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La hija de seiya y serena [Saint Moon] by SandraAnastacioRamir
La hija de seiya y serena [Saint Sandra Anastacio Ramires
tras derrotar a hades los caballeros tubieron hijas con las sailor guardian's, sus hijas portan las verdaderas armaduras, tambien tiene los poderes de sus padrés y de su...
  • soma
  • koga
  • haruto
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Luna de Sangre by lunakeynight_
Luna de Sangreby Luna Keynight
Dysis Onisse es una chica de 20 años que vive a las afueras de la ciudad, en un pueblo llamado Olympicwoods, donde todos sus habitantes se conocen, donde la vida de todo...
  • mais
  • hombreslobo
  • híbrida
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Beaten, Bruised, and Kissed by RachelFine
Beaten, Bruised, and Kissedby Rachel
"Don't let me fall Ryder! Don't let me fall," back then, I had no idea the truth behind that plea. With my feet in his tiny, 5 year old hands, he held on tight...
  • bullied
  • selene
  • friends
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The moon Princess and The king... by sashamish
The moon Princess and The Sasha 333
There was a princess ....... A moon princess Beautiful, pure, innocent, kind, bubbly, sarcastic...... Strong, leader But a waiting lover............ Then there was a ki...
  • princess
  • moon
  • love
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ashes to ashes by SkyeWriters
ashes to ashesby jadelyn
something's seems to draw a son of the moon goddess to the prince of hell.
  • markjinson
  • hestia
  • kpop
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The Witching Hour by Blood-shot_eyes
The Witching Hourby Blood-shot_eyes
Beware The woods at night Beware The lunar light - Type O Negative Selene Blackbourne finds out she is a witch. She discovers a whole new world. A dangerous one. Now she...
  • greek
  • altar
  • alternateuniverse
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Willow by Thushiisawesome
Willowby Teekay
Willow Catherina Moonclaw. One of the only two female Alphas in the top twelve packs. Her past follows her like an old lover and her memories haunt her shadow. After run...
  • fiction
  • femalealpha
  • darkpast
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The Rightful Heir by annemarshallofficial
The Rightful Heirby Anne Marshall
"Have you ever witnessed a goddess rising?" "You will." There is an old story about a goddess that gave her powers up for a man that claimed to be h...
  • kingdom
  • strong-female-character
  • king
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Leave Me Alone  by xoxofanficz
Leave Me Alone by xoxofanficz
Selene Bailey Archer is a girl from California. She makes new friends on the first day of school. Oh and, theres a bully turned friend? Yep. Will you join Selene in this...
  • rylan
  • newplaces
  • calvin
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A Long Time Ago by Hestia_selene
A Long Time Agoby Hestia_Selene
A story a long time ago
  • selene
  • hestia
  • taglish
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Welcome to Alola's Alternate Universe! by AllieAngel44
Welcome to Alola's Alternate AllieAngel44
Selene had traveled to Alola with her mother and their Meowth, but when a hooded kid and his chimera interrupt her journey, how will Selene deal with it?
  • pokemon
  • nebby
  • elio
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Raised By The Alpha [CBTA Book 2] by xxFatherOfLukexx
Raised By The Alpha [CBTA Book 2]by 개구리 🐸
Endymion's story. Sequel to Chosen By The Alpha. Endymion hasn't shifted and his father treats him harshly, training him for combat, waiting for the day his wolf will ap...
  • soulmates
  • mother
  • moongoddess
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The Moon's Warrior  by Chevelle247
The Moon's Warrior by Dixon
"You are my child. My creation." It whispers. I drop my head in acceptance. I'm not human. I'm not Supernatural. I'm not anything. I'm simply just a creation o...
  • selene
  • enemies
  • superpowers
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The Lycans cure by hells_princess999
The Lycans cureby KeyboardWARRIOR~999
New challenges, new enemies and new threats. Bigger, better, badder than ever before. Unlikely allies becomes friends, in a twisted world where anything is possible, it...
  • selene
  • werewolf
  • celestial
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𝗕𝗘𝗔𝗦𝗧| arrow by Bee9018
𝗕𝗘𝗔𝗦𝗧| arrowby Tribrid ❦
"Are we really going to do this again? We both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time." Isabella Lance, the adoptive sister of Laurel...
  • greenarrow
  • selene
  • felicitysmoak
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☀️Pokémon Sun and Moon Oneshots🌙 by SmolRowlet
☀️Pokémon Sun and Moon Oneshots🌙by Sami
Just some oneshots of the Pokémon Sun and Moon characters! I'm surprised I didn't do this earlier, but headass y'know. I'm planning on doing mainly Character x Reader...
  • ilima
  • oneshots
  • fluff
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The third descendant ( underworld fanfic) by Kpop_Life12
The third descendant ( Kpop_Life12
I don't own any of the characters, only a few of them. I'm not good with the summary so please bare with me. And please bear with the chapters I wrote. There were four s...
  • daughter
  • corvin
  • father
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The very confusing story of Selene Dubois  by I-KI-GA-I
The very confusing story of I-KI-GA-I
Let me tell you a story But be warned It ain't a pretty one. And it definitely doesn't have a happy ending. \/I don't own the photo//
  • selene
  • broken
  • morgan
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Selene: to whom it may concern by httpjunky
Selene: to whom it may concernby 🌸✨🦋𝓞𝓼𝓲𝓽𝓸🦋✨🌸
I'm not really sure about my story. Its all my own and I'm just writing without a real plan. Enjoy and please give me feedback, it is my first story and I'm not really s...
  • selene
  • poems
  • inmyhead
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Cazadora de Demonios by aomeehigurashi
Cazadora de Demoniosby Aome Higurashi - Kya
Esta vez, se trata, de una chica, llamada Selene... Selene, es una omega, que no es común, pero a lo largo de su vida, todo cambia Su vida no es fácil, porque desde que...
  • selene
  • vhope
  • demoniospersonales
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