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PARALLEL {Cedric Diggory | Harry Potter} by SoVYoo
PARALLEL {Cedric Diggory | Harry Sophie
"For Merlin's sake," Lori groaned, "we're just friends. He's Quidditch Captain, I'm Quidditch Captain. He's prefect, I'm prefect. We just have compatible...
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Alleviation (Book 5 of The Corruption Sequence) by NatashaDuncanDrake
Alleviation (Book 5 of The Tasha (Natasha Duncan-Drake)
Draco, now cleared by the Ministry, has decided to reclaim his position as Prince of Slytherin, the first job being to get back his role as Seeker of the Quidditch team...
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Date & Time || next gen fanfiction by TheGoldenMarauders
Date & Time || next gen fanfictionby 👑
ya'll know the drill. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Albus sneaks in James's room to get his Invisibility Cloak back when he finds a weird necklace with an hourglass stuck to it...
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A Seeker's Slave by DarkShadows5
A Seeker's Slaveby Laisha C. Gardner
⚜️ Completed ⚜️ "My little pet...My little slave... Hmm..." His sinister chuckles made me want to beg him not to do whatever he was going to. I knew this would...
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attention seeker |الجزء الأول| • Jjk.kth by qkiyutv
attention seeker |الجزء الأول| • 𝖐𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖗 𝖜𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖊
مُنذ أن رأيتك في تِلك اللَحظة منذُ ستَةْ سنين وَ أنا مُغرم بِجمالك ، وَقعت لَك لكِن أخفَيت مَشاعرِي عَنك كثيراً .. لكِن الآن سَوف أُخبركَ بِ حَقيقتها ..
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Celebrity [james potter] by dvlslt
Celebrity [james potter]by n i c o l e
❝your eyes hold everything my soul thirsts for.❞ ɪɴ ᴡʜɪᴄʜ melanie kline's perfect world is slowly falling down piece by piece; but in the end, who is there to catch her...
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Lagoon by NicoleC2000
Lagoonby AngelBlade
Lagoon is an energetic Autobot Seeker with no filter, she has a habit of saying her thoughts out loud and has learnt to just roll with it over time. She adores Earth cul...
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Chasing Love by Eliza_wood
Chasing Loveby Eliza_wood
Eliza Dawlish shocked her Slytherin family when sorted into Gryffindor. Her love of Quidditch sparked an interest in a certain Gryffindor Captain, Oliver Wood. Everyone...
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New Girl (Cedric Diggory Fan Fiction) by emieeeeeeeeeeee
New Girl (Cedric Diggory Fan Em 🥀
Emily Potter had just transferred from Beauxbaton but when she's made Head Girl and lives with the hottest boy in school what will happen? I don't own any of the materia...
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Vision of Love  {Watty Awards 2012} (LGBT love and fantasy romance) by fran-is-a-writer
Vision of Love {Watty Awards Fran McMahon
Abigail Chambers (Abi for short) is no ordinary British girl. She has visions when people touch her and can't help but notice that her sexuality is just making things mo...
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Mystic || Bill Weasley- REWRITING by LostBehindTheWords
Mystic || Bill Weasley- REWRITINGby K.M. L
Lisette Delacour was the older cousin to Triwizard Champion Fleur Delacour. She was a mysterious witch that long ago chose isolation. Living deep within a magical fore...
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Blood Curse  - Tomarry (YEAR TWO) (BOOK THREE) by NormalorPsycho
Blood Curse - Tomarry (YEAR TWO) The Beldam
Harry was sent back to Wool's, A day later, him and Tom gone back to Hogwarts, Harry said something to Tom that he shouldn't have, somebody overheard and told everybody...
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My Weasley (Charlie Weasley x Reader) by XminipikachuX
My Weasley (Charlie Weasley x Mini Pikachu
You went to Hogwarts with the outgoing, adventure seeking Weasley and you start falling for him.
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Flint's Girl  by -poulter
Flint's Girl by -poulter
I'm just writing a story about Marcus Flint because there aren't enough of these. STARTED - 07 - 23 - 19 FINISHED - ???
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YOUTH • Starscream X Reader • DISCONTINUED  by WingedVigilante
YOUTH • Starscream X Reader • WingedVigilante
Youth by Glass Animals • You had started out feeling violated. Then, you were forced to have the child of the mech who made you feel that way. Did it get bette...
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The Host ¤ The Next Chapter by Lucykins26
The Host ¤ The Next Chapterby Emily
(Healer) May is a newly born soul. Earth is her first planet. She's assigned as a healer due to her kind manner. When she's assigned to a clinic in California, she's put...
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FACADE {Cedric Diggory | Harry Potter} by SoVYoo
FACADE {Cedric Diggory | Harry Sophie
Anthea Lestrange is so unlike the rest of her family - a kind Hufflepuff and diligent student of Muggle Studies. However, amidst the escape of Sirius Black from Azkaban...
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Speechless (Fred Weasley story) by runaway33
Speechless (Fred Weasley story)by Cora Cole
One girl at Hogwarts never spoke. She couldn't. So she learned how to do speechless magic, and soon wandless. She stayed away from the popular eye, but couldn't stay fro...
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stand up      cedric diggory by oddball_writer
stand up cedric diggoryby Brielle
"Yeah, all of my demons are kicking and screaming But I'll never leave them behind Yeah, maybe I'm crazy but don't try to save me 'Cause I've never felt so alive Ye...
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Harry Potter (Dransy Fanfiction) by Orange_Shortcake
Harry Potter (Dransy Fanfiction)by Orange_Shortcake
Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw, Draco's team mates are counting on him but it's stressing Draco out quite a lot. School, quidditch, and The Yule ball all things to worry about...
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