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🌸 Pathetic 🌸 by Hedgehoglady429
🌸 Pathetic 🌸by Francis Franc
Bakugo has never been a fan favorite in his classmates' eyes. The only true friend he's ever had is Kirishima. Then when he falls ill with a bad fever, he starts to real...
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Ghostwriter by Allymp3
Ghostwriterby Allymp3
Antigone Jackson operates on a thin string woven of flimsy finances and desperate hope. Crippled by grief and her new-found duty of raising her late sister's son, she's...
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Sember (Forestfolk, Book 2) by Zoe_Blessing
Sember (Forestfolk, Book 2)by Zoe Blessing
Little Sember stole readers' hearts in "Siena." Join her now, ten years later, as she embarks on a quest of her own to save her people, and to finally accept h...
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Late Night Chats | BTS by bangtanswoah
Late Night Chats | BTSby ro
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• L A T E N I G H T C H A T S " don't worry okay? they're fine I...
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Dark DAYS by Choi_Marian_Lee
Dark DAYSby ChoiSeungcheol
Jin is really going through a lot of things in this story... He needs support and love from his members... There were nightmares, and voices that kept disturbing him on...
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Taken by BrokenRobin
Takenby Dick Grayson
(This is my take on how Robin became Nightwing) Dick Grayson is a loveable dork, but also a mischief brat. There really is no inbetween for our young bird. But what happ...
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Touching the untouchable by Ice_Kitsune4801
Touching the untouchableby Ice_Kitsune4801
Itanaru Brought together by this strange thing called fate. One having everything from birth -wealth, fame, family - and the other having nothing - no money, no family...
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The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel] by SidneyArden
The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel]by SidneyArden
Book Two [It is not necessary to read TTR beforehand] She is on a string, but who is doing the tugging?
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°¦Ethereal¦° (Bnha X Male Reader)  by Suicidal_Bastard_
°¦Ethereal¦° (Bnha X Male Reader) by Suicidal_Bastard_
BNHA PRO HEROES & VILLAINS X HERO MALE READER "Lucifer was once an angel too," (Previously named Hell's Angel) SPOILERS. SLOW UPDATES. DARK SUBJECTS. BOY X B...
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The Tale of A Broken Girl by princess_jk77
The Tale of A Broken Girlby K_Nicki_
A broken heart may heal with time. An argument between two friends may fade. A mistake may be forgiven and forgotten. But her broken, dark soul was never fixed. Her bro...
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A turtle's self doubt (Mikey×Shinigami story)  by Gotham007
A turtle's self doubt (Mikey× Gotham007
After a fail mission, Raph blames Mikey for causing Leo to get hurt and letting the bad guys to get away. This causes Mikey to think he's useless and doubts him self as...
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Ink And Bleach {Gorai fanfics} by cups_of_coffee
Ink And Bleach {Gorai fanfics}by Another user
Friends turns into enemies, Life starts to break apart, Laughing through tears, Mistaken love by jealousy, That's how Goggles's real life begins. {a bit OOC ALARM,Plus H...
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Yellow eyes                               Brendon urie x Josh dun fan fiction by hallelujah_wafffle
Yellow Twenty one beebos
There was a demon that fell in love with an angel.... Brendon was a high ranked demon an ultima or half blood. Yellow eyed demon which there is only two still alive whic...
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>>Only Human<< by KatieWeasley394
>>Only Human<<by Fandom Trash
"If you want to go home so badly, why haven't you taken the blue pill yet?" . . . Kate knew from the moment she was taken in the black car that her life would...
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Things Left Unspoken by LoveAintPerfect
Things Left Unspokenby LoveAintPerfect
While laying in bed and staring at the chaotic nothingness of life, a million thoughts cross your mind but not all of these are verbalized because some things are better...
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silk thin threads by JD1834577658
silk thin threadsby Mingo
Excerpt: i hold on sweaty hands grasping at a thousand different silk thin threads- reasons to stay Trigger warning: includes references and abstract depictions of depr...
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Do I Deserve You? by Flashsketch
Do I Deserve You?by Flashsketch 1703
Snoutlout knows he isn't worth anything and his father drives that into his brain. Hookfang tries to help his rider but he refuses the help and just stays silent. One da...
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Heart Break Fever (Vkook short story) by _Rolling_Thunder_
Heart Break Fever (Vkook short _Rolling_Thunder_
[Completed] Inspired by Valentines day.. It's true that not everything turns out how we expect it. Even the perfect plan can blow up in smoke. The perfect boyfriend can...
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Loving Katy by Alverez5
Loving Katyby Kate_mabley
"I never thought that a man would love me" I say coming to my senses. "Well you thought wrong because I love you" he says. his hand finds it's way in...
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Dear Xavier by RoawrGoesTheDino
Dear Xavierby RoawrGoesTheDino
in which a girl writes a letter for every emotion she felt after he left.
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