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ClickBait by SugaBlccsom
ClickBaitby SugaBlccsom
When Ciel suddenly gets a message from a mystery person flirting with him, he expects it to be a joke. Obviously, he doesn't take it too seriously, so what will unravel...
Growing Close [COMPLETED] by AngelsCakes03
Growing Close [COMPLETED]by Angel'sCake
Falling in love is easy. Understanding why is hard. Will Sebastian and Ciel be able to stay together through every hardship? But maybe its just what they need to fall in...
My Perfect Man (Sebaciel Modern AU) by AngelsCakes03
My Perfect Man (Sebaciel Modern AU)by Angel'sCake
Ciel Phantomhive, a 16 year old softmore who is surrounded by fangirls and fanboys. Sebastian Michaelis, a senior with just as many fans. What happens when two of the mo...
Sleeping with my Teacher~ SebaCiel (SMUT WARNING) by CielWantsTea
Sleeping with my Teacher~ CielWantsTea
{SMUT/YAOI} ( RANK #1 IN SEBACIEL+ SEBASTIANXCIEL !!!! ) Sebastian michaelis, The new teacher at a school with a most interesting secret... At day a special teacher, At...
My Hell Pet★ by waffle_princess
My Hell Pet★by Ginie ʚ♡⃛ɞ
Modern day AU. Ciel is a shape shifter that was captured by a sex loving demon, Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian is the adoptive son of the most feared demon, Claude, alt...
My Butler, My Lover (SebastianXCiel) by BlackJibberJabber
My Butler, My Lover ( Jibber Jab
Ciel finds his life hard as it is. But as Sebastian starts showing love for his dear master, a unlikely visit from a family member surprises both of them. Sebastian woul...
Family by alissathetriplet
Familyby A
Guess who is in town and decides to visit their older demon brother? Thats right, Sebastian's siblings are here and ready to interfere with his work. What will Ciel thin...
I Love You, It's As Simple As That. ~COMPLETED~ by Orquidiea_Writer
I Love You, It's As Simple As Orquidiea_Writer
{Sebaciel story} After finding out who Jack the Ripper was, Ciel fell into a small depression that began to become a big problem for his demon butler. The young earl wa...
Demon love lasts forever by WeirdoEmmy
Demon love lasts foreverby Emmy
What happens if a demon falls in love? Can a demon even fall in love? Will Sebastian ever see Ciel's beautiful smile again? Let's find it out and get into the world of...
Every Demon's Curse (Sebastian x Ciel | SebaCiel) by phantomatsuoka
Every Demon's Curse (Sebastian x phantomichaelis
[Highest rank: #1 on sebastianxciel, #6 under the sebaciel tag] Bound by a curse to last until he come face to face with his perishable end, Sebastian Michaelis once tho...
The Evil Champion by waterb0i
The Evil Championby Alice
Ciel Phantomhive has been in contract with his Demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, for four years now, making him 17. The two are slowly coming to two realizations. 1.) H...
BORN BROKEN (Sebaciel Modern Au) by AngelsCakes03
BORN BROKEN (Sebaciel Modern Au)by Angel'sCake
Ciel Phantomhive is a 15 year old dealing with his own problems. When Sebastian, a detective, gets a case on Ciel's Aunt, he's left with no where to turn. Will sparks fl...
Marked by paperbutsingular
Markedby Paige/Paper
The corners of his lips turn upward. Mine follow. "You're foul," Sebastian says. "You're disgusting," I reply with a smile. "Absolutely appallin...
Cute Fanart for the Average Sebaciel Shipper by AngelsCakes03
Cute Fanart for the Average Angel'sCake
Just some Sebaciel fanart I have collected! I obviously do not own any of the fanart!!! Fanart was solely found on google and Instagram!!!! I hope you enjoy the endless...
My Boyfriend is an Otaku by SenpaiPhantomhive
My Boyfriend is an Otakuby SenpaiPhantomhive
Ciel is your everyday Otaku, who tends to stay distant towards others. Despite that, his fate is intertwined with Sebastian. Sebastian is quite popular and ever so appro...
Demon' s Lover (Sebastian xCiel) book 1 #wattys2016 by fallenangel176
Demon' s Lover (Sebastian xCiel) fallenangel176
Ciel finally got his revenge but now he's on a new priority. Sabatian's heart. does he even have one or is he plain heartless?
I only want you, Ciel by Michaelis_Phantom
I only want you, Cielby Michaelis_Phantom
modern high school au. boyxboy Ciel Phantomhive is a new student to public school. Sebastian Michaelis is a popular student. Will Sebastian be able to get Ciel or will...
Reincarnation (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fanfic) (Ciel x Sebastian)(Sebaciel) by cutekawaiiciel
Reincarnation (Kuroshitsuji/ cutekawaiiciel
Sequel to Kuroshitsuji II. Following a moment of betrayal 100 years ago, Sebastian meets someone named Ciel that resembles his young master exactly in present day London...
Demon's Kind of love (Sebciel) Book 2 (boyxboy) by fallenangel176
Demon's Kind of love (Sebciel) fallenangel176
Sebastian and Ciel have been engaged for 6 months with a daughter, great life, aervants. Everything they want, until strange things start happening around them. Sabasti...
Library (Ciel x Sebastian) by deadlinetokyo
Library (Ciel x Sebastian)by 🖤fan girl🖤
Ciel is in love with books. He always goes to the library. One day he sees a really handsome man named Sebastian. Sebastian is the new librarian. Ciel continues to go th...