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Flash Fiction And Short Stories by WilmaSelenati
Flash Fiction And Short Storiesby Wilma Selenati
1. "PARADISE LOST" Sensing the world around her in all its colours and sounds, this had not been her first trip to paradise. But it would certainly be her last...
  • flashfiction
  • technology
  • utopia
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Late Night Poetry by highlywiredveins
Late Night Poetryby Raen Vera
Just a big compilation of my poetry
  • sad
  • deep
  • headspace
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In Another Time by ADOTDYD
In Another Timeby Eva Holt
Two young people who have lived close to each other since they were born, have never met, because they live a completely different life, and have no mutual friends. B...
  • destiny
  • love
  • hatelove
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Stolen Blade (Desc: Important Info) by JessiePlays17
Stolen Blade (Desc: Important Info)by Jessica owo
(!!!WARNING!!!) Small violent scenes MAY be included, not recomended for children under the ages of 10. (!!!IMPORTANT!!!) This story is a WIP. It is not expected to be...
  • swords
  • suspense
  • weapons
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Nacciso by davi2222x
Naccisoby Davide
Questa storia è una parodia del mito di "Narciso". Sarà una storia molto corta, ma con i soliti colpi di scena senza senso come tutti gli altri miei "bran...
  • mito
  • no
  • narciso
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A collection of bits and pieces by Jumbled_Letters
A collection of bits and piecesby Amartya
A collection of poems and pieces. From romance to nostalgia, to shivering thrill this book provides insight into so many perspective and sneaks through window into lives...
  • prose
  • poeticjustice
  • poetry
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Touch by loladdictedisalive
Touchby Emily B.
Violet, her biggest dream is just to be normal. With a sickness she had when she was a baby, she is blind. For most of her young ages, she thinks she has a real mother...
  • blind
  • touch
  • sense
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