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Eda , Serkan and their stories. by kazthegoose
Eda , Serkan and their kazthegoose
AU stories that are mostly about EdSer preconfession and maybe events that lead up to them.
The Lies of His Father by lisa_dec
The Lies of His Fatherby lisa_dec
When Eda's parents were killed the truth would eventually come out. This story is a twist on the telling of that tale. Serkan doesn't hesitate to tell Eda but it doesn't...
Edser In Love  by readershraz
Edser In Love by readershraz
Mostly one shots revolving around the storyline. I feel the show didn't have a lot of mushy and cute edser scenes without any problems thrown their way. So it's my take...
The Hate Game by olaw12341234
The Hate Gameby ola1234
Two broken souls and closed-off hearts. When they meet, will they heal each other or destroy what was left inside them? Eda is a young university student who just transf...
Come Back to Me II SCK by olaw12341234
Come Back to Me II SCKby ola1234
His crazy Peri Kizi, who came to him from the fairyland of sex, flowers, and chocolate, to illuminate his life with all the madness she held. She was the real force of n...
The Love I Leave Behind by rebeccalight90
The Love I Leave Behindby rebeccalight90
Set after episode 29.... Eda makes a decision You may not copy, reproduce, or share my plotlines without my consent. Thank you.
A Dream of Little Robots and Fairies by SLynx19
A Dream of Little Robots and Sarah Lynx
What happens when a few symptoms and a lot of misunderstandings lead to Eda and Serkan discovering that they are going to become parents? - What would happen if Eda real...
And Baby Makes Three by lisa_dec
And Baby Makes Threeby lisa_dec
Serkan has ended his cancer treatment but gets the devastating news about his future. Eda wants it all, Serkan and a family, she has no intention of giving up on him and...
Home by TvByAngie
Homeby Angie Blacker
Serkan, recently divorced, has fought to overcome a tragedy. Feeling responsible for the death of his son and the end of his marriage, he's suffocated himself with work...
Heartless by olaw12341234
Heartlessby ola1234
What if love is not enough? If your soulmate betrays your trust If your soulmate abandons you Will you be able to forgive and forget? She was in love but destroyed his l...
EdSer One Shots by readershraz
EdSer One Shotsby readershraz
Hey guys. I received a lot of msgs since I stopped writing Edser in Love and I am kind of moved with the way you all told me that it was your escape from reality or ref...
Pieces of Us by iamynz
Pieces of Usby iamynz
This is the sequel to Images of you. "You know, life fractures us all into little pieces. It harms us, but it's how we glue those fractures back together that make...
Heart and Soul Survivors by lisa_dec
Heart and Soul Survivorsby lisa_dec
When Serkan's plane crashed he was the lone survivor of the crash. Eda and Ayden had faith that he was alive, Ayden had faith because Eda had faith. The story doesn't ta...
The Fall by Mille-Feuilles
The Fallby Mille-Feuilles
AU from episode 51, it's Serkan's birthday and Kiraz asks a 7 months pregnant Eda to get her a balloon hanging from a tree. Eda climbs a ladder to get to it but loses he...
Partners by lisa_dec
Partnersby lisa_dec
Detective Serkan Bolat is trying to save his marriage, Eda Bolat is trying to save her husband by divorcing him. What they think are two worlds colliding are really just...
Tell Me You Hate Me by olaw12341234
Tell Me You Hate Meby ola1234
She broke his heart, but he can't stop loving her even if she is the evilest woman in the world. He destroyed her every dream, but even if he has no heart, she can't sto...
Mind Games -  Win or Lose by lisa_dec
Mind Games - Win or Loseby lisa_dec
Part two to the story Mind Games. Life has been heaven for Serkan and Eda Bolat, they are living a dream life with their eighteen month old daughter Kiraz and are expect...
Can you live without me? by bluvioletkp
Can you live without me?by bluvioletkp
Eda and Serkan. One shots. Life after. Fiction. AU. The inspiration for this fanfiction was drawn from Sen Cal Kapimi, a property of Fox entertainment. Hope you enjoy re...
Images of You by iamynz
Images of Youby iamynz
I woke up with a headache. Memories. Flashing memories. I massaged my forehead trying to ease the pain I feel in my head. "If I was born a hundred times, I would f...