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Bxb paperbacks by letsgohomehidee
Bxb paperbacksby Hidee
A collection of all my published boy x boy/ man x man stories 🤗 all books are LGBTQA+
Air {Elements of Power 3} by makexbelieve
Air {Elements of Power 3}by Heather James
Air. I needed air. I was gasping, but my lungs refused to take any in. Jasmine's world is crumbling around her. Still reeling from the discovery of her parents' ident...
14 Days With You(SELF-PUBLISHED)  by riestical
14 Days With You(SELF-PUBLISHED) by Ries Wrights
14 days with a man she hates ever since her childhood years. Will she be able to survive with him for the sake of her Auntie's death wish? Fasten now your seat belt as...
Fairy Tale Fail by MinaVE
Fairy Tale Failby Mina V. Esguerra
Ellie Manuel is a hopeless romantic, stuck in a cubicle all day. She's in her twenties and should be having more fun. But instead of doing what she really wants, like tr...
A Hundred (Prototype) Poems by K_Hint
A Hundred (Prototype) Poemsby SomeRandoWriter
Poems? Ewww. Yeah, I thought that too before I was forced to write a history poem for school. I ended up loving it, so I encourage you to read at least one of the poems...
Book 1: Awakening (The VIth Element Series) by AdeleRoseAuthor
Book 1: Awakening (The VIth Adele Rose
'One person on their own may be able to save the world. But a team of friends, all working together, have a much greater chance of succeeding...providing that no-one suc...
Sheer Thoughts / Poetry by mariajosealmora
Sheer Thoughts / Poetryby mari
some tragic, some not. just transparent poetry
How I (Finally) Got Published by phenomenalpen
How I (Finally) Got Publishedby Mon D Rea
GOT QUESTIONS? I HAVE (SOME) ANSWERS. This is a non-fiction work that details my journey as an author, both on and off Wattpad. I hope this can help answer some of the...
What if i die now, would you keep me living in your thoughts and dreams? what if i vanish now, would u come for me? May we meet in our lives again, And may i see you hap...
An Unexpected Love [BATC SERIES #2] (SELF-PUBLISHED) by senyoraflores
An Unexpected Love [BATC SERIES Dia Flores
•SELF-PUBLISHED• •PUBLISHED UNDER ABS-CBN BOOKS NoInk• Battle Above The Clouds Series#2 Col. Vicente Enriquez. The comrade of Gen. Gregorio del Pilar who fought with him...
Self-publishing by DeclanConner
Self-publishingby Declan Conner
A short description of what it takes to self-publish with Amazon from my own experience. I'll be starting of this book with a short description of what it takes and ela...
Sold: The Vampire's Slave by GoldenInk
Sold: The Vampire's Slaveby M Inks
Rosella Mason, on her way home from a party one night, finds herself in mortal danger. Rosella finds herself captured by vampires. Suddenly, she's in the hands of the mo...
Icon of the Indecisive #3 of 3 (COMPLETE) by MinaVE
Icon of the Indecisive #3 of 3 ( Mina V. Esguerra
Book 3 of the Interim Goddess of Love trilogy: It's Hannah's turn to find romance! She deserves it, after serving as matchmaker and confidant (as interim Goddess of Love...
TENTANG GEE PUBLISHING by geepublishing02
Yuk, mengenal Gee lebih jauh. Siapa tahu aja setelah ini jadi jatuh cinta dan saling mencintai. Eaaak
Menerbitkan Naskah Bersama BIM by Bim_Publisher
Menerbitkan Naskah Bersama BIMby Big Infinity Media
-Bersedia menerbitkan Naskah-Naskah yang telah Selesai dalam bentuk cetak maupun E-Book. -Bersedia memberikan Royalti Yang berbeda dari Penerbit-Penerbit lainnya yaitu s...
Einzelkämpfer by HarryJMayfield
Einzelkämpferby Henry James Mayfield
Ich habe mich entschieden, meine Geschichten im Selfpublishing zu veröffentlichen. Dies hier soll meinen Weg dorthin beschreiben. Beeindruckendste Ränge: # 8 in Selfpubl...
A Challenge's Publishing Journey by BamBam707
A Challenge's Publishing Journeyby Shorty and Abby
A Challenge is a book I finished writing a couple of months back that's currently available on Wattpad in first draft form. To gain more publishing experience, try out o...
MOONTRAP:  A collection of English Poems by MisterAugust
MOONTRAP: A collection of Ashutosh Mishra
Mister August Presents MOONTRAP: A collection of English Poems [Highest Rank: 3] °I promise to be your kite if you promise to be my wind° 'The Night bewitched my...
Folkvangr by carlskrieg
Folkvangrby carlskrieg
A seemingly harmless weekend camp in a secluded forest; middle of nowhere, Greenland. While the group of debt riddled but mildly successful university graduates decide t...
The Collection by povsandfangirling
The Collectionby Tianna
"After three hundred and twelve years of service, even Death faced challenges." Selected by the committee over three hundred years ago, Ivy had been a leading...