Secondwife Stories

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Her unwanted love ✅ by bookworthy
Her unwanted love ✅by bookworthy
Idris alam man of his words workholic, short tempered but can't say no to his parents. What happens when this mamas boy gets married for his mother. Will be able to love...
I Will Become A Proper Villainess by LAmerica06
I Will Become A Proper Villainessby LAmerica
The princess died because of a successful assassination yet she wakes up in one of the recent novel she read before dying. A Cliche story of a Main Character who was for...
Billionaire's second wife . by leinnajones
Billionaire's second wife .by Nikita Bisht
She was married to a billionaire for a loveless child who was married before. Thus called "Billionaire's Second Wife" .
Second Wife by Mounchy
Second Wifeby Mounchy
Being a second wife is rather like learning to perfect a set of aerial maneuvers. There are seriously complicated stunts involved: trapezing around the first wife, learn...
Agar Tum Saath Ho.  by ThatPakistaniGurl
Agar Tum Saath Ho. by Mari.
Love and duty go side by side.
Remarriage  by drbdr1
Remarriage by drbdr1
Its my 1st story so plz ignore the mistakes. Its a story of aayushi a widow and is pregnant whose husband died in an accident. And adarsh his wife died while giving bir...
Whirlwind by WimpieKid
Whirlwindby WimpieKid
Faith Hempstead. We see atleast 100 people everyday.There are so many stories to behold and hear.What is the chance of knowing someone?A one in a hundred.I like to grab...
My Reward; His Punishment. [COMPLETED] by letmeeewrite
My Reward; His Punishment. [ letmeeewrite
Jane's life has become even more tragic after marrying the hottest and sexiest person of her town, because Adam is yet into the death of his previous wife, much of a ste...
Kameela  by NegusNestor
Kameela by Aisha
A story about Kameela Azeez's marital life. The how, the when and the who. Follow Kameela as she experiences the good, the bad and maybe, just maybe, the ugly.
His Second Wife by quietbitch360
His Second Wifeby quietbitch360
Anaya and Ahmed have been happily married for years. They are what could be called the Perfect Couple. They have the most adorable twins called Hamza and Hannah. Anaya...
The Loyal Second Wife by jiang3chen4ever
The Loyal Second Wifeby JC love
Yuhan's boyfriend cheated on her with her cousin. After overcoming that shock she was getting married to his prince charming. At the wedding day he sent a appology lette...
My Old Flame by Jenshad882
My Old Flameby Nandana
LOVE..even though it's just a four letter word,it has this massive ability to change our life either for the best or for the can make you feel complete or broke...
Middle I by hyunaliesha
Middle Iby hyuna~`
私の名前は春斗です- Encik Haruto Erk? Encik memang tak boleh cakap melayu ke? Cer speaking? - Elisha --- Encik Haruto, boleh tak stop dengan jepun Encik tu? Saya datang sini buk...
The Second Wife by AvonBelpen
The Second Wifeby Avon Belpen
An ordinary woman with a big heart to children. Isang ulirang Daycare Center volunteer teacher lamang siya bago mawala ang kaniyang ina. But change came when she decided...
The second wife by Queen_Lia_Aj
The second wifeby PERSON UNDERCOVER
Jake grew up with two girls, and the two girls end up falling for him. He feels something between the two, but he has to choose one. Will he bring the second wife? Or wi...
Life in a polygamy family by blackfog_99
Life in a polygamy familyby blackfog_99
Polygyny-is the most common and accepted form of polygamy, entailing the marriage of a man with several women.
Secret Life Of A Second Wife by Naz348
Secret Life Of A Second Wifeby Naz348
Muslim girl on mission.... to share her story and change the way western society chooses to see this widely practiced but highly criticized and misunderstood lifestyle.