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The Fifth Marauder by AuThOr412
The Fifth Marauderby Katherine D
What if Remus Lupin had a little sister? Someone who was smart, magically adept, possessed of a rare power- but horribly shy and socially awkward. What if that sister f...
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A Glimpse Of You  by jpatt82
A Glimpse Of You by jpatt82
You were gifted as a child with ability to see the past, and sometimes the future. Abilities that are still not fully known. Tony stark brings you to the Avenger compoun...
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A Second Sight || Regency Romance/ Fantasy by Pure_Incandescence
A Second Sight || Regency Lost Somewhere in History
Ebony is living as a meek girl in the 1814 England. Her mother died of a terrible sickness in England. Her Father is quiet and spends his days in his study, vacant and u...
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Second Sight by boomthereshewas
Second Sightby boomthereshewas
It's funny when they met each other in the real world for the first time, and rightfully so. People who turn up in your dreams don't tend to turn up in real life. But wh...
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THE POLISH GYPSY by greenangel5789
THE POLISH GYPSYby greenangel5789
The day started out innocently enough. Just helping my mother clean her basement. What could go wrong? We came upon a large brown box filled with papers. Old utility...
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Edge Of The Abyss by EllaraNithercott
Edge Of The Abyssby Lara
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The Gifted by MaddyCakes2001
The Giftedby MaddyCakes2001
Kara Phoenix is a troubled teen who saw her parents die before it even happened, but no one believes her. Now Kara lives with her mysterious grandmother who has been kee...
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The Sight Saga by SmallBobInc
The Sight Sagaby bitter's in fashion
Kaitlyn Meyers isn't afraid of what goes bump in the night. The first time she felt the pull, her brother had appeared after being killed in a car accident. She's convin...
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