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Nineteen Ninety Naive Nine by lollypop199915
Nineteen Ninety Naive Nineby Inredd
Musings of someone who has nothing but her thoughts to keep her company. What do you make of them? Each part or "chapter" are stand alone thoughts and have no...
Venting Space by Tiny_Skittles666
Venting Spaceby Tiny
i dont really expect anybody to see this, or at least read this. But if you do just know that this is were I vent and talk about random shit because I have no one to tal...
Bleak Chromatics  by FadingGenes
Bleak Chromatics by Assouda
A reality that is everyone's to share. Experiences we all go through but deal with in our own ways. Journeys we all embark on, to self-actualisation, independence, becom...
Lyrics & Poems Collection by frustratedwriter666
Lyrics & Poems Collectionby That DEVIL in your ROOM!
Words in my head. Symphony of my heart. Those heartbreaks and sleepless nights created this book with tears and angst. >>Read/Comment/Vote if you're really inter...
note to self by onymouslytakenbylife
note to selfby onymouslytakenbylife
not I found left on my phone. figured it should be seen.
Tagebuch  by Shadorra_
Tagebuch by Shadorra_
Persönliche & random Texte bzw Tagebuch Einträge oderso.
Save yourself. by BruisedxRoses
Save Grace
"Art without an audience is just self-therapy"
Serendipity by LittleBebe3
Serendipityby Namu._.
Serendipity is something i have yet to experience, but its the only thing keeping me going.
My Public Diary by xxsieraaa
My Public Diaryby Siera Lynn
I have always had to write out my feelings, because if I don't, I slowly start to feel like I am going criminally insane. My brain naturally goes a million miles a minut...
♡Self Love♡ by BambiLovesCake
♡Self Love♡by BambiLovesCake
This is just a book about little things. It's always good to be told that somebody loves you and to take care of yourself more. So, I'm just writing little reminders to...
I'm sorry. by BigJean
I'm Jean Jean
**Should you (the reader) identify any such content that is harmful, malicious, sensitive or unnecesary, I request that you contact me so I may rectify the problem. Fail...
how my life is going; by crisptredipation
how my life is going;by a :)
so basically this is my self-therapy journal that i'll be writing in to tell you guys about my day, you can read it if you want. you care more about my life than i do if...
A glance in the darkness by Min_Kristy
A glance in the darknessby Nyx
Hey! This is actually a collection of poems and I'm kinda new to this so please if you have any advice, I'd love to hear them. I am open to requests for poems
Out of the Closet by RandomFan1000
Out of the Closetby RandomFan1000
Joseph was the average kid with a giant secret. He had no idea how his family and everyone around him would react when they discovered the truth about Marvin, his new be...
Self-Therapy by InkedCare
Self-Therapyby InkedCarePro
This is a book written by the Ink Spillers for anyone who needs some advice and help on healthy ways to combat depression, anxiety, eating disorders and any other issue...