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Serendipity (Book 2) by whoringly
Serendipity (Book 2)by Miranda
serendipity » finding something good without looking for it. a fortunate accident. (because Sam and Freddie meeting was the most beautiful accident of all.) [ s/am + fr...
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Please, Don't Leave Me (iCarly) [Being Edited] by readwritecomplain
Please, Don't Leave Me (iCarly) [ Haley
Sam Puckett lives with Cat now, in LA. But what happens when the man she left behind pays her a visit? Will they get back together? Or will Fat form? Or, will Freddie re...
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With Or Without You by RobotReads2K17
With Or Without Youby RobotReads2K17
Four teenagers... Summer, Tomika, Zack And Freddy all grew up in the same town and left...when they all come back for a class reunion at Christmas and are reunited what...
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iMakeover (an iCarly Story) by 101oBsEsSioNs
iMakeover (an iCarly Story)by Dustin the Great
The girls want Freddie to participate in a segment for iCarly that will basically be like a rip off on the show, What Not to Wear. He finally agrees but only if they eac...
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Seddie One-Shots by aestheticfanfic
Seddie One-Shotsby My Name is...
Follow the adventures of the iCarly pairing Seddie. You'll go through ups and downs of their relationship and friendship. If you want short reads of Seddie, click the re...
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ILeave (seddie/icarly/victorious fanfic) by a_reader347
ILeave (seddie/icarly/victorious ֆǟռɢ
Sam and Freddie were secretly dating and when Carly kiss Freddie and Sam walks in well let's just say shit happened she decides to live with Cat her cousin and go to Ho...
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Visions by JuvieStripes
Visionsby JuvieStripes
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Seddie OneShots (requests CLOSED) by smarticle20
Seddie OneShots (requests CLOSED)by smarticle20
Oneshots based on the seddie ship from iCarly. (requests are now closed)
Loved You First {a Bori - Victorious - fanfiction} by himynameisbells
Loved You First {a Bori - himynameisbells
A Bori from Victorious fanfiction. I ship Tori Vega and Beck Oliver hard and I was bored one day so I started writing a fanfic about them. Set a few years after graduati...
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Seddie Oneshots-Sams and freddie by crazyforseddie
Seddie Oneshots-Sams and freddieby megs
This is seddie one shots.Some will be fluffy and some will be a tiny bit sexual but not in proper detail so don't worry
Finally Falling Though Head's In The Clouds (Bori) by MB-143
Finally Falling Though Head's In MB-143
Tori and Beck shared some moments together and it seems pretty obvious they might have feelings for each other. Their friendship continues to grow into something more be...
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iNew Beginnings (An iCarly Seddie fanfic) by leiakatniss21
iNew Beginnings (An iCarly Leia the Critic
When Carly comes home from Italy, she is engaged and soon Seddie will find a way. All rights go to Nickelodeon
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After the elevator-Seddie:) by crazyforseddie
After the elevator-Seddie:)by megs
So this is gonna be after the episode "iloveyou"but they change there mind and stay together so i'm writing out the episodes after that but seddie as a couple...
iLoveYouAgain by Purple_Seddie
iLoveYouAgainby C
It's over. Sam and Freddie have broken up, and admitted they still love each other, but time passes. Carly moves back to Seattle from Italy and starts living with Spence...
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Seddie :) by seddiefanfics
Seddie :)by seddiefanfics
Don't worry, it's not stupid. I promise❤️
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iNew Life (iCarly and Seddie) by osnapitzyzzy
iNew Life (iCarly and Seddie)by -
Sam Puckett left her home with her mom because of. Problems. She wants to move in with Carly but can't because Carly's dad has moved in with them a month earlier and hat...
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Secret Kisses (Seddie AU) by randys_sidechick
Secret Kisses (Seddie AU)by Destiny Rose
//Complete\\ All it takes is one crash. One kiss. One confession. One gesture. And everything changes!
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Seddie on Sam and Cat by sncjana
Seddie on Sam and Catby sncjana
Well this is a storry about Seddie (S,am/Fr,eddie) going from the #TheKillerTunaJump episode when sam asked freddie on a date there is some cabbie in it to have fun read...
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My Ships by DramaFangirl25
My Shipsby Delena Salvatore
This is who I ship and fangirl over if you don't like them just don't comment and move on, you don't like my opinion then I don't care for yours, if you do like them fee...
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Seddie Fanfic: iProtect Sam Puckett by aestheticfanfic
Seddie Fanfic: iProtect Sam Puckettby My Name is...
Sam is constantly abused by her Mother's new boyfriends and Pam doesn't even know about it since she doesn't care about Sam. Sam decides that she can't take it anymore s...
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