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Alpha Xavier ✔️ by xXxWhitelipsxXx
Alpha Xavier ✔️by Emily Rose
(Book 1) Highest Tag Rankings: Self identity #1, July 11 2018. Werewolf Romance #7, September 26 2018 Female alpha #8, September 27 2018 Shewolf #26, July 18 2018. Rogu...
Internal (second draft) by pena-fajar
Internal (second draft)by M. Azmi Adhim
Obedience. Endurance. Perseverance. Three that help create empires, or dismantle them. Three that help build families, or split them. Three that help forge alliances, or...
Rewriting the Truth [5] by kittycatlover23
Rewriting the Truth [5]by Kittenlover23
SPOILERS AHEAD YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!! Love conquers all right? For Tessa that statement was never true, she had never felt love; her mother always taught her that it was...
When The Rain Stops by lharri30
When The Rain Stopsby lucas
[ A VERY Slow-Burn, Coming-of-Age LGBT+ Love Story ] Jackson Rivera hates summer for three good reasons - three months of social isolation at his family's summer cottage...
The Sound of a Siren's Call by SurferJulz
The Sound of a Siren's Callby Julia
When Arriana was born Deaf, it solved more problems than it caused. Unable to hear the call of the sirens who raised her, she never saw a problem. With her father's pir...
Nowhere Girl  ( Sequel to The Ballad of John and Clara) by blackbird98
Nowhere Girl ( Sequel to The JustAnotherChicana
So John and Clara are married and things couldn't be better. Last time, she saved Brian's life, but when he repays her, will she survive, or would she have been better o...
Dancer/Soccer Player by Cindles2199
Dancer/Soccer Playerby Cindy Klein
Jennifer (Jenna) Anela Hawkins is not just your usually tomboy that you have seen before. She's a great hip hop dancer, is a very good soccer player, has a beautiful voi...
a collection of vignettes about growing into your own skin inspired by the house on mango street by sandra cisneros cover art by polly nor ® to ASCEND1NG; (2018)
Sophisticated Woman by IAmGRLB
Sophisticated Womanby Inspired
Faith Amora Jagan is growing up. Raised to be the crème de la crème,she understands little about the struggles that others face on a day to day basis. When she stumbles...
Vinyl Angels 🗝️ by rolsyem
Vinyl Angels 🗝️by Lena Nicolle 🍂
In Midwoods the cold season lasts almost all year, time passes slowly and everything seems quiet. The ancient Kumond family reigns in the mysterious city, power and resp...
Sincerely, Brain by rosesbxx
Sincerely, Brainby Yukine
Thoughts and actions from a confused girl. I am speaking for not only myself, but for everyone who can relate. TRIGGER WARNING: I am not sure if this could be considered...
Remembering To Forget by holaputa
Remembering To Forgetby holaputa
He tries to forget his past that haunts him, She struggles to remember her future yet to come. Later will I realize in reminiscence of that dank, small alley as I stare...
Finding Me by aashiana
Finding Meby Ashi
Finding Me - This story is a tale of a girl born and brought up in small town and her journey in finding herself through many life stages and also being the best daughte...
Through The Looking Glass by Dr3am3rA
Through The Looking Glassby Ash
Ash, a junior in high school, lives the "good" life. She has friends, a car, a loving family, and a thing for English. So why does she seem lost? Why does she...
The Lone Call: Fists of Union (Arc II) [First draft] by pena-fajar
The Lone Call: Fists of Union ( M. Azmi Adhim
Following a decade of its second lord's temperate reign, House Hospodia's name, vision, and capital lie in ruins. Turncoats feasted and treachery ran rampant as the Hous...
Awakened Magic by slayersoul
Awakened Magicby RA
One young witch One wrong spell Three evil wizards Her whole world is shattering around her. And her parents are suffering from her mistake. Will she be able to save the...
For those in need by su_ma_
For those in needby su_ma_
Everyone has a secret. Someone has more magical ones than the others. But does that give them the right to force the rules of their world into another? It will take Alas...
De:Coded by EmotionTourniquet
De:Codedby EmotionTourniquet
A collection of poetry focusing on the darker aspects of our emotions. These are the thoughts that linger in the shadows of our minds.
Gray by storybook098
Grayby storybook098
there is the white and there is black. Some people call this the straight and narrow. But have you ever wonder what happened to the people who stray from the path. Get l...
A Girl In the Mirror  by msluxxe
A Girl In the Mirror by Luxxewrites_
A girl who visits her mirror daily, she looks into the mirror soul, to try and see what it is she is after, but what she is after is within herself.