Self-loathing Stories

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Personal Lock Down (Jeff The Killer X Reader)~Creepypasta by TheRegretful
Personal Lock Down (Jeff The Dani ~ Aika
Sneak Peek: "You know I'm not actually crazy," His icy voice sent shivers throughout my body. "Right?" Signals of warning spread like a forest fire i...
The reasons to fight by wagenmakers13-2015
The reasons to fightby Supernatural sl❤️t
Ichigo goes back in time after the war only he is different, he is tiered and he just wants the soul society to do their job without him needing to interfear. He keeps a...
The Soldier (A Ninjago FanFic) by Doctor_Discord
The Soldier (A Ninjago FanFic)by Doctor_Discord
Cole is a ghost. Grieving hard for the loss of his body and his world already flipped upside down, things just get more complicated when he has a strange dream. Now, it'...
I'm Perfectly Fine by EvaJegousse
I'm Perfectly Fineby Eva
A book of poetry, because there's a lot I want to say which I can only express through writing. Copyrighted. ✮ 2nd place in Poetry, The Quill Awards 2017 ✮
The Portland Preacher by JoelGrosh
The Portland Preacherby Joel Grosh
A self-loathing preacher with a desperate for love and human connection seeks relief in the arms of a prostitute. In the midst of his warped attempts of trying to give...
Narcissist by ColdHarem
Narcissistby ColdHarem
I write poems so that you might like me. // Insomnia induced poetry.
1, 2, 3, 4 by TaehyungsPinkBeanie3
1, 2, 3, 4by stupid_guurrll
Another poem I write on my spare time
Dysmorphia by sydenay
Dysmorphiaby Sydnie Rhianna Beaupré
A story about self-loathing and acceptance.
Hide and Seek by LittleRedRidingHood8
Hide and Seekby Ellie <3
Awoken from her restless slumber, Iris finds herself constantly trapped in a dangerous game of hide and seek. A game filled with loathing, delusion and self-deception.
The Big Sad Wolf Writes A Letter by TheBigSadWolf
The Big Sad Wolf Writes A Letterby TheBigSadWolf
This is a bunch of fucked up letters I wish to give people but, I never will.
Sombre Thoughts by cyanideandhope
Sombre Thoughtsby cyanideandhope
~ A collection of poems, straight from the heart ~ "Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering - and it's all over much too soon." - Woody Allen
Can't care anymore by 0_shit_giving
Can't care anymoreby 0_shit_giving
This is probably shit compared to what other writers do but not much could be. I'll just write thoughts stories and other things. Nothing special just another depressed...
Can't Let Go by ImJustKowalski
Can't Let Goby Ava
Molly just wants to be loved. She just wants to have a normal life, live with a normal man and be loved by that normal man. But she gets Nathan instead. Nathan's not nor...
Let's Not Go There by AkanSilver
Let's Not Go Thereby Akan
A poem written late at night, but aren't they all?
Cellophane World [EN] by moonshivers
Cellophane World [EN]by 🅻🅴🅴🅽
»Eternities arise and subside at the coastline.« Mainly short quotes about insecurities, hope(lessness) and suppressed desire - Just my mind's crap captured in digital...
False Escape by Madster_98
False Escapeby Madster_98
I wrote this from the dark side of a writers mind set, I wanted to explore every style, and so here we have depression at its peak.