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Destined to be together by fahimachougule
Destined to be togetherby ❤Love~fahi❤
I started stepping back as I saw him dangerously coming towards me. "Pl.. Please leave me...just go away". I said to him. But it doesn't effect him. "Yo...
  • love
  • muslim
  • wattys2017
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Zodiac Avenue by hotmessgal
Zodiac Avenueby hotmessgal
WELCOME TO THE ZODIAC AVENUE Discover your real star sign. Dazzle your Amazingness. Entitle who you are. Thanks a lot @Kumud03 for the ah-maz-yn cover! WOAH! ITS REACHED...
  • capricorn
  • wattys2017
  • gemini
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Back To Back by Kimayaa
Back To Backby Kimayaa ;)
Vedant Shah. Born into a family full of successful, self made entrepreneurs, struggling to make something equally meaningful out of his life. Meera Modi. A daughter fro...
  • ipcc
  • coachingclasses
  • bagswap
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A Princess's Sword by warrior_srarhb
A Princess's Swordby warrior_srarhb
***2nd in Fantasy in the Athena Awards!*** ***3rd in Fantasy in the Blossom Awards!*** Ranked #7 in horseriding As the only daughter of the king, Arilina will become rul...
  • horseback
  • horses
  • swordfighting
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You call this fate? by aqsamustaf
You call this fate?by aqsamustaf
'You call this fate' has won: 1st place in BLUE ROSE AWARDS 2017 (Action) 1st place in THE PURPLE APPLE AWARDS 2017 (General fiction) The One and Only Award in the RARI...
  • foreigncountry
  • ultimatecontest
  • ceo
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Becoming Beautiful by divya210
Becoming Beautifulby Div
Remember that one girl that always does her homework, gets good grades, is in all honors classes, wears sweatshirts and pants. Doesn't follow the rules, always gets in t...
  • bad
  • party
  • boys
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Falling for Paris by chintyadewi561
Falling for Parisby chia561
Aaron shouted in the middle of the night crowd and pulled her hand into his arms, "Paris, wait! Don't!" "Don't what?" Paris stared at him with the wi...
  • starteenfiction
  • wattpadchallenge
  • seasonspring2017
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Dear Me: The Reset Button by willow_danvers
Dear Me: The Reset Buttonby Willow
What if you could have a reset button, one that undos all of your most regretted mistakes? What if you could mend your past from the future? One dark purple rose and a...
  • timetravel
  • crime
  • teenager
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My Forbidden Ambition #RBLS by willow_danvers
My Forbidden Ambition #RBLSby Willow
~Winner of "Best Teen Fiction" in the RBLS season one competition and top seven finalist~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One dream. One promise. One choic...
  • wattys2016
  • relatable
  • werestillyoungnight
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Goodbye Me, Hello You by prezzieb
Goodbye Me, Hello Youby Brooke <3
Emily is a happy and cheery girl, the opposite of Tyra. They resent the personality and lifestyle of the other and pretty much everything else about their counterparts. ...
  • unlimitedpride
  • crystalrosejune
  • dreamers
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BAD VIBES. (Poetry) by alienated-pothato
BAD VIBES. (Poetry)by alienatedpothato
When the storm named moodswing hits me!
  • pain
  • wattpadcontests
  • hurt
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11 (pause) by alienated-pothato
11 (pause)by alienatedpothato
Do not read this book now. It's under construction! It may take some time! Will start updating it once the editing is complete. #272 - 17th of August 2017. #231...
  • thriller
  • karma
  • joreviewplanetawards2017
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Poetry From The Heart and Beyond by prezzieb
Poetry From The Heart and Beyondby Brooke <3
So here are basically a few of the poems I've been working on, they are still going through stages of editing, please let me know what you think of them 😘
  • dreams
  • heart
  • floweryflowerawards
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Statues and Empires by Raidriar93
Statues and Empiresby E. M. Spencer
::Highest Ranking: 497 in Science Fiction:: ::New Chapters Every Other Friday:: Adam Daws is a scavanger living off the remains of the once prosperous Earth. He wand...
  • artificialintelligence
  • furturistic
  • empire
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Crazy!!! by Crazy_to_the_End
Crazy!!!by Fanatical Scribe
"Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird, be whatever.... Because life is to short to be anything but happy" Words that's express my feelings that's wh...
  • passion
  • stupid
  • quotes
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Lost in Wanderlust  by boot_books
Lost in Wanderlust by Boot_Books
{ Highest Ranking #35 in Humour } 1st Place Winner - The Blueberry Awards || 2nd Place Winner - The Hidden Gems Awards || 2nd Place Winner - Wattpad Oscar Awards "Y...
  • travellove
  • adventurelove
  • travel
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CHAI AUR PAKODE #BCSA2017 #Dreamers #Wattys2017 by Annu_kap
CHAI AUR PAKODE #BCSA2017 chocolate lover🤗🍫🍫
A recipe book for those who are fond of cooking as well as for those who aren't.. It's a book containing many sections some of those are mentioned in the book descriptio...
  • seasonspring2017
  • wattys2017
  • dreamers
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❤Discovering Life❤ by PritiGaur
❤Discovering Life❤by Priti Gaur
"Life is half of how you make it and another half of how you take it" So no regrets... Life happens only once... It's all that I've gone through... And things...
  • seasonspring2017
  • aha2017
  • happiness
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