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Disney Descendants The Series: ShowDown by trayvonhaslam
Disney Descendants The Series: Trayvon Haslam
Guess Who's Back? In the Shocking Two Part Season Two Finale, Seth, Shanna, Ocean, and Stronghold successfully turn Ben, Audrey, Jane, and Chad evil with the Rotten For...
Swallow My Pride by medievalstranger
Swallow My Prideby medievalstranger
My take on Francis’ thoughts during the Frary reunion in the season finale
I'll Just Wait Here For You • Supernatural / Destiel Fanfiction [12x23] by SlushiesAtWork
I'll Just Wait Here For You • ~Talk Less~
We all clearly remember what happened before the black screen on the finale. And I most definitely love to give people feelings about their otps, so why not make a coda...
This is not yet the end. | T O N I G H T  finale by dylanxyue
This is not yet the end. | T O N mooncakestudios
- spoiler alert - for the readers who are still starting with my book. (Please Be Considerate And Continue Reading where you were off to reading) I'll give you the desc...
72 hours QUINTIS by BarbyHyuga
72 hours QUINTISby Bárbara Castro
3 days have passed since his proposal failed, 72 hours of tequila and loneliness and now Happy was there to make it better. QUINTIS
Disney Descendants The Series: Wicked Wins by trayvonhaslam
Disney Descendants The Series: Trayvon Haslam
In The Season Four Finale, Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Ben are struggling to except the fact that their last summer fully together before they graduate is over. But as s...
Embrace The Madness by wolfofbad
Embrace The Madnessby wolfofbad
The finale of season 2 of Hannibal And the thoughts that went Through Will's mind
Disrupted lovers by mickeocal
Disrupted loversby mickeocal
An average love story? I think not! Based in Russia 🇷🇺 A story about two Russian lovers in a rough time of society fighting for their love. Literally Also add my inst...
You Were Here, Now You're Gone by doctorsherlock10
You Were Here, Now You're Goneby Alex
This is for the recent season finale. Where Castle died in a car crash. Or did he?
Yuko's Journey Season 2 Volume 17 by TheRampage220
Yuko's Journey Season 2 Volume 17by The Rampage
Yuko and the gang go sightseeing and take pics to remember their vacation by before they leave the next day.Yuko has a dream and she meets Zukio once again but he's actu...
How everyone's lives changed by amandamf11
How everyone's lives changedby Captainandswan
This is a OUAT fanfic of what I imagine should happen on the episode after the winter finale. It will include things about Captainswan, Rumbelle, and Outlawqueen. I hope...
We Get What We Get (Part 2) by Mimijacinta
We Get What We Get (Part 2)by Mimijacinta
After the massacre at Arkham Asylum, Kory talks some sense into Dick.
Salvation by Carol_CCF
Salvationby Carol_CCF
Shortfic baseada na descrição da Season Finale, com algumas modificações. Obs1: A Liga da Justiça toda está presente, contando com alguns novos membros Obs2: Lois recebe...
SECOND CHANCE [GLENN RHEE] by hannahsbaker
❝your my second chance, aria, and i can't screw up.❞ (season end of 5b - ?)