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Vengeance of the Phantom by TwilightTRex
Vengeance of the Phantomby TwilightTRex
Yes, this is another story about Kuroko. Yes, it's another story about Kuroko's revenge in being betrayed. But no, it's not what you think. Tetsuya Kuroko has been be...
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love Story by roorooroopie
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love roo
A young, 16 year old girl called Yuna, now finally takes control of her own life. Her mother sad about her leaving home to go to the private, mysterious school, Cross Ac...
The Older Twin- Kuroko No Basket by DarkAngelNightWings
The Older Twin- Kuroko No Basketby Lady Night
Kuroko Tetsuya has an older twin sister who is an international basketball player. They both love each other and are often mistaken for one another but now that she is b...
My Vampire Knight (A Zero Kiryu Fanfic) by alyxwrites7
My Vampire Knight (A Zero Kiryu Alyxandrea
There's a new girl in Cross Academy named Meko Aratami who has immediately caught the eye of Zero Kiryu. Will Zero push her away like he does everyone else or tell Meko...
Kurenai Little Flower *Slow update* by _Gantrick_
Kurenai Little Flower *Slow update*by _Gantrick_
Eloise attends cross academy with Kaname. Being part of the Night Class with the other vampires while dealing with a human guardian that seems to be addicted to Kaname...
The Shadow's Rise by RealMe-RM
The Shadow's Riseby Scotty
Kuroko Tetsuya is not an ordinary teenager. He was an amazing basketball player, his team's ace in fact! But that changed after an 'accident' during a match in primary s...
Yukiji of the bloody blade - A vampire Knight fanfic - by 3mpressOfRos3s
Yukiji of the bloody blade - A 3mpressOfRos3s
Yukiji left abandoned as a child and was rescued by a hunter family, when they found her they noticed that she carried a sword and automatically assumed that she was fro...
Mission: Make Friends! (A Vampire Knight Fanfiction) by MiU1004
Mission: Make Friends! (A Potato
Shiro Tsukino is a pureblood with absolutely no social skills, so of course her parents decide to send her to Cross Academy. Shiro has a hard time fitting in at first(he...
Surprise, baby! by Lady_Minx
Surprise, baby!by Alyx Y.
During a surprise field trip at Cross Academy, where day class students have all gone, genders are bent and our lovely characters suffer through unfamiliar life patterns...
The Other Kuran by animelover137
The Other Kuranby Bex
Kiyomi has always been a... weird person. Her father wanted her to be more social with kids her age, so he sent her to Cross Acadamy in Elementary, where a close friend...
éternellement le mien by Agapel1996
éternellement le mienby Agapel1996
Es un kaname x zero que literalmente salio de una melodía, me encantaría saber sus opiniones si es que son criticas constructivas y otra cosa positiva si no es así no...
Surcos en el corazón by BelovedHime
Surcos en el corazónby Beloved Hime
Había cometido dos grandes errores y uno de ellos había sido dejar que aquellas ideas hubieran tomado parte importante en su cabeza. ♥♥Este Drabble participa en el con...
A Lily in Black Snow (Vampire Knight fanfic) by ChasingtheNyx
A Lily in Black Snow (Vampire Nyx
What happens when a young girl who with her friends go to cross academy turns out to be a vampire. But not only that but a pureblood from a clan believed to be completel...
VAMPIRE ACADEMY (Vampire Knight Fanfic)  (Slow Updates) by SATOSHI_HUGUIE
This is the third book to the sequel. I ended up doing this book before the first because this one kept flowing through my head, only because I'm obsessed with the anime...