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✔️Twice Plus One!?/PAGE TWO/ by Cold_jane10
✔️Twice Plus One!?/PAGE TWO/by jeeyn_kold
"This is just the start." Book two of "Twice plus one?!" /Mate have some fun~/
Second Lead Syndromes Of Kdramas by incomprehenssible
Second Lead Syndromes Of Kdramasby 💜
Remembering all the second leads of kdramas who deserved better.
Aashiqui 3 -FANFICTION by shewritesherwords
Aashiqui 3 -FANFICTIONby dramaticsoul
((......ONGOING)) After 3 years of her beloved Rahul Jaykar's tragic 'suicide' , Aarohi was believed to moved on from the trauma by the people. Or can I say she preten...
no one wishes at the snow by itsatravesty
no one wishes at the snowby Travesty
Summary: Marrying for love was for the fortunate few. Marrying for love happened in fairytales and movies and dramas. Not real life. In real life, everyone married for c...
BAEK KYUNG Just A Human Being by Rosalinemary
BAEK KYUNG Just A Human Beingby Rosaline
Baek Kyung is the misunderstood second lead from drama "ExtraordinaryYou". He is hated without being given the chance to explain himself, treated like a villa...
Heirs (Choi Young Do Fanfiction) by linebyswa
Heirs (Choi Young Do Fanfiction)by linebyswa
Min Y/N is the sole heiress of MIN corporation was forced to get engaged with Kim Won for business purpose ,When she moved to Jeguk high school where she encounters Kim...
S.L.S [KaoMiah Fanfiction] by SecretEscapey
S.L.S [KaoMiah Fanfiction]by I'mNoOne
In a world set for two main characters, one outside is looking in. However, the second lead was chosen in the heat of the moment. The second lead who did everything he c...
(Kang Soojin × Han Seojun) The Second Lead Syndrome by Escape0204
(Kang Soojin × Han Seojun) The escape withme
Two years after the events in True Beauty, Han Seojun is a popular and successful idol singer while Kang Soojin is the Head of Fundraising at a charity. As their paths i...
A Pause In My Heart by sarahr918
A Pause In My Heartby YuMarkNoMin
What would happen if Dal Mi was still irrevocably in love with her penpal and not the person she knows now as "Do San"? A fic if Han Ji Pyeong was the lead. [...
Two faced by cyjsxk
Two facedby ツ
If there's anything Ye Eun would wish for, is to not go to the seniors graduation party. Her brother Dohyun, would finally be graduating high school and leaving their pa...
BIO-ROMANTIC by illerious
BIO-ROMANTICby deucezage
Feud have never been in a relationship since she's so confused with her gender orientation. But what happened if a random guy start hitting on her? I can compete, but I...
Idiot --- Han Seo Jun by Andrianna2016
Idiot --- Han Seo Junby Andrianna2016
He tossed his pen away in frustration. "Why does maths even have anything in it besides numbers?" "Idiot". Staring at the ceiling of the library thro...
Cold sweetheart (hiatus) by seprakim3105
Cold sweetheart (hiatus)by Seprakim3105
Y/N a pervert and dirty-minded girl she is introverted so she doesn't have many friends she has only 2 friends she will talk to them whole day and she won't talk to anyo...
Thorn of Eden by snowsaram
Thorn of Edenby snowsaram
Unwanted. Unchanged. Unrivaled. Unwa reincarnates into her least favorite novel and unfortunately steals the heart of the Duke of Eden. An unpleasant story, with limited...
Paper Wings (#2) [☆ PREVIEW ☆] by spencerhoshino
Paper Wings (#2) [☆ PREVIEW ☆]by Spencer Hoshino
[☆ PREVIEW ☆ This is the first three chapters of Paper Wings. Information about publication forthcoming! ] Finally back on track with her longtime best friend, Kai, enga...
Crossing Between Worlds by lazybookworm_
Crossing Between Worldsby anon
Being in a storybook isn't all it's cracked up to be. Doing everything that's written, no freedom, no choice, only alive to support the storyline. It's a nightmare, one...
Her Love Story  by iamahotsauce
Her Love Story by iamahotsauce
She compared me to a star, I smiled. I guess I can be her light during her dark days. But my smile started to fade when I realized something. I'm just a star, nothing co...
From the mind of a K-drama addict ! by code_17
From the mind of a K-drama addict !by Jeenie Kim
Just some random fics, I come up with, influenced by my favourite leads! Probably one-shots or multi chapter ff's!! ©mrs.jinnie17 •| i am such a drama-book addict|•