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Purr_ple_95 by ShresthaSimran123
Purr_ple_95by Charil Meng
" Wow , he's so famous . Do you know who's he ? He's totally dope man ." The girls almost freaked out staring at their phone . " Huh ? How can a man be s...
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Electric Heart Beat || BNHA Fanfic || Kamijirou by BarleyFanatic
Electric Heart Beat || BNHA Barlee <3
A fluffy KamiJirou story. Jirou is insecure about how pretty she actually is, and Kaminari attempts to convince her that she shouldn't get offended by Mineta. (While try...
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The Assistant  by amistrali
The Assistant by Alina Mistrali-Spillman
Y/N, the daughter of the CEO, is the personal assistant to G Dragon with a crush spanning the entire 10 years she has worked with him. G Dragon is home from the military...
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Drowning Thoughts by its_aditi
Drowning Thoughtsby Aditi
"But I was left broken For you proved me wrong once again" Nothing much but just a collection of my thoughts. All rights are reserved. Do Not Copy.
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I like My Neighbor by BabyMJ06
I like My Neighborby maxieeemae
Pa'no kung nagka gusto ka sa kapitbahay mo? tapos di mo kakilala? tapos di mo alam yung pangalan? tapos di mo alam yung age gap niyo? edi nga-nga. mahihirapan kang I-sea...
Good Girl meets Bad Boy (ff Jungkook) by pabo_kookie2991
Good Girl meets Bad Boy (ff pabo x kookie
Y/n and Jungkook were enemies but... reader x Jungkook She meets him after long time After summer... Hope you are going to like it
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•| Life With My Aunt |• by Dilipocheemer
•| Life With My Aunt |•by ~|Emma|~
After the death of her parents, Evelyne Fox goes to live with her aunt. She loves her new life, traveling the world, going to her first year of highschool, making new fr...
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She kissed me and sealed the only key to my heart. by day__dreamer1403
She kissed me and sealed the day dreamer
Two middle-class Indian families. Two best friends once became enemies now. "Dhakshu and Bharath" Dhakshu's marriage broke. Bharath married Dhakshu. Still...
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A new Era ( BNHA fanfic) owo by savage_spaghetti
A new Era ( BNHA fanfic) owoby mochiî
This book is about three UA students who have insanely powerfull quirks ..... One of them just happens to be Midoriya's son. By the time the pillar of hope decides to re...
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Secret Crush by Sakura_Kissu
Secret Crushby INFINITY_무한대
The story is about a three high school students named Ouyang Smart, Katsumi Hyousuke and Mikasa Bookman who were best friends. But soon, found out that Hyousuke and Ouya...
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nothing compares to you || minsung by kulspetspennan
nothing compares to you || minsungby - s a m -
Dear jisung. I love you. - So this is a fanfic, my first one on this profile and my first ever written in english (im swedish btw) I'm writing this in english bc i wan...
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 Kahein Naa Kahein by Daisysimran
Kahein Naa Kaheinby Harsimran
What are you gonna do when you feel a romantic and deep connection with your childhood best friend who have no idea about your feelings? Will you confess your feelings w...
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SHATTERED:Having  a secret crush by Chiaradaniels
SHATTERED:Having a secret crushby Chiaradaniels
After Turan devall was almost killed during a shootout against the FBI in new York,she decided that maybe the big city wasn't for her after all and moved to crescent cit...
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This is not your everyday love story... by Erick_Belloc
This is not your everyday love Erick_Belloc
Axel, a happy teenage boy, has never felt like there was something missing in his life, until a particular day he discovers what he is missing and tries to give it no im...
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Taming The Beast  by Bunniside
Taming The Beast by Kericia Williams
A sequel for My Sweet Bastard and a spin-off for Blindly in Love. Maddison McCoy is a young beautiful university Graduate. Louis Agreste is expanding the family compan...
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Just Friends by missbeanbag
Just Friendsby kurumi'snotplain
Jade and Brett are best friends since birth. Everything is perfectly fine, until puberty hits both of them in different ways. Brett becomes the popular school achiever...
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My Unexpected Love by MissKaylee96
My Unexpected Loveby Kaylee
**COMPANION TO MY LOST LOVE** Kendall Williams' life was perfect in everyone's eyes. She had a perfect boyfriend, she was on the dance and cheer team at school, she got...
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Lying to Myself by apsararodrigo
Lying to Myselfby Apsara Rodrigo
Sixteen-year-old Bianca Erasmus is supposed to be a normal teenager living in Port Elizabeth. However, her life is filled with misery. Waking up to a school day means de...
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Helping a friend  by random_stuff06
Helping a friend by A random fangirl
Your helping your friend on a practice date but what happens when you start falling for her
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She Looks So Perfect by Sakura_KitKat
She Looks So Perfectby Kitianna Katt
ColbyXOriginal Character -- Colby doesn't want to be forced into a lukewarm relationship. He wants real love, but his friends keep pushing him to just go out with someon...
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