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Wistful // niall horan  by nialluur
Wistful // niall horan by daniela
Exactly what Niall Horan and Noelle Ellis felt. © nialluur 2019 Final Book of BWN Series
  • niall
  • niallhoran
  • nialluur
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My best destination. by anniecclb
My best Anna
Demet Özdemir was full of jobs that didn't convince her,until she got a really good offer that wouldn't take too long to say yes. Called by the context of the project an...
  • bird
  • history
  • demetözdemir
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Daughter of The Duke - The Daughter Series by Patricia_Jesica
Daughter of The Duke - The Patricia_Jesica
Cerita ini sudah dipblikasikan di akun HAI 2017 dan sempat menduduki posisi #18 kategori historical fiction (24 July 2017) Emily Waterborne, putri bungsu Duke of Holbroo...
  • dewasa
  • duke
  • playboy
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ျပည္ပန္းညိဳ ခ်ိဳပါလ်က္။  by Ficdecorate
ျပည္ပန္းညိဳ ခ်ိဳပါလ်က္။ by Ko Ko Lay (Philo)
အခ်စ္ေရွ႕မွာ ခံေနတာ မာနဆိုတာကို နားမလည္တဲ့ သူေ႒းသား တစ္ေယာက္။ ငယ္ငယ္ထဲက ငယ္ႏိုင္ဘဝနဲ႕ ေနခဲ့ ေပမယ့္ အခ်စ္ကို ႏိုင္စားလာတဲ့အခါ မခံစားႏိုင္ေအာင္ ျဖစ္ရတဲ့ လူငယ္တစ္ေယာက္။ သူတ...
  • myanmar
  • lấy
  • series
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The Clinic//Otis Milburn/Asa Butterfield by ToastofOcean
The Clinic//Otis Milburn/Asa ToastofOcean
Esme is new to the Moordale school. she quickly becomes close friends with Otis, Maeve and Eric. Maeve and Esme noticed how well Otis gives advice to others so they deci...
  • clinic
  • fanfiction
  • esme
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Search the Universe |Book 2| by Sugakookie99
Search the Universe |Book 2|by SugaKookieInABox
Taehyung has left the country to find himself and grow as a person, hoping to give Jungkook that same opportunity. It was intention to come back in a years time to pick...
  • namjin
  • taekook
  • taehyung
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[NielWink] Eros - Agape by NielWink_VN
[NielWink] Eros - Agapeby AlwaysNielWink
[Eros-Agape Series] #NielWink Author: AlwaysNielWink Rating: Trải dài từ trẻ em biết đọc chữ đến người già không nhìn rõ mặt chữ. #AlwaysNielWink
  • series
  • nielwink
  • alwaysnielwink
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The Wings  by Ficdecorate
The Wings by Ko Ko Lay (Philo)
လူထူးဆန္းေလးတစ္ေယာက္နဲ႕ ေက်ာင္းသားေလး တစ္ေယာက္ရဲ႕ ႐ိုမန္႕တစ္ဆန္ေသာ အခ်စ္ဇာတ္လမ္းေလး။
  • series
  • romance
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Baby Tee the Series by ARIE78 by parkehlaica
Baby Tee the Series by ARIE78by Arie78
They are the new famous group boyband in Thailand. They are SBFIVE. But what will they do when Tee suddenly became 4 1/2 years old. What will happen to SBFIVE? Who is g...
  • copter
  • sbfive
  • series
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Timid Heart (Eligible Heiress #3) by lavernadette
Timid Heart (Eligible Heiress #3)by lavernadette
Eligible Heiress Series Book 3 Even the strongest of saints have their days. Can their timid hearts overcome troubling times? This story is written in Taglish. (Tagalog...
  • heiress
  • heart
  • lavernadette
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The Recollections of Maisey Rhoe : Poetry and Prose by kalifaLavey
The Recollections of Maisey Rhoe Mylady
This is for you Samuel. (unedited)
  • fictional
  • hopelessromantic
  • heartbreak
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¡Memes de todo tipo! by Vee2019
¡Memes de todo tipo!by My Fuli World
Aqui encontraras memes de todo tipo: Series, peliculas, caricaturas, etc. De todo
  • caricatura
  • series
  • memes
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Hidden Secrets ● Book 1 by Midxy_UniverseGod
Hidden Secrets ● Book 1by Adrienne Lei Cruz
Ran Evans and Ella Miller has been best friends since first year high school, Ella has known Ran for years but Ran has kept secrets without Ella knowing. Now Ella unfold...
  • lovestory
  • secretsrevealed
  • familysecrets
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Dreams To Nightmares... (NOT COMPLETED) (ONLY 7 PARTS OUT) by montanamalinn
Dreams To Nightmares... (NOT montanamalinn
It starts of normal, but gets more unusual by the second... For Imogen's 17th birthday, her and her friends go an what they think is an exciting trip. Little do they kn...
  • mysterious
  • creepy
  • series
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Cooper's Demon by neonfalcon15
Cooper's Demonby Kai Kingston
This is book one of four books to yet to come Andrew Cooper has just turned 18 and meets his demon Mortem and learns he's very needed in a world that is very new to him...
  • demons
  • fantasy
  • series
Reply 1995 • 5th Project: ANTIMATIÈRE by reply1995
Reply 1995 • 5th Project: Ổ Rơm Chín Lăm
Và xin đừng quên, một khi cuộc săn đã bắt đầu, Thợ Săn sẽ không cho bạn đường lui...
  • kimtaehyung
  • parkjimin
  • series
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MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE ━━ ❛ the illusionist, that's kind of an obvious name, isn't it? ❜ ❛ yeah and this is coming from...
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
  • romance
  • vigilanteseries
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Forced: Abused By A Vampire Master! (Book Two/Erotic/SAMPLE) by VampireWhore
Forced: Abused By A Vampire VampireWhore
There was no hope for mercy in the Poe household, and Rose's new master Christopher is going to do everything he can to make her life hell. His hate for humans is so gre...
  • vampire
  • erotic
  • forced
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Amboi by Andipandi22
Amboiby Andi
[Complete] I am human. I just live several lives. One thing stays the same. My name, Amanda. Now on my second life with a new husband and new child in a new state with a...
  • complete
  • wattys
  • romance
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Risk by red-romanoff84
Riskby red-romanoff84
Natasha Romanoff is 24 and studying at college after years of travelling with her family. James Barnes is 33 and is a professor at her college, living alone in Brooklyn...
  • marveloneshot
  • risk
  • aumarvel
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