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His Muse [BL Romance] by aclfuentes
His Muse [BL Romance]by Gaucin
In the world of the future leaders of South Korea image is the most important. One wrong move and the image of your company, family, and yourself will be ruined in the s...
  • 5urprise
  • muse
  • bts
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Dead Roses [s.k.j] by astrocerus-
Dead Roses [s.k.j]by moon•bin (●♡∀♡)
In which he falls for her first in the public bus. ♡ Seo Kang Joon x reader ♡ based on a true story/some scenes are made up angst. just a warning. no smut. fluff only...
  • seokangjoonxreader
  • seokangjoon
  • seokangjun
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[NEW NEIGHBOR]  BLACKPINK x Femreader by BLINK031809
"she really is something" Jennie said to her self "stop Jennie you have a boyfriend" Jennie's thought "cute" Lisa said while remembering Y...
  • xreader
  • jennie
  • irene
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Perfect Strangers (BL) by SilversEtheriumXenon
Perfect Strangers (BL)by Silvers Etherium Xenon Choi
Soo Hyun is a workaholic CEO while Eunwoo is a famous idol. Both are at their limit of stress and decides to go on a vacation, or rather was asked to have a vacation...
  • seokangjoon
  • eunwoo
  • soohyun
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Flawless [s.k.j] by astrocerus-
Flawless [s.k.j]by moon•bin (●♡∀♡)
You stared at him, eyes widening. "So, Y/N, you want to?" He grinned, eyes glistening. "W-want to?" "Want to sleep with me?" 。・゚・・゚・。 A...
  • koreanactor
  • sensation
  • jealousy
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Back To Korea [ Kim Taehyung ] by nama5423
Back To Korea [ Kim Taehyung ]by Nancy PJ
Segunda Temporada de Daughter Of The Mobster. Tras la supuestamente muerte de la familia Min, nadie conoce su paradero y eso no excluye a su primogénito Min Yoongi. Oh e...
  • bts
  • taehyung
  • kimtaehyung
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- The Great Seducer by luvinirene
- The Great Seducerby KACHOWWW
- Tempted - - The great seducer -
  • kpop
  • tempted
  • drama
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SCARS/LOVE ✔by Amirag
It is a story about a girl . who don't have any hope to survive and to get out from the hell , created by her own brother... but one day she was sold as a prize of win...
  • iubire
  • pain
  • choitaejoon
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Using the Mafia Prince by ChezcieeeLoves_____
Using the Mafia Princeby Loriana Franchezca
Isang babaeng kagaya ko, na mayroong perpektong buhay. Noon. Pero simula ng dumating sa buhay ko ang babaeng nanira nito, unti unti naring nawala ang dating masaya at pe...
  • usingthemafiaprince
  • eisthonclark
  • seokangjoon
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HIS ROYAL PAIN | by Memorizedsightings
HIS ROYAL PAIN |by ʀ. ʜ.
over тнe мoon, danιela/danι waѕ тo ғιnd oυт тнaт ѕнe wιll вe worĸιng ιn тнe caѕтle. a place wнere anyone woυld love тo worĸ ιn ѕeoυl dυe тo нow nιce тнe ĸιng ιѕ тo нιѕ e...
  • seokangjoon
  • drama
  • bwkm
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Where my mum? by Jslinewny
Where my mum?by Jslinewny
Ethan selalu mengatakan jika ia membenci ibunya pada semua orang termasuk kakaknya sendiri tapi di hati kecilnya ia juga berharap suatu saat nanti dapat bertemu dan meli...
  • seokangjoon
  • jinyoung
  • mama
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Hate to love || Miss & Mr Seo ❤ by kpopofkoreandrama
Hate to love || Miss & Mr Seo ❤by sndyplus
Seojinhee merupakan seorang yeoja yang beperwatakan matang , mudah sentap , independent , not friendly and also not interesting with love .. Dea menyatakan bahawa cint...
  • hatetolove
  • kangdaniel
  • seokangjoon
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Destiny by iyoungpark
Destinyby Qyy_Aurora
" I made a mistake that take away you far from me,did i get a second chance to be with u again"-Mark "My heart got hurt from two people that i think can...
  • songjihyo
  • seokangjoon
  • marktuan
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Vengeful Love by GALAXXXXY_FORU
Vengeful Loveby GALAXXXXY_FORU
REVENGE. Revenge was all he wanted. To take everything and to destroy the Wang's most precious thing. Their precious daughter, Zara Wang. Zara Wang a girl who ha...
  • seokangjoon
  • hatred
  • loyalty
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REAL ✔ Park Jimin by pchyng
REAL ✔ Park Jiminby уєωσση (deactivated)
"Can you please go back to the way you really are?" Park Jimin's fanfiction! It's back once again guys! Sorry for the delay, please enjoy reading and don't be...
  • jimin
  • bighit
  • love
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[COMPLETED] Best of Me | Kim Jisoo X Male Reader--Blackpink fanfic by jendeukieka
[COMPLETED] Best of Me | Kim .a.d.a.m
[COMPLETED] Trust me Jisoo ssi... You got the best of me.. *wink*
  • vampireromance
  • got7
  • marktuan
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Fate (God's Great Plan) by shinshinn00
Fate (God's Great Plan)by shin
{Writing/Editing} ----------- Fate is just one of God's games . Or is it actually a plan ?
  • fate
  • seokangjoon
  • hoteldelluna
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uhuh so you are the polite version of a badboy ? by SousouSquad
uhuh so you are the polite SousouSquad
'' what i'm doing here? '' i just asked he looked at me, or more correctly glared at me '' isn't it more polite to introduce yourself first ? '' ''because kidnap...
  • college
  • seokangjoon
  • fun
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Milion Won by meedmeadow
Milion Wonby Meadow
Kiedy pewnego deszczowego dnia Kang Sooyeon robi zdjęcie przypadkowemu chłopakowi, żadne z nich nie spodziewa się konsekwencji, jakie to za sobą poniesie. Pochodząca z z...
  • romans
  • exo
  • yeri
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Words of the Heart 마음의 말 (English) by RoJoonKang07
Words of the Heart 마음의 말 (English)by Ro Joon Kang
Drex Carter Falcon is a straight guy from the Philippines. He is smart, brave, and charming. After graduating in Senior High School, he realized that schooling is a no l...
  • bisexual
  • leeseunghwan
  • romance
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