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CERTIFIED GIRL FAG by aquarius_21
I'm Scarlet Rose Brooks, a girl who never intended nor expected to fall inlove with a guy who's beyond my expectations. I`ve been in love with my best friend for four ye...
  • man-whore
  • chest
  • angry
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Summers End by MissDicey
Summers Endby Ainsley
Bell and her parents go on a holiday to a small town in California for the summer. The town only has a couple hundred people and she runs into Matt he is the best thing...
  • shock
  • wedding
  • secret
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Upside Down by Dupree_Wolfe
Upside Downby Dupree
Copyright © 2012 "It's not something so easily controlled. Just like the sun sets every night and rises again in the morning, how birds fly south for the winter, an...
  • black
  • pencil
  • kill
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Exchanging Body Heat In The Passenger Seat (Brendon Urie Love Story) (Completed) by Umm_Why
Exchanging Body Heat In The Well Its Complicated
A girl named Alex starts a new school. Her best friend Mike is there so it's no big deal to her. What's happens when she meets a very flirty Brendon and he turns her ups...
  • quickread
  • body
  • seat
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Midnight Racing by ChrisHux
Midnight Racingby C. Hux
Lawrence Kaiser lebt ein normales und ruhiges Leben im Westen von Deutschland. Als er wenige Tage nach dem Kauf eines neuen Autos, Nachts spät nach Hause fährt, gerät...
  • autos
  • racing
  • bmw
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Concern by sinetully71
Concernby sinetully71
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  • act
  • guy
  • seat
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If you have ever experienced a UTI(Urinary Tract Infection )you probably know the agony of that terrible burning feeling and relentless need to pee and you will do anyth...
  • utiinwomens
  • womens
  • sanitizer
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My Life In The 11Th Division As A Girl by amandaxxxxx
My Life In The 11Th Division As Amanda
Sia has graduated out of the soul reapers academy and is place in division 11. The squad only has one other female member but she is always with Zaraki Kenpachi. How wil...
  • males
  • hate
  • humour
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Certain by alexandrosvichniac92
Certainby alexandrosvichniac92
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  • since
  • source
  • magazine
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Eye by rouvindelmerico78
Eyeby rouvindelmerico78
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  • hệ
  • impact
  • physical
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Expect the Unexpected by Cr8TiV3
Expect the Unexpectedby Cr8TiV3
It's just another regular girl's fifteenth birthday. Or is it? Amanda Skyler, who just turned fifteen, is getting an unexpected birthday surprise trip from her family. I...
  • brochure
  • chicken
  • surprises
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This by eugeneoleski35
Thisby eugeneoleski35
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  • address
  • sister
  • section
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Mrs by mateldagiovagnoli13
Mrsby mateldagiovagnoli13
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  • sister
  • budget
  • fill
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Full by nicodemusgauron97
Fullby nicodemusgauron97
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  • man
  • tree
  • effort
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Passenger Seat (one shot) by PilipinangChinita
Passenger Seat (one shot)by PilipinangChinita
Ang pagiging boss at ang pagiging emplayado ay napakalaking agwat hindi ba? Ngunit paano kung ma-inlove si bossing sa kanyang empleyado, na si empleyado ay kasalukuyang...
  • passenger
  • seat
Machine by cavanaugharchy93
Machineby cavanaugharchy93
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  • well
  • arm
  • seat
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System by cochardfulco20
Systemby cochardfulco20
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  • seat
  • month
  • man
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Send by rhubloemhof53
Sendby rhubloemhof53
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  • ability
  • foreign
  • three
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