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Our Unexpected Love (BTS Taehyung Fanfiction) by KimNamWoohieJonginie
Our Unexpected Love (BTS tiffa
-Second Fanfiction, Hope you guys will support this fanfiction!- A story about Kim Taehyung. One of the school bad boy. Read more to know (no spoilers)
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Goodbye Chapter 1 [✔] by leeryu6
Goodbye Chapter 1 [✔]by leeryu6
love \ˈləv\ (noun): a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. it love a taboo for idols?
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The Kitten I Brought Up by hellolovelyautumn
The Kitten I Brought Upby hellolovelyautumn
Wonwoo had always been a target for bullying. Despite his towering height, he was a simple bespectacled high school boy who was sure to have a book in hand all the time...
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I'm Fox Lady by InfLyz_izzati
I'm Fox Ladyby InfLyz_izzati
This is story about Seo Ji Soo (Lovelyz) & Lee Sung Yeol (Infinite) It's not easy to falling in love with human because we're different. Cover Credit : leesrenee @ Miiko...
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cassette: banglyz au même mixtape by haniming25
cassette: banglyz au même mixtapeby haniming25
a playlist of banglyz fanfiction materials and ideas. . . "hey, it's han! welcome to the first side of banglyz au même mixtape. whatever device you're hearing this...
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Banglyz Group Chat by luvhyoyeon
Banglyz Group Chatby MimiLove
yeinnie coconut looking head ass cardoorguy is that how we greet people now? yeinnie yes, yes it is jungcook you need to stay off the internet yeinnie who says I got t...
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PBS #2: Butterfly by Shxmxn
PBS #2: Butterflyby 시
[BangLyz Series / Stand Alone Book] Pistanthrophobia (n) Fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationship gone bad +"I lost my wing." She onc...
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Am I liking you? by appletaste94
Am I liking you?by jeongin lover
falling in love on first sight is normal...but what with that attitude some time rude sometime sweet....this story have same story but with different perception from eac...
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💫Masterpiece 🌙 Sugae / Yoonae / Banglyz💫 by Yoonakimlover29
💫Masterpiece 🌙 Sugae / Drama Llama
Story Title: Masterpiece Pairing: Jiae × Yoongi Jiae is a well-known artist for her incredible paintings and drawings with dark meanings behind it. Jiae used to draw col...
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Loving You by seokai2814
Loving Youby Seokai2814 Exoshidae
I've been loving you since forever.
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1994 by jisooseyo
1994by kookiecreams
from kim namjoon, too seo jisoo 1994, 2018 by jisooseyo
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Youth // bts ft. lovelyz by mellifluoust
Youth // bts ft. lovelyzby cha.
Hanya sebuah kisah tentang sekumpulan remaja yang sedang berkuliah di Bandung. Canda dan tawa bahkan duka, semua ada dan akan mereka lewati bersama. + fanfcition versi l...
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UNREAL [Malay Fanfic] by AmirulAshraff96
UNREAL [Malay Fanfic]by Mirul
Selepas kematian Nenda Sunmi tercinta, Hanna dan Jisoo B serta sepupu mereka, Somin dan Jisoo L perlu menetap di kabin kayu Nenda Sunmi mereka selama 3 hari. Mereka perl...
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Cinta Amnesia (remake) || Mark  by bee_hwaney
Cinta Amnesia (remake) || Mark by ɑ ı r ɑ
•|| M A L A Y F A N F I C T I O N ||• " I will make you mine. " - Mark Tuan Lee Mijoo - " But I don't remember you? " [...
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Silly Marriage (Mark and Mijoo Ver.) [REWRITE] by ElizabethWilkinsonWL
Silly Marriage (Mark and Mijoo Riena Sofia Agustin
Hubungan Lee Mijoo dan Mark Tuan adalah musuh dan rival di kelasnya. Layaknya tikus dan kucing, mereka selalu bertengkar walau hanya karena masalah yang terbilang sepele...
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Let Me Protect You (Their Story #1) by Christhina_92
Let Me Protect You (Their Story #1)by zyie_azyie
Their Story series Seo Jisoo,a member of popular girl group from South Korea. She has a painful past yet she dont want to let go Yoon Si Yoon,a popular actor,in journey...
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BIRTH DATE by richinspirite
BIRTH DATEby 라헬 우규
Lovelyz Jisoo and Golden Child Daeyeol fic
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Manifested by kpoplovelinus
Manifestedby kpoplovelinus
At the age of 16, Jisoo and everyone else in her grade will manifest, or they will have a role or career chosen for them to work in their community. However, when Jisoo'...
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something and more (sorry) by haniming25
something and more (sorry)by haniming25
'in memories that i'm not included, why everything is getting clearer again?' the rose - sorry why are lost dreamers are both beautifully admirable and realistically sa...
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