Master, my Master [altermate happy ending] by JosslynWho
Master, my Master [altermate AlexandriaBo
In desperate need of a way to support his family, Eli goes for a position as a Noble's servant, a bratty 17 year old whose attitude is difficult for even his family to h...
  • love
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
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Tora: The Diamond Tiger Faunus (Volume 1) by AmaterasuNoMangaka
Tora: The Diamond Tiger Faunus ( AmaterasuNoMangaka
Tora is a 7-Year-Old Faunus but he is no ordinary faunus, he is one of the rarest faunus to ever exist: The Diamond Tiger Faunus. On a mission for Professor Ozpin, Team...
  • adventure
  • tiger
  • faunus
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The Gymnast's Husband by TunesOfHeart
The Gymnast's Husbandby Neha
"Now is not the time to nod your head to your family's wish to tie the knot but now is the time to change the rules, because grooms and brides are no longer fools...
  • love
  • indian
  • husband
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Hydrangeas - Dabi x Reader by cookieROCKS18
Hydrangeas - Dabi x Readerby Maekan Kouya
**This book is based off the Todoroki Theory** He never really liked the rain, but it would always remind him of her. He never really liked to express his feelings, but...
  • fanfiction
  • bnha
  • dabi
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Enouement -Gentian Path (Midoriya's Ending) by LadysDaze
Enouement -Gentian Path (Midoriya' LadysDaze
Gentian, a flower symbolizing hope and purity. And with your anxiety rising at the thought of this being the last chance you have to save the future, this the exact flow...
  • mha
  • series
  • izuku
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Riverdale | A love story (Archie Andrews)  by cherrycherry33
Riverdale | A love story (Archie Cheryl
This is a story about a girl, Mariposa Rios, who lives in the small town of Riverdale and goes about her daily life with the CW Riverdale characters. There's romance, d...
  • reggie
  • riverdale
  • veronica
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Behind The Scenes [Various! BTS X Reader] by Taejinism102
Behind The Scenes [Various! BTS TaeJin
"Even my blood, sweat and tears- Even my body, heart and soul- I know that it's all yours. " In which [L/N] [Y/N] becomes Bangtan's personal journalist; And th...
  • btsv
  • bts
  • parkjimin
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Wicked (Sweet Pea x Witch!Reader) by elizamariediamond
Wicked (Sweet Pea x Witch!Reader)by Eliza Marie
Love, pure unconditional love. That was all Sweet Pea felt for her. However, little did he know that she was keeping a big secret from him.
  • completed
  • magicau
  • love
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Eighteen years  by sunlitjinx
Eighteen years by sunlitjinx
Matt prepares for his life as his birthday is only two days away unimaginable pain ending with the name of his mate finally known to him. Problem is will they be safe to...
  • bxblove
  • werewolf
  • gayaf
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Eddsworld: The Crossover by Fallenangel560
Eddsworld: The Crossoverby YingYang
You're a fan of a series call Eddsworld. You've been watching it on Youtube for years. The creator has stop making episodes. What would happen if Edd, Matt, Tord and Tom...
  • edd
  • episodes
  • matt
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[ series ] M a r k x H a e c h a n by _quaii_
[ series ] M a r k x H a e c h a nby sed.
cho những ngày lười biếng.
  • nct
  • nctfanfic
  • series
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World Of Words by --EmotionLessPoeT--
World Of Wordsby Amelia Black
The books you will love The books you will hate The characters that make you laugh and cry All are here My thoughts on books I have read And also a few suggestions Few...
  • books
  • critique
  • suggestions
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Construct My Love (BFF Series #3) by JMiguela0806
Construct My Love (BFF Series #3)by JMiguela0806
Construct My love BFF (Basta Friends Forever)Series #3 Bago lang po ako sa wattpad, nangangapa pa. Mas active po kasi ang online pocket book FB Page ko (Tagalog Romanc...
  • dimakamoveon
  • lightandengagingstory
  • advancemagisip
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♡ NOAH CENTINEO GIFS by stylestest
  • cute
  • boy
  • crush
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Their Stories: Viktori Nikifororv by Yato_On_Ice
Their Stories: Viktori Nikifororvby Yato_On_Ice
Hello Guys! (Viktori is the guy on the front cover! I drew that) New Series so you guys can get to meet all my OCs better. All the first ever OF i created was Viktori he...
  • series
  • book1
  • yurionice
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Death Of Life by angelofdemons66
Death Of Lifeby kelcie
When Kasey's mom throws an extravagant Halloween party those who were not invited are bound to show up. With a party as huge as this it is hard to determine who are s...
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • wonder
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You Feel It Too || Daniel Seavey [OTB] by -labellamac
You Feel It Too || Daniel Seavey [ bella 🌖
It's not just me, no, you feel it too ONLY THE BEGINNING SERIES
  • danielseavey
  • actress
  • wdw
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Seth Luxamos and The First Elements (A Document of Magical Exploits) by Luxamos
Seth Luxamos and The First
107 reads in 13 days WOW!! Never thought I'd get readers this quick! "I will never embrace the darkness." Seth Luxamos is an orphan boy who is bullied by the o...
  • elements
  • firstperson
  • comingofage
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 Nikki's Graphic Covers and Other by RivalCrushAngel
Nikki's Graphic Covers and Otherby ~*Awkward Lil Bean*~
They all have to go somewhere, right?
  • series
  • multifandom
  • drama
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DDLG GIF SERIES by xxdrunkenkissesxx
A Caregiver/ Little Series ❝Will you love me forever daddy?❞ ❝For eternity princess.❞ NOW ACCEPTING REQUESTS✔️
  • stories
  • submissive
  • short
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