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The Noblesse and his Love by ChristinaIsWriting
The Noblesse and his Loveby ChristinaIsWriting
Rai-Lin has been without her love for 820 years, and in those 820 years, she has come to know the true meaning of loneliness. But she never stopped looking, never gave u...
Noblesse of the Dead [A Noblesse Fan Fiction] by MissNoir11
Noblesse of the Dead [A Noblesse 𝘕𝘺𝘹
❝ʜᴏᴡ ғᴀʀ ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪʟʟɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ɢᴏ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴠᴇ?❞ During the fight between Raizel and Muzaka, humans waged wars among themselves, killing thousands in the process...
Delicious or Disgusting? (Shokugeki No Soma) by anononie
Delicious or Disgusting? ( L
Fifteen year old Yukihira Seira is the younger twin to Yukihira Soma, and has cooked at their family diner for her whole life. However, that soon changes when their fath...
𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓉'𝓈 𝓂𝓎 𝓌𝒾𝒻𝑒 // That's my wife by pocketboba
𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓉'𝓈 𝓂𝓎 𝓌𝒾𝒻𝑒 // That' pocketboba
The noblesse describes one male and his wife. They were the swore protector of the nobles that looks out in the shadows. As 818 years went by, his wife wondered the worl...
Noblesse stories by icybeauty
Noblesse storiesby Beauty101
Noblesse short stories!!! Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the pictures, I DO NOT own the videos, I DO NOT own the Noblesse characters, I DO NOT own Noblesse.
Girl Problems [Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction || NijiAka] by BlattMaster
Girl Problems [Kuroko no Basuke Blank Book
What if a certain redhead in the Teikou Basketball team turns into a "she"? Let's see how will that certain redhead deal with certain girl problems...
ŋơცɩɛʂʂɛ'ʂ ơɩɖɛཞ ʂıʂɬɛཞ by WhiteBlAcKym
ŋơცɩɛʂʂɛ'ʂ ơɩɖɛཞ ʂıʂɬɛཞby ʍíss
Cadis Etrama Di Y/N....... Raizel's older sister and most powerful noble. This story is about y/n's PAST and FUTURE
☬ ɢ̷ ̷ʟ̷ ̷ɪ̷ ̷ᴛ̷ ̷ᴄ̷ ̷ʜ̷ ☬  by MsMeShap_StarryNight
☬ ɢ̷ ̷ʟ̷ ̷ɪ̷ ̷ᴛ̷ ̷ᴄ̷ ̷ʜ̷ ☬ by ❈ 𝑀𝑀𝑆𝑆𝑁 ❈
A girl, accidentally stumbled to the world of Noblesse! See how she solves the mystery about her sudden transmigration with the help of the other characters as she find...
Where is he? [oneshot] by elch13
Where is he? [oneshot]by Elvarette Chalondra
fanfic of noblesse, about the ending chapters. couldn't get any theories better than this one.
Stuck In Noblesse!? by animefan2653
Stuck In Noblesse!?by animefan2653
It was just an ordinary summer day no more problems, no more school just a relaxing day. And more time to read Webtoon,watch Anime and importantly eat Ice Cream! but... ...
Noblesse Fanfiction (Scenarios) by FanfictionZwy
Noblesse Fanfiction (Scenarios)by Fanfiction Zwy
~~NOT SO HIATUS~~ Hello! I'm Fanfiction Zwy, and I wanted to try to post my Fanfictions online!! Normally I just write them in my unusually large journal, but they aren'...
NOBLESSE ♔The Beginning after the end ♚ by Nanarigina9
NOBLESSE ♔The Beginning after Nana Regina
In this story, where roads are intertwined, predestination is connected, and truth is revealed. Now is the time to know everything, about Raizel and the others, but tje...
Noblesse's Sister by Rhina_Dandela
Noblesse's Sisterby Rhina Dandela
Azura Faraday Bluet, the adopted sister of Cadis Etrama di Raizel, finds herself reunited with her brother after more than 1000 years. But, as times goes on, she finds h...
Sinner (A Noblesse FanFiction) [DISCONTINUED] by _khunned
Sinner (A Noblesse FanFiction) [ 林
From the moment of birth, mirth was always taken away the moment it was granted. Her only confinement was with the noblesse himself, who shares an equal burden when it c...
INUELIS by Kate_IchiSan
INUELISby Hanaruka K.I-S
How Raizel stay alive? How Muzaka still became the lord of werewolves? How the lord and other clan leader came back to Lukedonia? All the answer is here. If you just l...
A New Life a Noblesse Story by Frankyscrazylover
A New Life a Noblesse Storyby Evie Shoemaker
This story will follow the new lives of the ones in Frankensteins house it is going to continue on from Takeo's story After Raizel goes into eternal sleep Frankenstein...
Noblesse Request!!! by icybeauty
Noblesse Request!!!by Beauty101
Noblesse Short Stories. Request from Fans for Fans! Please comment your request or message me. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the pictures, I DO NOT own the videos, I DO NOT...
The Puppet Master [Noblesse] by iShrewd
The Puppet Master [Noblesse]by Mr. S
"You tell me you love me then go an betray me. You make me sick, Cardis Etrama Di Raizel."
Noblesse - Addiction (Tao x OC) by spellworkEr
Noblesse - Addiction (Tao x OC)by spellworkEr
"Meat is always meat. And that's good." Amused, she looked at the young couple walking past her hand in hand. The feeling faded the closer the couple got to an...
Zighesdon The Eternal. (Promising Tales~{Noblesse Edition}) by FanfictionZwy
Zighesdon The Eternal. ( Fanfiction Zwy
~~NOT HIATUS~~ Zighesdon is a special demon- the only hybrid left of his kind. The demon species are dwindling, and those days the Union loves to get their hands on what...