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atrophy in motion (the slowing down of necessary moving parts) by ingeniousmacabre
atrophy in motion (the slowing Kyle Herrera
If Connor could flinch at the statistic, he would. Instead, his data encoding program flickers, a kind of protest against the error presented by his internal diagnostic...
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The Return of the Cybernaut Princess by LizzieNewell
The Return of the Cybernaut Lizzie Newell
A long-lost princess, a mariner, and a sentient ship battle intergalactic intrigue in a quest for love, identity, and to save their planet from a deadly cyber-virus. Th...
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Reincarnated in a World of Magic by EmoFantasyWolfGirl
Reincarnated in a World of Magicby EmoFantasyWolfGirl
When a demon invaded Earth and killed many, they were all reincarnated into a fantasy-based world as simple plants. Follow the main five characters in this try and survi...
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LIFE by Soapbarrr
LIFEby Josh Andrews
Creating life was easy. Nurturing and caring for that life was the real scientific challenge. When Arthur Mason gives one of his many machines a chance at being sentient...
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And Now Abideth by OlegRoschin
And Now Abidethby Oleg Roschin
In the future, an entire sentient species on Earth is experiencing a process called "reversion".
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The Enlightenment of Sinewave Londinium by SinewaveSanctuary
The Enlightenment of Sinewave Sinewave
This is an expansion of the backstory of my steampunk automaton OC, Sinewave Londinium. This story tells of the existential journey of Sinewave Londinium, an automaton...
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Sentience and Haikus  by keira_6002
Sentience and Haikus by Keira M.
NOUN : sentience- a sentient quality or state; feeling or sensation distinguished from perception and thought This is a collection of my Haikus. This is my story, life...
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Sentient Love by user62786564
Sentient Loveby ajirnanashak
Love becomes sentient to save a life.
The New Criminal Element (Excerpt) by NicoleJLeBoeuf
The New Criminal Element (Excerpt)by Nicole J. LeBoeuf
There goes the neighborhood...
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Genesis by OlegRoschin
Genesisby Oleg Roschin
The tragic events of the year 2121 cause an inexplicable mutation in two representatives of a common Earth species.
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Rewritten Ending To That One US Cellular Commercial by WordsForTheGalaxy
Rewritten Ending To That One US WordsForTheGalaxy
The one with Janet and Little Janet that makes me want to rip my eyes out every time I see it. The ventriloquist one. I had to rewrite the ending to it because I actuall...
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Sentience: A Collection of Sci-Fi Short Stories by emmett_biffle
Sentience: A Collection of Emmett Biffle
An android created for just one purpose locked in a room where he cannot complete it. A human of such low genetic standing that his citizenship is called into question...
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Thoughts by Shadowdragon001
Thoughtsby Shadowdragon001
What do A.I think about? Do they think like humans?
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The Evolution of The Silenced by Shylo-X-Origination
The Evolution of The Silencedby Shylo X Origination
Does it ever seem like the wind is whispering to you, as it flows through all that is? Those who have learnt some of the true ways of the world may know the truth on tha...
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Were-Chair: A Sentient, Werewolf Chair by krobin47
Were-Chair: A Sentient, Werewolf Kim Robinson
"I am a chair. The very fact that I'm aware of that means that I'm no ordinary chair, at least not anymore." We're all familiar with tales of werewolves--that...
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Chapter Unknown_ by DanielMozarowski
Chapter Unknown_by Daniel Mozarowski
Love it. Chapter Unknown: a tale of Rocky, a pet rock who becomes sentient that takes place in the internet, where I am from. Can't wait to read this!
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Mechanical love by rayray330012345
Mechanical loveby Rayray3300
Summer vacation has just started, and 17-year old Miele is more bored than ever. Well, at least until she finds a super-cool laboratory looking for high school interns...
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Non-player-character by hayesnick57
Non-player-characterby TheWhisperingCallsYourName
I'm only preforming these behaviors because of my coding. it's what the creators wanted. Their 'work' is working. I'm only doing as I am told. Call me what you will; but...
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