by all, but the actions his death began only felt by two. Time and space bent to bring Kagome to the feudal...
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True Love's Perspective! by SesshyUchiha
True Love's Perspective!by The One, Who Loves A Death E...
Read the first chapter, if you don't like it you don't have to continue! :) P.s. It's Sesshy x Kag
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FANTASMA by emily3440
FANTASMAby emily3440
Después de la muerte de Naraku, Kagome regresó a su tiempo para siempre, donde llora sus pérdidas. un Sesshomaru mayor ofrece un trato: un matrimonio cómodo y seguro a c...
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Because of the Rain (Sesshomaru & Kagome) by DiamondInk
Because of the Rain ( DiamondInk
An Inuyasha Fanfiction.
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My demon Loves by RoyMustang123347
My demon Lovesby bnha fandom weeb
when inuyasha finally tells kikyo that he want to spend the rest of his life with her kagome is heart broken and runs away but sesshomaru yearns for kagome what will hap...
Protect Her by angelbaby4901
Protect Herby angelbaby4901
Kagome becomes heartbroken when Inuyasha runs off to Kikyo. She leaves her group running for her life with Shippo. That is until she runs into Nuraku who changes her w...
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Forbidden Cursed Love (SessKag) by Nerd-With-Attitude
Forbidden Cursed Love (SessKag)by Nerdy Scientist
It was getting close to Winter. Instead of Halloween Edo had a festival; games, food, Lanterns, even horse riding. But as the festival went along, something happened. Na...
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i am ( sesskag fanfiction) by Dragonicqueen
i am ( sesskag fanfiction)by Dragonicqueen
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¿puedo permanecer a tu lado? by emily3440
¿puedo permanecer a tu lado?by emily3440
mi corazón se rompía cada vez que te ibas pero llegaste tu y con paso de los días lo fuiste reparándolo, déjame hacerte una pregunta ¿puedo permanecer a tu lado?
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The Inevitable by DrakenHuntress
The Inevitableby DrakenHuntress
Sesshomaru's Thoughts by AngieGuth1
Sesshomaru's Thoughtsby Angie (OC Niwa)
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if only? Hi, I'm Sesshomaru and I'm not used to this, so whatever. I'm going to give you a peak into my thoughts. Yeah, yeah...
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A Battle To Win by mariarazoooo
A Battle To Winby mariarazoooo
Everyone is living a peaceful life without have to worry about Kagome's whereabouts. Nobody really cared to find her after Naraku was defeated and the jewel was whole ag...
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Sesshomaru x Kagome by kay1lovely
Sesshomaru x Kagomeby kay1lovely
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The Miko and the Demon (Sesshomaru x Kagome) by KilluaZoldyck7
The Miko and the Demon ( Killua Zoldyck
Kagome leaves the group. She just can't take Inuyasha's indecisiveness, and when she caught him with Kikiyo right next to camp saying atrocious things it was the last st...
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True Love's True Form by tierslyw
True Love's True Formby tierslyw
what if kagome isn't who she says or thinks she is what if she is more than just a miko what happens to her when inuyasha picks kikyo over her why is she traveling with...
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