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Hidden Wounds R6s x Ptsd reader by Lollerflock
Hidden Wounds R6s x Ptsd readerby Lollerflock
Haunted by ghosts of the past one man deals with tragic deaths from an attack where he was left alive but at the cost of many. Seeking for an end lands him a job at Rain...
Hitman reader X r6 woman by danniel_briggs
Hitman reader X r6 womanby Danniel Briggs
Y/n (KillMonger) was the best spentsnaz Russia had. He then was submitted into a super soldier program. The experiment worked but he could not be controlled through mind...
Batman X Rainbow 6 Seige by Toxic_Ninja22
Batman X Rainbow 6 Seigeby Toxic_Ninja
This story is going to be my own version of the same story of the same name that was discontinued a couple years ago. This story takes place after the events of Batman A...
Fallen Fate (A Rainbow6 Siege Story) by sneaky_lynx
Fallen Fate (A Rainbow6 Siege Lynx
Nicknamed Geist, A man who served in s.a.s special forces gets recruited into team rainbow after being tracked down by the team leader. dont own any r6 seige related st...
A Soldier Before His Time (Rainbow Six x Male Reader) by imjustvalkyrie
A Soldier Before His Time ( imjustvalkyrie
After a mission went south, Y/N was thrown back in time to the twenty-first century.
'Cᴜᴛᴛʜʀᴏᴀᴛ' A 'Terrorist' male reader x Rainbow six seige girls by baggyboi
'Cᴜᴛᴛʜʀᴏᴀᴛ' A 'Terrorist' male baggyboi
this is a white mask male reader story! call it a new version of my other story. I no own r6s bro.
Blood and Ice: a Rainbow six story. by kiaser116
Blood and Ice: a Rainbow six Kiaser116
CONFIDENTIAL. AUTHORIZED EYES ONLY. It has been brought to our attention that the white mask are attempting to secure an asset with the potential to shut down our entire...
The Crook And The Soldier(Zofia X Reader) by Lollerflock
The Crook And The Soldier(Zofia Lollerflock
(Some changes to her backstory) When a simple mission turns into a secret heist job for a criminal organization gets discovered, Y/n discovers Zofia had left to join Rai...
The Surprise Siege - Ranger's Apprentice by 8trustthecloak8
The Surprise Siege - Ranger's 8trustthecloak8
Will and Halt think they've done it again. Finished a mission, saved lives, all done, now it's time to go home. But not this time. Now Redmont has been taken from the i...
The Girl Named Seige by Aliyah_Pamintuan
The Girl Named Seigeby Aliyah Sinclaire
I'm a half blood. Half human, half angel. I'm a nephelim. I'm the purest in all of the nephelims. I died 17 years ago. This is my second life. And I will not waste my se...
✴️ Brawlstar stories ✴️ (requests closed. Working on my own stories) by Eggratz
✴️ Brawlstar stories ✴️ ( Eli
💕It's time to write gay shit 💕
𝖕𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖑 [currently on hold] by darklingslilhoe
𝖕𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖑 [currently on hold]by darklingslilhoe
Nikolai, otherwise known as Captain Strurmhond has been in love with Galia since the day he saw her. Seeing her everyday, flirting, desperate for her affections but know...
White mask male reader x Tina "Frost" Lin Tsang by Spicy_Slav
White mask male reader x Tina " Spicy
Y/n L/n ends up in chrage of killing a hostage that has info on the white mask base he is currently in. So what does he do you may ask? He does as his leader instructed...
Operation: Jungle Ash by Yaboi1234510
Operation: Jungle Ashby Yaboi1234510
MACVSOG, an elite and the most secretive group of special operators in human history. It's documented that all the teams went missing or were Killed in Action, leaving o...
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Rainbow Six by GoldenTrumpeter
Rainbow Sixby Ben Golden
The Rainbow Six is a well respected SWAT team in the Ghosts Private Army, but also has a history of traitors. What happens when this dysfunctional SWAT takes a mission e...
RĘDÅÇTĖD by SatanThxt69
Hello this is just a Rainbow Six Seige fan fic pleas enjoy!
The Stag by Yaboi1234510
The Stagby Yaboi1234510
A Hunter of man and animal has found himself part of a elite task force known as Rainbow 6.
After the Risers attack City Hall in New York, the survivors of the Zombie attack, arrive in Los Angeles, back to a New World Order. And, as the mania continues to sprea...
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The Heroes of The Elemental Academies Book 3 The Tides of War by sirsukena
The Heroes of The Elemental sirsukena
After the open Declaration of war made by the demons. The Academies rush to prepare as battles begin to break out. Seth has to learn hard lessons about war that he strug...