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Lloyd Garmadon x reader  by LunaONeil
Lloyd Garmadon x reader by LunaONeil
(Y/n) is the Master of Amber same element as Skylor. (Y/n) Skylor's little sister and the daughter of Master Chen only (Y/n) doesn't know about her father's evil plan o...
  • wattys2019
  • lloydgarmadon
  • kaismith
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Ninjago Roleplay by xXAngel_EvilLloydXx
Ninjago Roleplayby ❤️~The To-Be-Wedded Couples~❤️
<•[BOOK HAD BEEN REMAKED]•> ~~~~~ There was a land created by the First Spinjitzu Master. A land called Ninjago. A place where humans, animals and creatures of all...
  • misako
  • lloydmontgomerygarmadon
  • jaywalker
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Winds of the Past  by Eris345
Winds of the Past by Fiona_Fox_Afton
I was inspired by Dissmisery and her Ninjago AU "Vengeance," okay?! XD Many years ago, Wu Garmadon had taken a young boy named Morro in and trained him as his...
  • morro
  • senseigarmadon
  • ốc
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Ninjago Shipping Roleplay by xXAngel_EvilLloydXx
Ninjago Shipping Roleplayby ❤️~The To-Be-Wedded Couples~❤️
<•[BOOK HAD BEEN REMAKED]•> ~~~~~ "I can't stop thinking about you. I feel so light-headed whenever I see you. I will always blush, feel butterflies in my sto...
  • ships
  • zanejulien
  • colebrookstone
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Ninjago: The Twins of Amber by gloria_ninjago_girl
Ninjago: The Twins of Amberby Xx_gloria_xX
when kai and the others go to a mysterious tornament of elements to get their missing brother zane back kai can't help but feel like the place is familiar. why does kai...
  • chen
  • skylor
  • greenflame
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Lego Ninjago X Reader  by Silver_ninja_1578
Lego Ninjago X Reader by Silver_ninja_1578
Hello my name is Jordana and uh... I can try and write Lemons and One-shots? Idk but please give me requests. Thanks?
  • senseiwu
  • kaismith
  • lloydgarmadon
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Fetish For Your Love || Kai x Reader by Little_Ninja-Nerds
Fetish For Your Love || Kai x Ninja-Nerd
Fetish ~ a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. "You got me...
  • ninjagoseason3
  • colebrookstone
  • ninjagoxreader
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The Titanium Ninja by NinjaMelissa
The Titanium Ninjaby NinjaMelissaJulien
After the destruction of the Overlord and the loss of Zane, the remaining Ninja must learn how to deal with their grief. A deeper look into the grieving process of the N...
  • cole
  • jay
  • tournamentofelements
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[DISCONTINUED] The Master of Elemental Emotions (Lloyd x Reader) by Death_Dule
[DISCONTINUED] The Master of Death_Dule
Y/N is Cole's little sister, Cole was a year older than you, but what if you visit him for the rest of the year... you have a secret... which is... when you sing or feel...
  • senseigarmadon
  • zane
  • senseiwu
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Ninjago Stuffs by merpy-merms
Ninjago Stuffsby mermy
Welcome to the story! This book used to hold Ninjago Skits, but now it holds Random stuff that revolves around Ninjago ?
  • random
  • shawn
  • zane
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The Broken Ninja~Lavashipping by Kai_Fire_Master_
The Broken Ninja~Lavashippingby Kai Flamey
Kai suffers through depression without really realizing, Cole tries to help but Kai is too stubborn to ask for help, that is, until his evil ex boyfriend returns, what h...
  • nya
  • sad
  • good
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Ninjago- Das Geheimnis by lisa291103
Ninjago- Das Geheimnisby Lisa-chan
Endlich komme ich weg von hier, eine neue Schule, nie wieder wird so etwas schreckliches passieren...hoffe ich jedenfalls. Hoffentlich verzeiht meine Schwester mir....ic...
  • jay
  • lucy
  • cole
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Ninjago Meme Book by RLKing27
Ninjago Meme Bookby RLKing27
Title; all my Ninjago memes from Pinterest are coming to visit! XD
  • senseiwu
  • jay
  • meme
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Don't mess with the popstar (Ninjago x Reader) by Death_Dule
Don't mess with the popstar ( Death_Dule
You are a famous singer all around the world, and today you are performing in Ninjago city and you will be staying there for 1 year, and what happens when you live with...
  • zane
  • cole
  • fantasy
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Elemental High - Elementals Rising by Archer8408
Elemental High - Elementals Risingby Archer
A prophecy states that Elementals will rise again. All the Elementals turned out to be students from Ninjago High. The New Elementals have to learn to control their new...
  • griffinturner
  • senseigarmadon
  • jaywalker
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Evil Lloyd Garmadon  by JoyGarmadon20
Evil Lloyd Garmadon by Destanie Rothchild
This story is about Lloyd and the ninja (Including Joy). One day Lloyd is possessed and something bad happens to him. No spoilers!!!
  • lloydgarmadon
  • overloadreturn
  • joygarmadon
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Ninjago RolePlay by BriLovesNinjago--001
Ninjago RolePlayby Brianne
Yay!! I'm so excited!!!! Cover by da fabulous @aarmaushippingisreal and I'll be using her OC eevee! Don't worry I have her permission we're friends in real life! You can...
  • senseigarmadon
  • kai
  • jay
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One World, Two Stories by xXAngel_EvilLloydXx
One World, Two Storiesby ❤️~The To-Be-Wedded Couples~❤️
Two Worlds. One Place. Two Different Stories. One Characters. Two Different People. With The Same Personality. A Reflections Between Two Collided Worlds. Will Show Their...
  • koko
  • lordgarmadon
  • senseiwu
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Ninjago: Ninja Rock (Completed) by TrencherXJatt
Ninjago: Ninja Rock (Completed)by MarianasR5
The six ninja we all know and love aren't just ninja! They're Rock Stars as well! Read on to find out more about their live as rock stars, learning airitzu and relations...
  • misako
  • jaya
  • cole
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The Elemental Tournament (Ninjago Fan-Fic) ~DISCONTINUED~ by Archer8408
The Elemental Tournament ( Archer
Join the 7 remaining Ninja on Tournament Island with an attempt to win Zane back. Kai, Cole, Jay, Lloyd, My OCs Alyssa, Blake, and Galaxycookie421's OC Lily Garmadon. Jo...
  • camille
  • ninjago
  • tox
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