Flooded Hopes by tristanowatron18
Flooded Hopesby Tristan Watron
The second addition to "The World Forever Ending" series. When a 2.5 mile tall tsunami strikes Tokyo, Japan due to the "Armageddon Quake", Alex and h...
  • secondstory
  • series
  • worldforeverending
Breaking Up by minifionna
Breaking Upby Alex Blaze
Toby breaks up with Alex, let's see how it plays out.
  • breakup
  • goodbye
  • boyxboy
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Undercover Together | Fall 2018 by aliensintheattic
Undercover Together | Fall 2018by Eri
Love. Fate. Violence. Undercover Together explores these three themes in a tumultuous and chaotic world of secret intelligence and underground cartels and collision of...
  • love
  • youngadult
  • broken
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Importance Of Time by AlleliGweyneth
Importance Of Timeby Alleli Gweyneth Abad Dogayo
"Ikamamatay mo ba kung maglalaan ka ng kahit isang araw sa'min?" - Siera Baross
  • allelistories
  • series
  • importanceoftime
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Doctor Who Fan Series | Series 2 - Episode 02: Gemini by JoshHill6
Doctor Who Fan Series | Series Josh Hill
Can the Cybernetic Doctor be trusted? And who is the mysterious voice? As the Cybermen begin their attack, the Doctor must do whatever he can to save the human race. htt...
  • youtube
  • hill
  • fan
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Doctor Who Fan Series | Series 1 - Episode 01: Nightshade by JoshHill6
Doctor Who Fan Series | Series Josh Hill
A wartorn London. Insurgent movements strike back against the despotic leaders; alien menaces prepare to destroy the planet and a strange prisoner that might hold the ke...
  • fan
  • series
  • productions
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TQLM SERIES PLANE ROTARY CLEAN SIEVE is produced by by ricepolisher
Grain can occupy a large proportion of our life. Manufacturers in the rice industry have also increased their investment in Plane Rotary Clean Sieve. It is against this...
  • sieve
  • series
  • clean
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The Extended Railway Series by JordanPacella
The Extended Railway Seriesby RailWolf930
When the books ended in 2011, I have been sent to the Island of Sodor to ask the inhabitants, be they people or vehicle, what has happened after the party at Knapford St...
  • ttte
  • thomas
  • series
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wrong number by dericaanthony
wrong numberby d'erica
"who are you?"
  • wrongnumber
  • fanfiction
  • texting
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Euphoria: Love Yourself Series by Kat21star
Euphoria: Love Yourself Seriesby BTS X EXO X GOT7
What if life was hard to accept? Best friends since young but somehow got separated. Far apart yet they still find a way to each other. In this story, you will look at...
  • highlightreel
  • comeback
  • euphoria
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Doctor Who Fan Series | Series 2 - Episode 03: Nightmare by JoshHill6
Doctor Who Fan Series | Series Josh Hill
As the Doctor gets taken into the world of the nightmare, he once again runs into his darker self. But in Nightmare's domain, is it possible to win? As the clock ticks...
  • series
  • doctor
  • fan
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Warriors:Our Reality  by violet_moon17
Warriors:Our Reality by violet_moon17
Four girls,a magical world,and prophecies The four girls, friends since the beginning of their school year nearing the summer.Being lead to a whole new world. They will...
  • ownstory
  • series
  • warriors
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Doctor Who Fan Series | Series 2 Episode 05: The Spectres of Merryworth Village by JoshHill6
Doctor Who Fan Series | Series 2 Josh Hill
Thrown into the English countryside of an alternate reality in WWII, the Doctor & Katie soon realise the dimensional tear that brought them there is also letting in othe...
  • productions
  • doctor
  • series
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Tails Of Flurries- Before The Storm Script by Marshmallow_Kittenz
Tails Of Flurries- Before The Starry Painter
For any and all the voice actors that come together for this project! The first casting call will be out around October-Novemberish time! These character are only listed...
  • icepaw
  • lunapaw
  • erinhunter
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Dragon falls: un verano de pokemons by josejo29
Dragon falls: un verano de pokemonsby josejo29
son las series de Graviti falls,dragon boll y pokemon
  • series
The Rise of The Walking Dead | Hetalia/ TWD crossover by JEN4216
The Rise of The Walking Dead | JEN4
At a world meeting, everyone soon realizes something's wrong in Denmark (And everywhere else for that matter) Several of the countries decide to travel to the lower 48 t...
  • tv
  • canada
  • apocalypse
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The Hammington Journey #1 by awxdxn
The Hammington Journey #1by hïm n hèr
Jacob Hammington, determined in following his dad's footsteps and glory in the name of the Hammington's family, faces challenges and obstacles along the way. Will he mak...
  • highschool
  • footballfanfiction
  • englishfootball
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Lesbian Short Story series  by Party0pooper0panda
Lesbian Short Story series by Party0pooper0panda
Okay so, this book is going to be full of Girl x Girl/Lesbian stoires. I'll accept prompts and requests and I'll try to update regularly. I hope you guys enjoy and I acc...
  • lesbian
  • series
  • pridemonth
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Star Mist Academy[On Going] by ella_devega1234
Star Mist Academy[On Going]by Ella_Devega1234
You are worthy exactly as you are♡💛-Griffin Talaga lang ahh?!-Ako😂😂😂😂
  • powers
  • school
  • tiffany
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