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WattALegend: Quorin Saga by Fantasy
WattALegend: Quorin Sagaby Fantasy | Ambassadors
What a Legend! This June, the Fantasy family of Ambassadors' profiles brings you a legendary contest full of all the magical elements that our favorite genre holds. Do...
Treasure Map 2021 by SecretTreasures
Treasure Map 2021by Secret Treasures | Ambassadors
Have you ever wondered how the crew of a pirate vessel came to be, how they sail across the waters and gain new crewmembers? This is your chance to build your own pirate...
The Moon Distant by calmwolf
The Moon Distantby Violet
**Unfinished: more information inside*** The beasts lurk in the shadows. After years of biding her time, Maisie Castell escaped the Moon Distant, only to find the world...
Action & Adventure Contests by WattpadContests
Action & Adventure Contestsby Wattpad Contests | Ambassadors
Where you can find information about all the Action & Adventure contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
Secret Treasures - Guidebook by SecretTreasures
Secret Treasures - Guidebookby Secret Treasures | Ambassadors
This is your map to navigate the #SecretTresures profile, your guidebook on all you need to know.
Treasure Trove - Creative Writing by SecretTreasures
Treasure Trove - Creative Writingby Secret Treasures | Ambassadors
All kinds of fun creative prompts in our Treasure Trove, take a look and write us a gem! Contest and Challenges.
Aim to Enjoy! - A Series of Oneshots by MildredGeorge
Aim to Enjoy! - A Series of Kairi Namikaze
A book where I post different one shots, mostly for contests but also random one shots. I hope you all enjoy them.
Tale of the Pirate King by cricketnz
Tale of the Pirate Kingby cricketnz
A tale of corruption, treasure and a Pirate King
WattALegend 2021 - Quorin Saga by retold
WattALegend 2021 - Quorin Sagaby Retold | Ambassadors
What a Legend! This June, the Fantasy family of Ambassadors' profiles brings you a legendary contest full of all the magical elements that our favorite genre holds. Do...
The Librarian: Retelling Of Famous Books by imaan7388
The Librarian: Retelling Of Imaan
~ a completed Wattpad featured story, one in coffee shop brew stories, three in adventure, one addictive story of 2020 and an anthology of different characters joined in...
WattALegend 2021 - Quorin Saga by SecretTreasures
WattALegend 2021 - Quorin Sagaby Secret Treasures | Ambassadors
Ten kingdoms. One world. One fantastic contest. Do you have what it takes? WattALegend is a collaborative contest brought to you by the following profiles: Fantasy high...
Whispered Secrets - Interviews by SecretTreasures
Whispered Secrets - Interviewsby Secret Treasures | Ambassadors
In here you will find all our interviews with various Wattpad authors! Have a sit down with us and enjoy their whispered secrets, shared advice and the excitement of mee...
A collection of spooky Halloween stories by saracmack
A collection of spooky Halloween saracmack
This is a collection of spooky Halloween stories. Most of them are short stories, with no more than 500 words. Amongst others, there are ghosts, vampires, pumpkins and c...
Sea Blues by lovingtimetravel
Sea Bluesby lovingtimetravel
"Jeremiah, I finally found it," he wrote before wiping off another gush of sweat threatening to drip from his chin onto the stiff, yellowed paper of his logbo...
Deep Tales by JoeRover2
Deep Talesby Joe Rover
A collection of stories for Tales of the Deep and Secret Treasures prompts. May actually become a full story.
Phantom Worlds by FrancisTheGreat12
Phantom Worldsby Let Me Sleep
People are taken every year. What goes on behind closed doors? Where do they go? What do they see? And most importantly, why does nobody ever return from that place?
Cold Fusion - A Sci-Fi Anthology by Perci_Snickedy
Cold Fusion - A Sci-Fi Anthologyby p e r s e p h o n e
A collection of competition entries, prompt responses and short stories. All are science fiction.
Treasure Collection - Anthology by SecretTreasures
Treasure Collection - Anthologyby Secret Treasures | Ambassadors
An anthology for all our favorite entries in the Treasure Trove - Creative writing contests.
Into The Unknown by erikbacklund
Into The Unknownby Erik Bäcklund
Tessy was brought to the underworld by her dead grandmother. What she didn't know was that it would be so beautiful, but don't let you be tricked by the light. Everywher...
A Hallowed Anthology: Contest Entries for Halloween Vault 3D by darthwitty
A Hallowed Anthology: Contest Skylar Wittenborn
A collection of spooky stories from a variety of genres. From Loki to lakes, cantinas to witches, there's all kinds of stories lurking within. Take a look inside if you...