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Dr. Stone Boyfriend Scenarios by West4203
Dr. Stone Boyfriend Scenariosby devious
Hello, welcome to this boyfriend scenario book. This will mostly be headcanons since I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Feel free to request things but they may not...
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Random! Ishigami Senkuu Book by Sky_Blue21
Random! Ishigami Senkuu Bookby Sky_Blue21
[Modern World Setting] Keys: 🍀 Oneshots 💎 Imagines/very short fics 💫 Fangirl Rants/struggles (Me in real life) 🚀 Discussions [I'm bad at writing stories in chapters...
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Petrification (Senku X Reader) by Chinchinchilla
Petrification (Senku X Reader)by Jayden
(L/N) (Y/N), a girl that rivaled the mind of Ishigami Senku, probably even excelling his intellect. Senku and (Y/N) constantly bickered and competed with their brainpowe...
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Dr.Stone (Reader x Senku) by leeaver
Dr.Stone (Reader x Senku)by leeaver
Senku had gone though every possible situation and decided with 1 billion percent certainty that today would be the best day to ask you out, not even a brilliant mind li...
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Heart of Stone (Senku x Reader) by runescapeRULZ
Heart of Stone (Senku x Reader)by runescapeRULZ
y/n and Senku have been friends since middle school. Helping him with his crazy experiments, and helping him excel in science. In this Stone world, you tend to help him...
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[Modern Age] - Senku x Reader by Cool_Dreams_10
[Modern Age] - Senku x Readerby AiikoChan
Modern Era - the belief that the world is created in the act of perceiving it; that is, the world is what we say it is. (Y/N) has always been a fastidious young girl t...
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Just Sengen Things by SenkusCola
Just Sengen Thingsby 𝘔𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘰𝘯՞.
Ayo! This is a picture book where I just dump a bunch of pictures about my favorite gay boys in the stone world Reminder: - Obviously credit to the artist/creators in th...
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Unprecedented SF Adventure - Dr. Stone Fanfiction by Keyouch
Unprecedented SF Adventure - Dr. H i b e r n a t i n g
un·prec·e·dent·ed /ˌənˈpresədən(t)əd/ adjective never done or known before. The stone apocalypse has petrified humanity, but the world still grows and turns. But this t...
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Dr. Stone & The Secret to Petrosulfide by drstonefan69
Dr. Stone & The Secret to Jake Stene
If you'd read the manga OR the spin-off manga... you'll be really into this. It covers everything from both and more. Taiju and Senkuu go on a mission in search of the s...
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Dr.Stone {I will survive} by CandyTheJester
Dr.Stone {I will survive}by CandyTheJester
A tale of two other people joining the boys. Two new survivors in the stone world. I'm making this because I haven't seen single Dr.Stone fanfic on this site so I'm the...
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Gifts From The Heart by toxxicsakura
Gifts From The Heartby 🌸☣Spirit☣🌸
Magma is bad at feelings, Senkuu is a little less worse.
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