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Life as a Subclass of Greed by Servamp-of-Mischief
Life as a Subclass of Greedby Servamp-of-Mischief
Yaguri Yuna is Lawless' Subclass and the only one that Lawless genuinely cares about. When one of Licht and Lawless fights go too far Kranz punishes them by giving Yuna...
  • lawless
  • lily
  • hugh
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Save Me Kuro (Kuro X Reader) by D8_MissAnime
Save Me Kuro (Kuro X Reader)by MissAnimeLover🤓
(Y/n)... She takes risks to prevent the likelihood of being thrown back on the unwelcoming, grimy streets with her younger sister, Nanami. Some of the time, her life can...
  • sleepyashxreader
  • anime
  • story
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SERVAMP X READER (ONESHOTS)by Cadis Etrama di Mae Kirishima
yay. Did you ever had that someone you want to keep in your life, but you couldn't. My ever first oneshots actually. Warning; slow updates~ I don't own servamp ;)
  • tetsu
  • wattys2018
  • fanfiction
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From The Past [SleepyAsh(Kuro)xReader] by JungkookAnime
From The Past [SleepyAsh(Kuro) BTS/ANIMEU FANDOM
(Y/l/n) Belle.. The great great grandmother of you; (Y/n). Though, she has never met or seen her grave, she had heard stories about Belle.. And how she saved a vampire's...
  • kuro
  • ash
  • story
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT REPORT ME! somehow my password doesn't work so this is the continuing book of to be or bot to be. and yes I will be starting fr...
  • servamp
  • kuroxreader
  • kuro
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The rising of The Shield hero and his sister by Lielea1
The rising of The Shield hero Tiffany Elsey
in this story Naofumi(A.k. A the shieldhero) actually has a twin sister who was visiting a friend for a few days while he was being sucked into the other world however s...
  • crossover
  • wrath
  • wolf
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Anime & Final Fantasy One-Shots | Various! x Reader ✓ by tsukkki-
Anime & Final Fantasy One-Shots | Jess
[anime various x reader] ❝ what mankind can imagine is what mankind can make into a reality ❞ // completed + unedited • 2016 // ~ these one-shots are old and really suck...
  • variousxreader
  • freeiwatobiswimclub
  • haikyuu
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A Dragon's Shadow(Under Heavy Editing) by Okami_Otaku159
A Dragon's Shadow(Under Heavy Hotaru Akuma
Miwa Okumura is one of the ten wizard saints and one of the strongest and powerful mage in fairy tail since she knew a lot of magic but hardly used her known magic. Miwa...
  • dragonslayers
  • ft
  • action
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Kuro's Pet~Sleepy Ash/Kuro X Subclass Reader by ChibiKK
Kuro's Pet~Sleepy Ash/Kuro X Kat_Ash
Before Kuro met Mahiru, he knew a girl that took care of him without knowing that he was a servamp. She gave him food and kept him safe, but one day the girl got fatally...
  • xreader
  • wattys2017
  • kuro
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Endearment ~ (Yandere) Servamp X ♀️ Reader/OC~ by Adrienne1020
Endearment ~ (Yandere) Servamp X ♀ Cloud328
"Hey cuddle bug... Come here, I wanna take a nap..." "Yo, (Y/N)! You wanna go out sometime?" "Don't worry my little butterfly, I'll protect you...
  • alloflove
  • sakuya
  • yandere
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KuroMahi ~ One Shots by NoyadeJade
KuroMahi ~ One Shotsby Javi
Just some random ideas I had after reading so many KuroMahi fanfics or oneshots. I am so obsessed with this ship right now. Most of these one shots will be inspired by h...
  • oneshots
  • fanfiction
  • kuromahi
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The Mind Reading Potion by Starlight336
The Mind Reading Potionby Starlight336
The Servamps and Eves are having a get together at Misono's mansion and Mikuni walks in(Uninvited by Misono) with a crimson red liquid in a beaker. He told everybody to...
  • doubtdoubt
  • sakuya
  • hugh
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Anime One Shots by ashalexwrites
Anime One Shotsby A. A. Hinata
[Requests Closed!] So, my friend convinced me to do this since I write them anyway. Enjoy! I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS (Also the cover art isn't mine, If you know...
  • servamp
  • blueexorcist
  • nanbaka
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Like me (Servamp x eve reader) by RielaMcGuire2005
Like me (Servamp x eve reader)by Riela F.
Y/N, the eve of world end of gluttony who she named Shibo, comes from a long line of witches. She comes from a rich family and is the heir to her family (which comes in...
  • kuro
  • lily
  • hugh
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∞Pictures Of Servamp∞ by MidnightDreamer1357
∞Pictures Of Servamp∞by Star_of_Destiny
Random Pictures of Servamp
  • tetsu
  • belkia
  • misono
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Servamp (Sleepy ash) Kuro x reader(eve)[ON HOLD] by _Servamp_Trash_
Servamp (Sleepy ash) Kuro x Your Local Trash Can
when a black cat named Kuro enters your world everything begins to change, will it be for the better? Or the worse?
  • fanfiction
  • sleepyash
  • kuro
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Legacy of Pride (Servamp Fanfiction) by ZathiaVira
Legacy of Pride (Servamp Flare1498
Nako is the subclass of Pride. She always thought death was the end, but in reality it was only the beginning. It was relatively peaceful then Old Child finds a new Eve...
  • vampire
  • anime
  • sins
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Stressed Out by Swissy_Faith
Stressed Outby NIKY
Mahiru has been stressed out lately and his lazy servamp is not helping. What will be Mahiru's reaction when Kuro does something...interesting?
  • kuromahi
  • sleepyash
  • fanficion
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Inseparable  by eruditewolfie
Inseparable by Riley
This is a story about Kuro and Mahiru falling in love with each other. Nothing more to it. :)
  • servamp
  • anime
  • mahirushirota
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