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Stomach bug by Malikook96
Stomach bugby Malikook96
A stomach bug decided to join the well deserved holiday of the BTS members. Some are worse off than the others.
An unwanted one year anniversary by Malikook96
An unwanted one year anniversaryby Malikook96
It was exactly one year since the bomb attack during the rehearsals. The boys were having a movie night when five attackers entered their house and took them to an unkno...
[AllMin] 1310 days by umemom
[AllMin] 1310 daysby umemom
Một series drabble nhẹ nhàng về cuộc sống mỗi ngày của Jiminie cùng các thành viên Bangtan, thỉnh thoảng sẽ có những idol khác nữa. Anti boylove xin clickback. P/s: Tụi...
Secretly Married in a Casanova [COMPLETE] by Sejin_15
Secretly Married in a Casanova [ ShieShie
It's all about arrange marriage and suddenly they fell in love but in this case not all love story had a happy ending. . . . Hindi lahat ng love story ay laging masaya p...
Royal Diaries - Kang Minhee x Y/N x Goo Jungmo by LunaJamir
Royal Diaries - Kang Minhee x Y/ LunaJamir
Y/n , grounded by her grandmother since she was very little, lives a simple life in the woods along with her grandma and her best friend. Her life soon gets upside down...
[BY9] Hành trình đến vinh quang by ha__lacc
[BY9] Hành trình đến vinh quangby laccute 🥰
Một bộ truyện tiếp theo về BY9!!!!!!!!!
Medicate by og_yoonji
Medicateby Mina
Love. Such a small word for all that it connotates. Big sweeping emotions that rock us to our core or a simple sentiment of fleeting value. The four-letter word builds u...
THE LONG LOST  PRINCESS 👸  by marvylabajo
THE LONG LOST PRINCESS 👸 by marvy labajo
A story of a missing princess, Is she can go back to here real world? Can she manage to leave the place that she grows up? Can she accept the faith that everybody hope f...
cursed love by seunginuna
cursed loveby 金
when you were cursed and always be cautious of what you shall face, but on the day one where you met him -- the invisible string bonded you which led to the cursed one y...
Her Revenge [On-going] by Sejin_15
Her Revenge [On-going]by ShieShie
Welcome to my new world and i'm sure you don't want to enter!cause i will assure you'll taste my sweetest and painful REVENGE! -Stephanie sequel of Secretly Married in a...
(Jinho) Này Tiền Bối EM YÊU ANH by ShiSana2912
(Jinho) Này Tiền Bối EM YÊU ANHby Sana
Fic đam mỹ đầu tiên tui chuyển ver mong mn ủng hộ ạ
BY9  (Be Your Nine | PD x 101)  by Seungwoo_Yohan_X101
BY9 (Be Your Nine | PD x 101) by 김 대 흉
BY9 Profile , news pdx101 + more 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀 BY9 (Be Your 9) is a project group fans are trying to form. BY9 includes: Lee Jinhyuk, Lee Sejin, Song Yuvin, Koo Jungmo, Hw...
He Gave Me Life | Yoonjin Re-Animator AU by BTSWantsToBattle
He Gave Me Life | Yoonjin Damien 💉
Jin was just an average, bright Miskatonic University medical student who was trusting to his studies. That is until a new student named Mr. Yoongi Min becomes apart of...
Aku, Kau, dan Mereka by savitri220
Aku, Kau, dan Merekaby Kika
5WAG yang berteman dengan dari kecil hingga berpisah karena pekerjaan masing-masing, tapi akan tetap bersahabat. Happy Reading 14U stan, ELVIS, ARMY, IGOT7, and BLINK
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BPD Kprofiles by SierraChristenson
BPD Kprofilesby Sierra Christenson
*on hiatus*** the profiles of each member of BPD *no information uploaded yet. Sorry still organizing everything!
Their Apprentice Turned Partner (BTS x reader) by Ukwang
Their Apprentice Turned Partner ( Go Baek-hyun
Y/N was a new trainee from bighit, learning under BTS. Y/N was learning how to be a solo artist, and really loved working under BTS and learning from them. One day afte...
Jungkook Fanfiction. Messages full of bursting mystery, romance and drama.
𝗸𝗮𝗹𝗲𝗶𝗱𝗼𝘀𝗰𝗼𝗽𝗲. by kyuteas
𝗸𝗮𝗹𝗲𝗶𝗱𝗼𝘀𝗰𝗼𝗽𝗲.by ㅤ
❛ we just want to be free ❜ + producex101 fairytale af ; kyuteas 2019
K. I. S. S [Bangtan and friends] {KISAH INDAH SEKUMPULAN SALES } by ontyayubukaniu
K. I. S. S [Bangtan and friends] { ontyayubukaniu
Kisah Indah Sekumpulan Sales Bangtan jadi sales? Bagaimana bisa? Bisa bagaimana?
BTS: Oneshots  by Moonchild_1995
BTS: Oneshots by Moonchild_1995
Leave comments on any kinda story you'd like to see! As long as it isn't reader inserted as I don't read them nor will I write them (sorry).