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It Was Just A Mistake //langst\\ by VoltronLover174
It Was Just A Mistake //langst\\by xXBelieverXx
Team Voltron Just recived a stress Call from a close by planet, it was green ,blue and white. But also one thing these Creatures that live on this planet can Read certa...
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Who is Peter Parker? by -Star-Struk-
Who is Peter Parker?by -Star-Struk-
Being a team, the Mid Town School of Technology decathlon team knew eachother like the back of their hands. You could almost call them friends, but how could they be? Th...
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Step Sibling Love  by TheMissingDeadGirl
Step Sibling Love by Missing Girl
Life starts off just the way she like it growing up until it changes and she has to adapt to the point where it's all new. then when she get used to it but then it all c...
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A pained smile (a naruto fanfic) by MiecoDeecy
A pained smile (a naruto fanfic)by lol NOPE
Team seven; a team that was never really meant to function properly due to the clashing personalities and talents of the group. In any other circumstances then these thr...
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The Alphas Hurt Mate by Sass-A-Bear
The Alphas Hurt Mateby Sass~A~Bear
So this is the first story I'm gonna do. Please tell me how I can improve and if I should continue writing this book. This book will have some Italian but i will have it...
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Thoughts I wouldn't want you to know || poems by hxra11
Thoughts I wouldn't want you to H I R A
Everyone's thoughts are secret. Everyone's thoughts my seem different but are linked in many ways. Everyone like to put up a front for everyone to see, hoping others do...
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Scattering Winds by sanii_0645
Scattering Windsby Sanii
The story of a arrogant ans self-centered girl through her journey of finding her true self. Battling with love, life, family, friends, and a fucked up guy, her life see...
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The Lost Twins: Truth To Be Told by crazydolphin1
The Lost Twins: Truth To Be Toldby natalia
When Gabriella is 15 and just starts her 2 year in a new school, she reconises a man that she thinks she saw before. Later on she has just bad luck until one day... PLZ...
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Escape by Fireflare2000
Escapeby Fireflare
Skyler has been trying to get away from her abusive brother Jaden for years her parents don't believe her and are hardly ever home the only one who knows is her best fri...
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So Here's What Happened.... by ShaylaAnnGibson6
So Here's What Shayla
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Miss. Popular by wonderhigh
Miss. Popularby Wonderer
In a Westfield High where popularity is a race, and winner of that race is Ade, short for Adriana. Ade Sergio is the queen bee, rules the school, the head cheerleader...
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The Birth of the Nobody by casperc3056
The Birth of the Nobodyby Courtney Casper
Emma Haru was your typical sixteen year old girl, that is until she suddenly realized the life she was living was nothing but a lie. She then meets Dai, a cryptic charac...
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Mine To Taint by yourgirlbaileyx
Mine To Taintby bailey
It was dark. A strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I felt his warm breath fan over my ear whilst his head was slowly placed in the crooked of my neck. It was li...
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Quiet School Boy. (Mark GOT7) by OliviaEdwardss
Quiet School Boy. (Mark GOT7)by Jamless Potato
An ordinary school girl finds herself in a bit of trouble as she unlocks the secrets of a boy in her class who is always quiet. Will she sort things out or remain in tro...
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Artemis Child by Sarcasmint
Artemis Childby Sarcasmint
Artemis, girl of the mountains, girl of the night, girl who draws the string. No hesitation. Goddess Girl, Lighting girl - Girl who never grows old.Girl...
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The Persistence Of Lifes Incidences (BEING EDITED) by crazymagic96
The Persistence Of Lifes E. D. Jones
"Would it help to find a place to start? Maybe the beginning, with what happened at the school possibly?" Ellen brings me out of my thoughts. I close my eyes...
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Jc caylen: romantic fanfiction by momo21801
Jc caylen: romantic fanfictionby momo21801
Jc caylen. your best friend since you were kids. this is a tragic love story on how you fall inlove with your best friend and you go on one hell of a ride with him. enjo...
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From Emo to Adorable by SailorJupiterKitty
From Emo to Adorableby SailorJupiterKitty
17 year old Emma delvi still sleeps with stuffed animals. but this girl has an amazing voice. she makes a band with her friends as a fun thing. will crushes and secrets...
HitchHiked Love by modelbroad_
HitchHiked Loveby modelbroad_
When Dwayne is going through a relationship problem with destiny he doesn't know how to get out of the relationship .. driving home one day he picks up a beautiful women...
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New Beginnings ♡ by chloe-george
New Beginnings ♡by chloe-george
Riley Waters is the daughter of a powerful and highly respected alpha but when her parents don't return after a 'business' trip her whole world is turned upside down . ...
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