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A Battle To Win by mariarazoooo
A Battle To Winby mariarazoooo
Everyone is living a peaceful life without have to worry about Kagome's whereabouts. Nobody really cared to find her after Naraku was defeated and the jewel was whole ag...
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Fictober InuYasha // Punto débil by JennyHeidern
Fictober InuYasha // Punto débilby JennyHeidern
Disclaimer: Los personajes de InuYasha No me pertenecen. . Aclaraciones: Fictober personal, la trama no tiene continuidad entre los capítulos. Sobre las parejas pueden...
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Luna menguante by Garami01
Luna menguanteby 241L0RM3RCUR1
El brillo de su luz como una lampara perpetua, su reflejo demostrando la belleza en su figura, un gran poder que se esconde detrás suyo, forjara el pasaje por el cual nu...
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Beast choice by RAPack
Beast choiceby Wolfie S. Lawhurr
Kagome says enough is enough and leaves Inuyasha for good and she's heading home but she stops to help a serten demon lord who was fighting a puppet of Naraku.
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 A Wicked Game [COMPLETE] by BernNarakuFrederica
A Wicked Game [COMPLETE]by Naraku Higurashi
What if Kushina fell into the other world and meet Naraku? What if Kushina was forced to be married? What if Naraku isn't loving gentle husband? What if Kushina got beat...
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Changing With Time by InaliaFox
Changing With Timeby Inalia
Many things have happened in the demon lords life, but this was never expected, by him nor his half brothers group. What happens when Kagome leaves the group because of...
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Somewhere in Time by hanzelwrites
Somewhere in Timeby Hanzel Writes
It started with the smell of tears. Sesshomaru was drawn to her. Kagome was perplexed by him. Their paths always crossed, and these odd encounters unknowingly wrote the...
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Only with you~ (hiatus) by inu_youka
Only with you~ (hiatus)by muskan~
Abandoned kagome found new great mysterious friends but she still felt lonely. Here comes our killing perfection, Sesshomaru Sama. One day he got heavily injured and as...
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Priestess of Demons (SesshomaruXKagome) by Fractaldragon
Priestess of Demons ( KitsunePainter
Kagome and Kikyo are betrayed by Inuyasha when Kagome catches the man mating with a feline demon. This, in turn, makes the two priestesses' grieve for their shattered he...
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Shikon Hentai High - Sesshomaru x Kagome by buttbuttdoodle
Shikon Hentai High - Sesshomaru ⁂ Angelvi ⁂
Detention. For the next two months. With the older brother of the boy she is crazy-in-love with. It was going to be a long semester for Kagome Higurashi. / Sesshomaru x...
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  Secrets Everywhere  by yalesalsaa
Secrets Everywhere by yalesalsaa
Kagome Takashaki was a happy woman. She had everything she had wanted. She married the love of her life and gave birth to octuplets. But like they say, good things must...
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When loves path has a change of heart Writen by Bluerose by MariahHoltzberger
When loves path has a change of MidnightBlackrose
Well inuyasha has done it now kagome cotch him and kikyo together again this made kagome really mad as well as shattering her heart but she has not given up just for you...
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Heart's desires by Silverinu93
Heart's desiresby Silver Inu
Ever since Kagome had laid eyes on Inuyasha, she's had a crush on him, but things turn sour when she overheard him talking to Kikyo at the movies, on Valentine's Day. It...
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Under the Moonlight by SamMeSue
Under the Moonlightby McSue
It's been some time finally defeating Naruku. And life seems to have gone back to normal. But, there is trouble in paradise. Inuyasha and kagome's relationship has hit a...
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The Bet by yalesalsaa
The Betby yalesalsaa
Kagome Tama was once known as Kagome Higurashi but an event led her to move from Tokyo,Japan and now she has to go back to Japan.Is she ready to go back to Tokyo.What ev...
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Time Travel by lauren7734
Time Travelby Lauren
What if Kagome meets Sesshomaru BEFORE Inuyasha? What happens when Sesshomaru's beast is going into heat and refuses to mate with anyone but kagome -first story / sucky...
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white robes red flowers by Bill_Cipher_24
white robes red flowersby Alex Cipher
Kagome is made by the gods give to the human/ demon world to bear the most powerful heirs to those who can beat her in a challenge.
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her frozen world, his frozen heart by YukiEvans6
her frozen world, his frozen heartby Eren Jaeger
Kagome wasn't a normal girl like her twin sister kikyo. Her world was always revolted around ice and snow for she had the powers of them since she was born. She made sur...
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Meant To Be by DaddyJokerX
Meant To Beby Daniel
Kagome runs off after spotting Inuyasha with Kikyo once again shattering her heart into pieces and she's not alone
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The Bet Sesshomaru x Kagome              by yadhiraalsaa
The Bet Sesshomaru x yadhiraalsaa
"Is love a simple word,no love is so much more".I was used,disowned,embarrassed,and heartbroken all because of my so called friends and family and them.After t...
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