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Chosen // loki laufeyson by katiethenovelist
Chosen // loki laufeysonby katie
As Lienna came of age for marriage, so did the princes she had long forgotten about. And then, in the dark of night, guards and nobles came to take her away. Lienna cou...
The Non British Princess by readergirl4343
The Non British Princessby Reader Girl
Prince Thomas is selecting 20 girls from the Commonwealth to compete for his heart in a British selection. One of the lucky girls will become his wife and future queen a...
The Choice by I_kill_cupcakes
The Choiceby Dawn O.
For centuries, the royal family of Aridia has hosted The Choice, the competition where the eligible daughters of the Nobles of Aridia, come together to vie for the hand...
Royal 3 (Book three in my Selection Series) by justdarcy
Royal 3 (Book three in my justdarcy
Rosalyn Osborne was a criminal, so they called her. Six years in prison changed her. No matter what others thought of her, she always knew her true self. She wasn't a cr...
The One Fanfiction by Aberial_63
The One Fanfictionby Abby
America Singer has to make the biggest decision of her life. Who does she love? Prince Maxon, the charming and sweet prince or Aspen, the guard who first had her heart...
just fall | ✓ by saturateds-nrise
just fall | ✓by 𝓵𝓸𝓾
Sometimes, it's easier to just fall. ☼ rewrite of THE SELECTED. Read the original here:
The Selection by MissUnknown6
The Selectionby Nik B. Watson
(COMPLETED STORY) "I love you," I whispered softly. He stopped kissing my fingers immediately, gaping at me. "I really do. I don't know why and I don't k...
The Married Life : America & Maxon by AshleySidhu
The Married Life : America & Maxonby Ashley
Wondered what happens after The One? Want more of an ending? Want more Maxerica? Well your at the right place!! This is my FanFiction about The Married Life of America a...
Selection Epilogue  by Emery_Schreave
Selection Epilogue by Emery_Schreave
Find out what happens after Maxon and America are married. Is their love strong enough for their fights? All right to kierra cass
The Addition (The Selection) by Finnchellove
The Addition (The Selection)by ♥ Wendy Darling ♥
Book 1 in this series. America and Maxon have been married for two years. America loves getting to wake up next to the love of her life. But she isn't as happy with her...
Percabeth Selection Series: Book 1 by Fangirl0147
Percabeth Selection Series: Book 1by ROCHELLE CASTRO
After the war with Gaea me and percy settled down. We went to college together. But one day something changed. Percy's father Poseidon and his Brother Triton was killed...
Orlaith's Crown - Another Selection RPG by alinamariella
Orlaith's Crown - Another Alina Mariella
Another Selection RPG ❝ Unsere Geschichte besagt, die Krone gehört dem rechtmäßigen König Orlaiths. Dem Krieger, der für dieses Privileg auserkoren wurde. Einem Lord, d...
Maxerica by _ZeevKesley_
Maxericaby Wolf
Maxon and America have been married for three months. With the stress of new Asia, the caste system, and a woman getting between them, will they find a way to stay happy?
Maxon & America: The Married Life (A The Selection Fanfiction) by JMSenar
Maxon & America: The Married John Michael Señar
What happens after The One? What happens after the wedding ceremony? What life awaits when Maxon and America got married? When America and Maxon got married, things begi...
Chosen: A Selection Fanfiction by princesseadlynn
Chosen: A Selection Fanfictionby yours truly
Elliot Starling is always in the middle and is always being overshadowed by her perfect siblings. When she applies for Prince Adrian's Selection, it's to escape from her...
Summoned  by Calyxxxy
Summoned by Cali
*UNDER EDITING* Elisa Carams is a two from Hampton, a small, reserved state of Illèa. As a two, she is a part of the highest social elites, has proper etiquette, and kno...
This is the Real Happily Ever After (The Selection Series Fan fiction) by maxongirlfriend123
This is the Real Happily Ever Yoyohehe
If you are a selection fan (like me) you could have wished for more Maxerica. Well, this one shots are cute stories throughout America and Maxon's married life. What wil...
The Photographer (Selection Fanfic) (Finished) by sydney111222
The Photographer (Selection Sydney
Cover by: @Be_Crazy25 Prince Maxon Calix Schreave, every girl's dream man. And it will always be a dream because guys like Maxon aren't in the real world. We can only dr...
Royal 2 (Book  two in my Selection series) by justdarcy
Royal 2 (Book two in my justdarcy
Autumn Meadows used to live a mediocre life with her little brother and her mother in a big town. They were Six's, but never went without. Everything changed after Autum...
Another Selected (Book 1 of Selection fanfics) by _lovemultifandoms_
Another Selected (Book 1 of _lovemultifandoms_
Erika Carpenter lives the simple life of a farm girl in the heart of Kent. Though the castes have been abolished, her family still sees its effects. Farming is a dangero...