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My Silent Words by MysteriousAsset
My Silent Wordsby Mr. Mystery
Alexander Ray, a fourteen year old mute child just moved in New York to start a new beginning there. And his new life started in his new school. Isaiah Fernandez, Alex's...
He's My Seatmate by jozlec_
He's My Seatmateby jozlec_a
He's My Seatmate is an AU (alternate universe) where a girl that has near-death accident trauma meets a boy with amnesia. They thought that they meet when they were kids...
seatmate 2 | pjm by Exhaustaed
seatmate 2 | pjmby - jeonspremium
sequal of seatmate | jimin. "even if you're dead, part of you is still alive y/n" - pjm
Seatmate to Soulmate by ShanLS
Seatmate to Soulmateby ShanLS
Seatmate ng magandang binibini ang isang lalaking cold at mukhang galit sa mundo. Palagi silang magkasama hanggang sa nag-iba ang ugali ng lalaki at bumait ito. Kung t...
seatmate | pjm by Exhaustaed
seatmate | pjmby - jeonspremium
"love is blind" - pjm
A girl who dosen't know what true love means, But a boy comes to her life. They become bestfriends, they're comfortable with each other, they bond, everything is fine an...
So it's you (ElNella) by yourguardiangela
So it's you (ElNella)by yourguardiangela
Who would have thought that the two strangers who suddenly become seatmates in just one class during their college days would lead them to love they are dreaming of? exp...
Designated Places by Miss_TeriousMaiden
Designated Placesby Janz_Elle
Have you ever fall inlove with your seatmate? What do you feel whenever you are beside him? Does your heart wanted to escape its ribcage everytime he did something to ma...
Forcefully Married To My Seatmate by YunaKougami
Forcefully Married To My Seatmateby Yuna Kougami
This is about a cheerful,energetic girl who is forcefully married to her seatmate.
ONE-SHOT Stories by MysteriousInfinite
ONE-SHOT Storiesby ✨Terious✨
Aking sinulat at iniaalay sa iba't ibang tao, Mga Maiikling kwento, Pero pasensiya na, Kung ikaw ay masaktan habang nag-babasa, Masyadong malalim ang pinanghugutan ng ma...
Maybe yes, Maybe no by EtherealCaelum
Maybe yes, Maybe noby Sn²
When can I be so sure of this love? When can't I be afraid of falling in love? Why am I afraid if this relationship's gonna work? Why can't I let the Universe to make Us...
Waterfall (Sample) by beabei__
Waterfall (Sample)by beatrice
Charlotte Nightingale is just your typical student-- sometimes absentminded, falls asleep in class but totally responsible. Spelling 'average' would otherwise mean spell...
Too Far Awayby Trisha Araneta
"It's just a dare, jeziah! You really thought i'll fall for you? Let's end this." Im a transferee and this girl named Jeziah Aigendwen is my seatmate. I met...
Seatmate by StrikedByEnigma
Seatmateby StrikedByEnigma
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Short kind-of-a-long story I'm not forcing you to read this boring story but just do it. Let me know what you th...
Should I Tell Her? by Paperheartsforyou
Should I Tell Her?by Herbie Dignos
Kellin Scott is a 12th grade student of Kentford University who happens to be the campus heartthrob and is secretly in love with his seatmate Cassidy Jones-a mysterious...
Simula Nang Magkakilala by DiamondHeart71106
Simula Nang Magkakilalaby BLUE PHOENIX
Nagbago ang lahat, Simula nang magkakilala......