Secrettreasures Stories

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The Moon Distant by calmwolf
The Moon Distantby Violet
**Unfinished: more information inside*** The beasts lurk in the shadows. After years of biding her time, Maisie Castell escaped the Moon Distant, only to find the world...
Action & Adventure Contests by WattpadContests
Action & Adventure Contestsby WattpadContests
Where you can find information about all the Action & Adventure contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
Creating Ever After by KarelleBalla
Creating Ever Afterby Tin
🌸 Featured on Wattpad Paranormal - Romance - Adventure - Young Adult - High Fantasy - YASciFantasy - Magic - Wattpad Chronicle - Profile Mental Health - Horns and Halos...
Secret Treasures - Guidebook by SecretTreasures
Secret Treasures - Guidebookby Secret Treasures
This is your map to navigate the #SecretTresures profile, your guidebook on all you need to know.
A Breath of Ocean Air by GNxDDD
A Breath of Ocean Airby G
A collection of sea-themed original stories.
Hex [Slow Updates] by onyxmuse
Hex [Slow Updates]by Onyx Muse
"No one should ever utter these words unless they have a death wish. No one should ever, ever go through these walls of sanction unless they have a desire of etern...
Whispered Secrets - Interviews by SecretTreasures
Whispered Secrets - Interviewsby Secret Treasures
In here you will find all our interviews with various Wattpad authors! Have a sit down with us and enjoy their whispered secrets, shared advice and the excitement of mee...
Hidden Treasures by changingforever
Hidden Treasuresby Naseeha
Rank 1(Sailor)-Rank 3(Boatswaine) entry to the Tales Of Sea Treasures. Hope you enjoy! -*- Rank 1: When the essence of the island is caged, what would you do? Rank 2: Le...
Aim to Enjoy! - A Series of Oneshots by MildredGeorge
Aim to Enjoy! - A Series of Kairi Namikaze
A book where I post different one shots, mostly for contests but also random one shots. I hope you all enjoy them.
Treasure Collection - Anthology by SecretTreasures
Treasure Collection - Anthologyby Secret Treasures
An anthology for all our favorite entries in the Treasure Trove - Creative writing contests.
The Eternal Sleep: A Collection of Short Stories by Michael_Gillis
The Eternal Sleep: A Collection Michael Gillis
A collection of short stories, many yet to be written. The first: a story about a silent medieval village, and a little girl. Submission for the Historical Fiction Smack...
Cold Fusion - A Sci-Fi Anthology by Perci_Snickedy
Cold Fusion - A Sci-Fi Anthologyby p e r s e p h o n e
A collection of competition entries, prompt responses and short stories. All are science fiction.
Forest Of Secrets (The Waking Roots Book Two) by AshleyRaeOfficial
Forest Of Secrets (The Waking Ashley Rae
After escaping from the mountian with her newfound friends, Serenity finds that what she thought to have happened in the past has a different side to it's story. Reunite...
Sea Blues by lovingtimetravel
Sea Bluesby lovingtimetravel
"Jeremiah, I finally found it," he wrote before wiping off another gush of sweat threatening to drip from his chin onto the stiff, yellowed paper of his logbo...
Deep Tales by JoeRover2
Deep Talesby Joe Rover
A collection of stories for Tales of the Deep and Secret Treasures prompts. May actually become a full story.
Socially Inept by SilverSuka
Socially Ineptby SilverSuka
Re is what you would call "socially inept" she practically has the social abilities of a potatoe, and has no idea what shes doing with her life. When she moves...
Wild Whispers by heyhannahj
Wild Whispersby Hannah Neely
A collection of short stories, contest entries, and more. All types of flash fiction from romance to fantasy to poetry! One: The Kyra Box Two: Home Away from Home Thre...
A Treasure Trove: Whoosits and Whatsits Galore by HM_Braverman
A Treasure Trove: Whoosits and H.M. Braverman
Competition Entries for Tales of Sea Treasures and other competitions. #1 in Secret Treasures #2 in Tales of the Deep #14 in Collections (out of 4K) #482 (of 83k) in...