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Anastasia Udinov by LeahForShort
Anastasia Udinovby LeahForShort
Anastasia Udinov Stasia for short is the older sister of Alexandra Udinov Alex for short.When Alex was thirteen and Stasia was fifteen their family home was raided her f...
  • secretgovernment
  • amandacollins
  • division
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The man in the green hat by ChristinJohnson1
The man in the green hatby Christin Johnson
There really was no telling what was going on in the head of the man with the green hat. He had been standing in front of the crime scene for what seemed like hours, try...
  • family
  • secretgovernment
  • solving
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The Runaway Found by r5_arefive
The Runaway Foundby r5_arefive
Ellington Ratliff finds a body washed up on shore. It is first assumed to be a runaway teenager. The autopsy reveals she was carrying sensitive secret government informa...
  • secretgovernment
  • rockylynch
  • rydellynch
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If a Tree Falls by Francesca_Cohn
If a Tree Fallsby Francesca_Cohn
A girl with a fiery passion, a boy with an icy soul, a girl with an electric heart, and the boy who is their rock are all more than just kids. They're weapons and they a...
  • firepower
  • earthpower
  • lightning
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The Fallen One by marybawsome
The Fallen Oneby marybawsome
When linse starts to think the world couldn't be anymore cruel she finds out the truth about where she came from how she got put on this earth and needs to make a decisi...
  • adventure
  • secretgovernment
  • romance
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Wolves and Foxes by WolvenPrincess
Wolves and Foxesby Silver A. Rosetree
Going through her usual morning run suddenly Selena sees something that will give her life unexpected twists.
  • wolves
  • secretgovernment
  • experiments
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A World Said To Be Perfect by ShiroriAkuma
A World Said To Be Perfectby ShiroriAkuma
In a city made of metal and plastic in the very far future, a boy named Mark yearns to venture beyond the walls of his home. Along with his best friends Henry, and Elisa...
  • metalworld
  • future
  • mark
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We Are The Advanced  by pidgeion
We Are The Advanced by Bamboozled
My life wasn't super normal. I mean I was sixteen living alone on the streets . It became even weirder when some crazy waitress freaking drugged me and I ended up DEAD...
  • paranormal
  • mutant
  • secretgovernment
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The Secret Goverment(On Hold) by essendaprincess
The Secret Goverment(On Hold)by Pravib Neeta
You heard me right. Brainwashed. ---------------------------------------------- What happens when you get brainwashed? What if that happens at school? The one place you...
  • firstbookmade
  • lasers
  • scifi
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The Government Secret by theslicer03
The Government Secretby Kristen Joyce
A secret organization in the government, who trains people who lost their families to become agents. This secret organization is called Transer. They force the agents to...
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