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BEAUTIFUL LIAR [ANDER MUÑOZ] by loveisweakness7
BEAUTIFUL LIAR. "You were my cup of tea. But I drink champagne now." NETFLIX'S ELITE | SEASON 1 [oc x Ander Muñoz] loveisweakness7
Hidden Tracks | ✓ by penchantress_
Hidden Tracks | ✓by r (taylor's version)
The Transatlantic Intelligence Agency (TIA) is a renowned intelligence outfit with its headquarters in Zürich. It recruits youths from the streets of Europe and the US t...
One Awkward Year! by WhoAmI99
One Awkward Year!by WhoAmI99
If you were gonna tell me that I talked back to the principal infront of the whole school, I would have scoffed. If you were gonna tell me that I had to raise $50, 000 w...
It Began With A Breakup by Sarcastic_in_love
It Began With A Breakupby cheekywriter23
Meet Hermosa Cruz She is the only daughter of the multi Billionaire Ricardo Cruz and she is also the twin sister of Mateo Cruz. Did I mention she has 4 other brothers? T...
Chasing Eleanor by SarcasticQueenBakers
Chasing Eleanorby #DilesForever
Blake Parker was whom you call popular. Eleanor Smith was whom you call a loner. He was cocky, she was smart with her words. He had too many tattoos, she had not even a...
Older Brothers one-shot by -FightingAddiction-
Older Brothers one-shotby Angie the Cloud
This is just a FanFiction one-shots book of the AMAZING and WONDERFUL wattpad story that is called Older Brothers by cinziax18. You can't read if you have read the story...
Chasing Stars Of Ecstasy by x_fatimach_x
Chasing Stars Of Ecstasyby 🕊Fatima || فاطِمة🕊
Heaven Moore, the name everyone at West Bay High is disgusted by. She is the so called nerd. Hasn't made a sin in her life. Talks politely and is the perfect teenager. S...
Love At First Bite (#wattys2017) by RomanceAndLittleMore
Love At First Bite (#wattys2017)by Aboli
Two strangers. One passion. One accidental swap. As we have heard about love at first sight, can it happen with first bite?
Mission: Seek 4 Mr. Dream Boy by RianGail14
Mission: Seek 4 Mr. Dream Boyby T I T A N I A
An eighteen year old girl named Claire Garcia is a very elegant, smart and adored by all people. Many guys lined up for her wanting Claire to be their girlfriend but she...
The Alpha *English Version* by JustTheQueenBitch
The Alpha *English Version*by Molly
#1 ON WEREWOLVES "Mom, dad, she's my friend Leanne" Kyleigh introduced me. "Hell..." "Mine" I was interrupted by a boy with brown hair...
My Soulmate by Nayeli_Ocho04
My Soulmateby Nayeli_Bailando
Meet Amara Davis: She's 17 and a Senior at Lockmenrow High School. She's smart, shy, compassionate, funny, caring, empathetic, and very brave, but not social. Her two be...
Moondust (majorly editing the f out!) by Stydia1996
Moondust (majorly editing the f Lana Del Rey
It's really upsetting how your normal life turns into a complete chaos. One minute I was sitting in the safety of my room and the next I was in a maze of troublesome wor...
Alpha's Stubborn Mate by the_little_poison
Alpha's Stubborn Mateby LittleCat
Eda Rayner, a 23 years old girl was extremely beautiful and talented. She lived in Rochester. She loved travelling, reading and writing, she was a big fan of stories sin...
Jerks of Springville High by edenwithane
Jerks of Springville Highby E. Ferrara
Everyone's a jerk wether you like it or not. Some were born jerks while others may have turned into jerks. Like that one girl who used to be the sweetest angel you could...
Arban by LeHumanWrites
Arbanby LeHumanWrites
"Why are you so intent on getting him to find you when you know what he can do?" She asks, watching his face distort into a guise of pure pique and resentment...
Janelle's birthday party by Itsandrewlol
Janelle's birthday partyby Andrew Andy
Janelle's 19th bday is today and she is going to invite some celebrities. celebrities invited: -Nick bateman (model) -Amanda Cerny(model) -bill skarsgard(actor for penny...
The Wild Side by LaiaVeturiusOfSerra
The Wild Sideby Laia
Arabella Embers has always been known around school for her quiet and timid ways. The girl who blended in the background, as loud as a whisper, and as calm as the wind...