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❥|| Seventeen's Baby || SVT FF || EDITING** by KimbapKiddiing
❥|| Seventeen's Baby || SVT FF || 爱
In which a girl becomes the only female in a group of 13 boys, as well as being the youngest. New experiences teach her many good lessons, one being that she found her h...
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Hetalia boyfriend scenario (not x reader) by SANDWICH123456789
Hetalia boyfriend scenario (not SANDWICH123456789
(might do reactions) as you should know I can't type and. I will be useing my own oc kinds of BUT none of the of were human.....well they were but their not anymore. the...
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reactions || bts {requests open} by bts_jungshook_
reactions || bts {requests open}by 🚕
bts and their reactions to certain situations... s090317 e--:--:-- requests: open- ✔️ closed- - ©bts_jungshook_ status: ongoing {random uploads because school}
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Oneshot Murder Scenes/Senarios by emmerroser
Oneshot Murder Scenes/Senariosby Platypus Fedora
oH nO Obviously a gore warning. Just something to get creative juices flowing for me. Is it bad that this is what makes me feel creative? Oh well. I may try to write to...
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creepypasta boyfriend senario by Hope_Rainbow_
creepypasta boyfriend senarioby Hope_Rainbow_
characters- jeff the killer laughing jack ticci toby Ben (more may be included later on)
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Guess the settings! by alexistully
Guess the settings!by Alexis Tully
Can you guess the setting before I reveal it to you?
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BTS text and senarios[] armywluv_ by armywluv_
BTS text and senarios[] armywluv_by army_onceu
BTS as your boyfriend, husband, crush, secret admirer, best friend, brother etc.
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A Not So Perfect Scenario  by FateemaJiddum
A Not So Perfect Scenario by Fatima Zahra
You know when they day something is the deficit definition of an oh so perfect scenario? Like kissing your boyfriend and forever crush while it's raining both of you d...
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There's a Knock on The Door by KyraFinner
There's a Knock on The Doorby Kyra Finner
There's a knock on the door, and it's name is death. Is the world ready for something like the fountain of youth? According to 17 year old Stella it's only a matter of t...
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Light Of Creativity  by WhatTheyDontKnow
Light Of Creativity by WhatTheyDontKnow
Don't you know that its insane
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Little Space Bits And Bobs by neondragonslayer
Little Space Bits And Bobsby Dr. Stale Memes
Ddlg (daddy dom little girl) scenarios and stories about a girl named Starr and her Dadda/daddy/papi Warning Ddlg in NO way is incest play Will have mature content Kinks
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DanPlan book UwU by NimeniXP
DanPlan book UwUby I Wanna Die
Yessss,I loooove danplan nowadays and I thought about making this book =))) Sooo,what is this book about??? anything related to the DanPlan channel,like: Oneshot: charac...
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Music's influence  by moonwriterss
Music's influence by moonwriterss
What would happen if music was banned? Kate is living in her simple city town with no trouble until rumours spread around the nation about people under the influence of...
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